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How to Find a Product Designer for Your SaaS App?

Software as a service (SaaS) products have become immensely popular in recent years. They come with many benefits for software developers, saving them from the need to buy expensive software and hardware. Besides, SaaS use reduces the cost of development and makes such services much more flexible, allowing coders to use readily available tools with proven security, efficiency, and functionality. The interfaces of SaaS App offers are user-friendly and intuitive, tried and tested by thousands of previous users. So, going for a SaaS App solution is a wise decision in the dynamic and highly competitive market.

You might probably be using a couple of SaaS products, even if you never thought about it. That’s Google, Twitter, and Microsoft Office 365 – any familiar names in the list? So, sooner or later, you’re likely to comprehend the value behind the SaaS approach to software design, deciding to create your own product of this type. But here’s the catch; the broad range of SaaS App features and benefits is helpless if you don’t have the right product designer in the team. Let’s find out where to get one and which skills they should have to help you out.

Check this article to learn more about the difference between UX designers and product designers. This post will take a deeper look into what a product designer for SaaS App projects should know and do. Read on to find a checklist for your next SaaS product’s team recruitment.

What Does SaaS Product Design Entail?

So, let’s start from the basics – a mandatory minimum your SaaS App should possess to be successful. These are the essentials every product designer knows. Still, you should check your product for these issues to avoid dreadful mistakes and failures upon market launch.

  1. Make sure to position your logo in the top left corner. Other places for the brand’s logos don’t work that well, and the golden standard is your homepage’s top right or top central zone.
  2. Go the extra mile to guarantee that your resource is mobile-friendly. Today’s users are dynamic and mobile, accessing SaaS products from their smartphones. So, it’s better to reach them out through the channel they use the most.
  3. Opt for the light background of your app or website. The dark mode is trendy, but it’s better to give users a chance to decide. Besides, light tones and colors produce a positive, cheerful impression on the visitors.

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What Should Your Product Designer Know?

The design of SaaS apps is a bit different from other software development niches, so you should inquire your candidates about the following.

#1 UI and Navigation

A skilled product designer should know how to create intuitive, user-friendly navigation for your digital product. A SaaS App UI is the best (and sometimes the only) method for presenting your brand to clients. Thus, you have no chance of a mistake here.

Make sure that your product designer understands the importance of a minimalistic, intuitive dashboard on the title page and can include the most crucial menu aspects into it. Making it readable is also one of the significant design elements.

#2 Dynamic Sorting

As many users approach SaaS apps from their mobile gadgets, they want to have a super-effective search filter. It’s so irritating to receive a ton of irrelevant results – you surely know that. So, your UX designer should offer a series of solutions for dynamic sorting integration in your app project. Let your users find specific data within the app, and they will reward you with loyalty and trust.

#3 Simplicity

The times of funky, complex UI fashion are long gone, and your product designer candidate should know that. Ask them about complexity in design and find out how they manage complexity at all levels. Your goal should be to hire a specialist who understands the architectural nuances and can organize them in a sleek, simple visual layout.

#4 Sign-up Processes

Users don’t like to spend much time on sign-ups, and the modern SaaS App design should consider it. Inquire your candidates about the mandatory minimum of sign-up data they require from clients. Talk to them about the sign-up simplification process and look through their custom solutions to the complexity problem. Hire the one who knows how to get the most relevant data from users in a couple of clicks.

#5 Customization

A new trend in SaaS is maximum user-friendliness and customization. People love to use products that look like they have been designed with a specific person in mind. And the best impression is when you feel it’s you who the designer thought about. So, how can your product manager achieve that personalization effect? Ask them about it to get an idea of their approach.

#6 UX Research Skills

No product designer can develop a workable SaaS offer if they don’t know what people need from such products. Thus, they need to go out to the online space and ask the target audience about their needs, preferences and wants. This is best done with the help of different UX research methods. So, you should check whether your candidate is well-versed with different research techniques.

#7 Focus on the User

User-centered design (UCD) is gaining prominence today. More and more businesses realize that it’s people who pay for their products and sign up for their services. So, they will choose a particular company once they feel that the provider sincerely cares for their interests.

Ask your product designer whether they know about UCD and have experience using UCD in product development. It’s undoubtedly a bonus in the expertise and portfolio of any person working with UX and user expectations.

Compliance with SaaS UX Best Practices Is Key

As you can see, a SaaS UX designer should know the SaaS industry trends inside out to deliver an exceptional product to you. Thus, you need to check all those skills and knowledge before hiring an expert for your team. Spend some extra time on candidate interviews to see whether they understand your business goals and can transform them into impactful SaaS products. If you find the right fit for the job, you’re guaranteed a market entry with a bang.

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