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Copying Instagram Captions

8 Steps To Optimize Copying Instagram Captions

Hey guys, today in this article, we are going to discuss the 8 steps to optimize copying Instagram captions. So keep reading.

Social media marketing is one of the most important things to all companies with a digital marketing strategy. There is now so much to be gained from developing and implementing a really rigorous social media marketing strategy that to ignore it is to actively handicap yourself and your business. One of the challenges that you face as a social media marketer is that, in spite of the enormous business presence in social media, it isn’t an inherently business-oriented platform.

Blending in as a corporate Instagram amongst all the personal Instagram users can be a challenge in itself. So there’s a lot that makes Instagram quite tricky. One of the areas where your focus should land particularly is an area that is not as obvious as some others: the caption. Captioning your post may seem simple enough, especially on a site that’s so focused on the visuals, but actually leaves a lot of questions. So let’s take a look at how to get this area right.

8 Steps To Optimize Copying Instagram Captions:

1. Don’t Be Impulsive

It’s important that as you develop each of your posts you spend a good amount of time making sure it is spotless. This matters regardless of the size of your audience, but is, naturally, extra important if you have a big following. The best way to do this is to draft your post. “Before a post comes out from a corporate Instagram account, I would expect there to have been several drafts. This isn’t just to ensure that there aren’t any glaring errors, but also to make sure that the post is optimized to achieve the most it possibly can”, says Ron Eliot, tech writer at Simple Grad.

2. Examine Length

Instagram is surprisingly generous with its length allowance for captions. This is actually something that is very useful to bear in mind when crafting your caption copy. In fact, you’re allowed to post up to 2,200 characters in a single caption. Now, whilst this will come in handy once in a while, it’s usually going to be inadvisable to use your full allowance. Social media breeds short attention spans so reems of words aren’t going to be good. Plus you want to make sure that you know what content will only be seen if someone clicks ‘See More’ and what will always be visible.

3. Use Emojis


Emojis help in a few ways. Primarily, they’re eye-catching and they give a sense in your page is up with the times, and savvy, not stuck in the dark ages and desperately clinging on for dear life. But there are other advantages too: Given the word limits, and wanting to maximize the impact of your caption, emojis help you to visually tell a story without burning much character space. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

4. Lead With Crucial Information

When you run a corporate Instagram account, it’s very important not to be copying Instagram captions. If you’re advertising a sale on certain items, don’t open with a rambling yarn, open with ‘SALE! HAPPENING NOW!’. You want the 3 seconds of time a social media browser gives the post to grip them and motivate further research, not to send them on their way out of confusion at what it’s all about. On top of this, as mentioned above, there is a cut-off before they have to click see more to read the caption, so use the space you do have very wisely.

5. Don’t Over-Hashtag


Individual users sometimes try and abuse the hashtag meta to get a wider group of people to see their posts. This is not the right approach, least of all for a corporate page. Spamming hashtags is a very bad look for a corporate Instagram. If you want to reach a wider audience then pay for adverts and build a wealth of posts in the hashtags you are using, don’t make yourself seem desperate and unprofessional to your potential customers. Plus, it takes up space in your caption which can be filled with more useful information and content.

6. Use Humor

Humor is a key tool in crafting good caption copy. It’s pretty easy to see why. The sharing system on Instagram allows browsers to send posts to friends, something which companies generally are very keen on. Humorous posts, things with wordplay or topical references, play very well with the Instagram general population and is a great way to get your post shared for you, which is like free marketing! You want to be a bit careful with humor in this day and age because something which is funny to someone might upset someone else, but in general, it’s an excellent tool.

7. Show A Human Touch

Humor, as mentioned above, can be a pretty good start when it comes to this next point. Social media was, in its birth form, built for human beings. A hub where people could communicate with one another and express their interests and opinions with friends and strangers alike. Now that corporations play such a big part in Instagram, normal users have their guard up against overtly corporate content, in some cases seeing it as an invasion. Work on developing a friendly, human rapport with your followers and viewers.

8. Be Pithy

There are a few times when being concise isn’t the right move with your copying Instagram captions. However, in general, it’s exactly what you want to be doing. If you doubt your content, always alter it by paring it down, not building it up.

Conclusion: Copying Instagram Captions

Every opportunity you have in digital social media marketing has to be seized with both hands. Instagram captions are certainly no different, with a whole load of different directions to take things as you try and establish the correct approach for your company. It’s always worth experimenting a bit, so get started!

I hope you liked this article on the 8 steps to optimize copying Instagram captions.