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Pros and Cons of Unity

Pros and Cons of Unity

Independent beginners often use the popular game engine Unity. With the help of it, many popular programs and games were developed and created, which many people use today. Its biggest advantage is that it offers free development of small projects so that anyone can make something of their own with the help of its tools. Moreover, Unity gives you the opportunity not only to develop your own game but also to test it, in order to avoid dissatisfied reviews in the future. Games created in this program are able to achieve greater success. However, today there are many analogues of Unity, so we need to understand the benefits of this tool and analyze all the pros and cons of Unity.

Why is Unity useful? How does this program work?

Let’s start with the fact that Unity is an excellent platform for developing 2D and 3D projects, so your games can be as diverse and interesting as possible. In addition, Unity makes it easy to run the created applications, and can also supply additional plugins and themes.  It is important to note that Unity consists of 3 main components, which are described below:

Game engine

This is the technical side of your game, which is responsible for all internal processes. That is, Unity allows you to design and develop your games in any environment. Testing is also possible.

View game

Unity provides you with a preview of the created application. This way you can look at it through the eyes of independent players. You will be able to control the game.

Editing the game code

You can make edits and changes to your own code for free and easily. Unity makes available what other programs don’t. Unity gaming company can serve as a great rescue for people who do not develop applications, but who have ideas for games.


Before the main pluses, it is worth noting that Unity supports more than 25 known platforms, which is the biggest advantage. Now let’s look at the main advantages:

Great platform for beginners

The basic version will be completely free, so developers who want to get a new experience can easily do it with Unity. The free package can be called complete, which makes it even more attractive.

Wide audience

Since Unity already has a fairly popular name, it is easier to promote the created game. Many developers are familiar with this program in one way or another, so by creating an application in Unity, you provide yourself with good advertising.

Affordable and simple

Literally, anyone can use Unity, because this tool is quite simple to use. The intuitive interface makes this platform accessible, so working with it is efficient.

Application operation on different platforms

As we wrote at the beginning, Unity is compatible with a large number of popular platforms. Thus, you have a chance to get a wider audience by publishing your game on different Internet resources.

Possibility to have your own tools

Unity allows you to buy additional tools, however, if your budget is limited, then you have the opportunity to create your own. In this regard, Unity is an extremely flexible program.

Library of themes and elements

The fact is that this program has a huge library, numbering tens of thousands of additional materials for the development of 2D and 3D projects.

Graphic arts

The graphics of this program are just great. Unity offers great visuals that are easy to scale. Good graphics affect the quality of the final product.


The last plus for today is the built-in analytics, which makes it possible to get information about your players. It helps to keep track of ratings and improve the gaming experience.


Lack of templates

When working with Unity, you should be prepared for the fact that this program does not offer templates, that is, you will need to start developing your game from scratch.

Big projects

This game engine is great for beginners, but for large-scale projects, Unity may not seem like a very comfortable program.


The license fees can seem quite high for beginners who usually have limited budgets. In the free version, you do not need to pay for a license. However, it is necessary when you want to make your game unique.

Closing words 

We have dealt with the main benefits and drawbacks of Unity, so you will only have to decide if this program is right for you. If you are not a professional developer, then you should look for information about unity developers for hire. Specialists will provide you with an excellent result that will meet all requirements.

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