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Free Non Profit WordPress Themes

15+ Best Free NonProfit WordPress Themes In 2024

Free Non-Profit WordPress Themes will help you in creating a professional and easy-to-use website.

WordPress is a fantastic platform, for non-profit organizations looking to create an online presence without spending a lot of money. A non-profit website should have a pleasing appearance, and give visitors access to all the details they require regarding the organization’s goals and activities.

Fortunately, there are lots of free WordPress themes for charity available that can help organizations in building attractive and successful websites. Here are some of the Top Free Non-Profit WordPress Themes.

The best free charity WordPress themes are listed below:

1. Fundraiser Lite
2. Nature Bliss
3. LZ Charity Welfare
4. SKT Charity
5. VW Charity NGO
6. Vision Lite
7. NGO Charity Donation
8. Charity Zone
9. Charity Give
10. Foster Charity
11. Top Charity
12. Walker Charity
13. Raise Charity
14. Pin Charity
15. FT Charity NGO
16. Charity Elite
17. AyaSpirit

1. Fundraiser Lite: WordPress theme for charity

Fundraiser Lite: charity themes wordpress

Fundraiser Lite is a free and modern nonprofit WordPress theme for WordPress websites that are ideal for donation sites, charitable foundations, etc. It is a responsive and adaptable theme, you can easily build an expert website for your nonprofit or fundraising campaign.

Additionally, it has sections highlighting recent campaigns and events. You can also show the progress of donations with its professional progress bar, and you can also feature your team members. The theme is also compatible with some famous free WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Contact Form 7.


2. Nature Bliss

Nature Bliss: wordpress themes nonprofit

Nature Bliss is a free WordPress theme that is designed for nature-related and non-profit organizations. The design of the theme is simple and modern, with a focus on showcasing pretty content and images related to nature and the environment.

Moreover, the theme comes with a variety of customizable features that can be used to design a unique and appealing website. Such as header styles, color schemes, and many more. Additionally, it has sections for showcasing your photo gallery, blog posts, and other info about your company or project.


3. LZ Charity Welfare: WordPress NGO theme

LZ Charity Welfare: free charity theme wordpress

LZ Charity Welfare is an inviting and beautiful charity WordPress theme with a tendency towards quality. The interactive design of the theme is purposefully created to inspire people and draw their interest in joining together for a worthy cause.

Moreover, It is a responsive theme that will enable cross-platform accessibility for your website. Also, this WordPress theme for charities is cross-browser compatible and follows best practices for SEO. The theme’s clean and secure codes ensure a bug-free website.


4. SKT Charity: WordPress themes for nonprofits

SKT Charity: charity theme wordpress free

Free WordPress theme SKT Charity is created for charity foundations. The theme has a polished and modern appearance that can assist you in building an interesting website for your nonprofit organization. Also, The theme comes with a number of adaptable features that can be used to make a unique and personalized website.

It’s a fully responsive theme, meaning that your website will look great on all devices. Also, the theme is optimized for search engines, this will help in improving your website’s visibility and ranking on the search engine results page.


5. VW Charity NGO

VW Charity NGO: free wordpress charity themes

VW Charity NGO is a simple WordPress theme that will help you create the most beautiful charity website possible. The theme is useful for websites related to Charities and NGOs. Also, the theme is written in clean and secure codes making your website bug free and is one of the best WordPress themes for Ngo.

Moreover, this is one of the best nonprofit WordPress themes, the theme is SEO Friendly and user-friendly, which raises its position in search engine results. Also, the theme includes a testimonials section where individuals can share their opinions of your charitable work.


6. Vision Lite: NGO WordPress theme

Vision Lite

Vision Lite theme is a Non-Profit WordPress Theme. The theme is ideal for non-governmental organizations. Besides this, the theme includes a minimal and unique design. It will help you build a beautiful and polished website to market your goods or services.

Moreover, the theme is SEO Friendly, which will make your website rank higher on major search engines like Google. Also, the theme is fully responsive, meaning that your website will work flawlessly on all devices, and your users will get a great user experience.


7. NGO Charity Donation

NGO Charity Donation: WordPress non profit themes

The NGO Charity Donation theme is ideal for building a WordPress website to raise awareness of your cause. Its sleek and polished design will surely attract visitors to your website. This theme will be very useful for NGOs and charity organizations.

Moreover, the theme is translation ready and supports RTL Layout. Also, the theme is optimized for speed, so your website will load more quickly. Besides this, you can integrate all your social media handles with its inbuilt social media options.


8. Charity Zone

Charity Zone: wordpress theme ngo

Charity Zone is a theme to design websites for NGOs, charities, etc. Also, It is a multipurpose theme so it’s suitable for any business website, digital agency, etc. This theme is ideal for you if you want to build a WordPress website to raise money and spread your message.

