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How Marketers Can Grow a Local Business at Scale in 2024

The pandemic has been somewhat of a moot point for most businesses. But if you are someone who is looking to jump back into the market and scale your local business, then you are at the right place. You will have to stand out in the market and follow a few trends to do so. Each year some new trends emerge, and you as a local business should take full advantage of them. 

How to Scale a Small Business to New Heights in 2024 

Online Reviews

Since people have not been out in a couple of years, it is important that you get more and more online reviews for your business. Reach out to older clients and ask them to write a few words. In the olden days, a referral was key, and now these reviews are the ones that matter.

They can make or break your business and you should try and get as many positive reviews as possible. Not only that, you should have online reviews up and running on all platforms. Whether it be google reviews or Facebook pages, try and have as many as you can. Feature a few of these on your website too.

Active Social Media Presence

Since everything has gone online, it is important to be active in the digital space. This could be anything from you sharing the work culture to giving a behind-the-scenes peek into the office and business. The Internet is a great leveler which gives you access to potentially millions of people. 

Facebook might have a low organic reach for the most part but it is important to get on other social media and be active. TikTok and LinkedIn have the highest organic reach and if you don’t have a big ad spend budget, then leverage these to your advantage. 

Testimonials On Your Website

On a business’s website, there must be testimonials by some customers which showcase how well you have been doing. You could highlight part of the reviews and also try to show reviews of bigger clients.

This is great for building trust amongst the people that are viewing your profile and also shows the time and effort that you have already invested.

Reply to customers

Many people have started putting their grievances online and appreciation too. Whether it be negative or positive, make sure to respond to as many customers as possible. 

This shows that you value people’s opinions on your products and services and strive to do better in the future. As your online presence becomes more and more important, interact with people and make a community around your business. 

Analyze Stats

Certain metrics can play a vital role in understanding behavior analytics. You can see for how long someone is at your site before they actually buy something. Best to use a website visitor tracking like WatchThemLive to understand how users behave and navigate on your site. Do not know what website visitor tracking is? Read this article to find out.

Using these findings, you can use landing page optimization tools to make it more enticing for the prospective customer to stay. Add to that a session replay software and you will get enough data to streamline your strategy. 

Web Chat 

Adding a chat option to your website so that people can get an answer is a great way to build trust. You can have some of the questions like FAQs automated and, for other things, direct them to your email

This way, you can start working with a client even before they have decided upon you as the vendor. Personalized messages do a great job of making the clients trust you more. Many people like these kinds of responses, and after this, they finally make the decision to go with the local business. 

The Wrap

Do these things in 2022, and you will see unprecedented growth in your local business. The digital space has been growing exponentially in the last few years, and now you can take advantage of that to expand your business

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