The theme is user-friendly with various customization options such as a call-to-action button, donation button, and much more. The theme can assist businesses in building a website that is useful and aesthetically pleasing thanks to its customizable features and pre-built templates.


9. Charity Give: WordPress charity theme free

Charity Give

Charity organizations and non-profits can use this theme for creating an attractive website. The theme comes with a modern and responsive design so users can easily navigate and access content on any device. This will help in getting a great user experience.

Moreover, the theme’s homepage features a full-width slider where you can showcase HD photos, videos, and other multimedia related to the work of your charity. On the homepage, you can also highlight your most recent initiatives and occasions.



10. Foster Charity: NGO theme WordPress

Foster Charity

Foster Charity is a stunning free WordPress theme capable of building a polished and powerful website. Also, It is built with secure payment gateways, a section listing upcoming events, and a way for people to connect with you. So, this theme will meet the requirements of a charity website.

Moreover, the theme is built on the Bootstrap framework, translation ready so it can be translated into a variety of regional and international languages to encourage users of those languages. It also has social media icons integrated to reach the maximum number of people.



11. Top Charity

Top Charity: ngo wordpress themes

Top Charity is a WordPress theme for charities that includes components for building a top-notch website. Also, It has a cross-browser compatible and fully responsive layout that looks nice while displaying content and images.

The theme also has a blog section where you can post updates and news about the initiatives of your charity. You can also make your blog posts more interesting and shareable on social media, you can add images and videos.



12. Walker Charity

Walker Charity

Walker Charity is a feature-rich, free WordPress theme designed specifically for charities and non-profit organizations. It’s a clean and modern WordPress theme that is easy to use and customize.

The theme comes with a call to action button that helps visitors in taking action easily. It also includes various pre-built page templates such as a donation page, an about us page, and many more. Also, the theme is fully compatible with the WordPress block editor.



13. Raise Charity

Raise Charity

The theme is modern and clean, so it’s the ideal choice for nonprofit organizations that want to build a professional website for their online presence. Moreover, it’s an easy-to-use theme so users can navigate easily to different pages and will have a great user experience.

The theme features a header, also there is a section located below the header where you can display your organization’s mission statement. You can also use the customizable banner to promote upcoming events or campaigns.



14. Pin Charity

Pin Charity: Free Non Profit WordPress Themes

Pin Charity is a beautiful and clean, free WordPress theme, you can easily create a website for your organization without any hassle. The theme is built using clean and secure codes, anyone can customize this theme without having any technical knowledge.

Besides this, the theme is cross-browser compatible and SEO Friendly, so it will be easier for you to rank your website on major search engines. Also, the theme is translation ready so visitors from any corner will feel the same experience.


15. FT Charity NGO

FT Charity NGO: Free Non Profit WordPress Themes

FT Charity NGO is a free WordPress theme, that has nearly everything you’ll require to build a high-quality website. You can easily customize the theme’s interface according to your needs and can make your website unique from others.

Moreover, the theme is fully responsive and SEO Friendly, this will make your website work flawlessly on all types of devices and also your website will rank higher on all major search engine results pages.



16. Charity Elite

Charity Elite: Free Non Profit WordPress Themes

Charity Elite is a free WordPress theme for websites related to NGOs and charity organizations. It has a straightforward design that draws attention to your cause and mission. Also, it has functions that make it simple to increase donations and public awareness for your business.

In addition, visitors to your website can donate to your organization directly through the theme’s dedicated donations section. Also, you can customize the form fields and add your preferred payment gateway to the donation section, to collect the data you require from donors


17. AyaSpirit

AyaSpirit: Free Non Profit WordPress Themes

AyaSpirit is a free and polished WordPress theme, the theme is a good choice for spiritual and wellness websites. The theme has a calm and soothing design that will help you in building a beautiful and informative website.

One of the most notable features is its integrated booking system, which enables visitors to schedule appointments or classes directly from your website. This will make it simpler for customers to schedule and pay for your services.



Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I create a nonprofit website on WordPress?

You can easily create a professional website for your nonprofit business by using any of the free Non-Profits WordPress themes available.

Is WordPress good for nonprofit websites?

WordPress is good for nonprofit websites, even though you can create professional websites on a budget and as quickly as possible.

Do I need a paid WordPress theme for nonprofits?

No, you don’t need a paid WordPress theme to start a website, you can use any free WordPress theme to create a polished website.

What should a website be for a nonprofit?

Must Haves for a Nonprofit Website:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Donation Progress Bar
  • Testimonials Page
  • Overall Goal’s Page


In Conclusion, many free nonprofit WordPress themes are available on the internet that can help you in building a polished and engaging website. Besides this, you can look for a theme that is an all-rounder.

Ultimately, the ideal free WordPress themes for nonprofits will depend on a number of factors. However, there are many free professional themes available that can satisfy your all needs.

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