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React vs Vue

React vs Vue Which Framework Library is best for you

React vs Vue ? The Selection of the right JavaScript framework is an important task for every programmer or project manager. However, the selection of a perfect framework depends on many factors like framework performance, project timeline, and others.

React vs Vue

In this post, I will compare React library and Vue JavaScript frameworks so that you can choose the best technology for your project. Also First of all, let just understand who developed react library and Vue frameworks. You can see here best designed React Templates and Vue Templates

  • React: react is being developed by Facebook and the internal team at Facebook.
  • VueJS: it’s not a company it’s a standalone open-source project. And there is a team of collaborators who are working on vueJS.


React: react is quite minimalist focused on UI building.
VueJs: simply a framework and its mainly focused on code.

State Management

In React there are many frameworks like Redux available that can help you manage multiple stages. They offer a single way to modify the state which makes the debugging process simpler.

But in Vue, you can modify data using the data property of a Vue object. For larger apps, you will need an external library for state management. For state, management Vue comes with its own solution Vuex.  its own solution Vuex. No wonder there are so many developers offering VueJS services.


The popularity depends on the number of developers available to hire and what are the companies already using it.

Companies using Vue

  • Netflix
  • Adobe
  • Xiaomi
  • Alibaba
  • WizzAir
  • EuroNews
  • Grammarly

Companies using React

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • New York Times
  • Dropbox
  • Codecademy


The biggest difference between these two is that React has to be used together with the libraries. And the Vue is a standalone framework. In React there are libraries like Flux/Redux that can help you manage massive data between all UI components. Facebook Leaves managing React-Redux and React-Router.

The functionality that requires you to use a library in react is already bundled in Vue. You can modify data by using the data property of an object. In Vue for a larger app, you need an external library for state management which is Vuex.

The Vue team maintains and supports the framework Vuex for state management and router for routing.


There are two main factors that help us to determine the performance of an app.
1. Start Time.
2. Run Time.
Here both libraries perform well. React is a bit faster at runtime and Vue is better in start Time and memory allocation.
Both libraries have.

  • Bundling
  • Server-side rendering (SSR)


React is a lightweight to be used in multi-page application development. In React you can import the library and start adding JavaScript features.
React can also be used in the development of a large single page application. To start your project with React you need third party packages and routing solutions like Flux and Redux.
On the other end.

Vue is best for creating Multi-Page Apps because it allows you to quickly import the library and inject Vue on the existing page. With Vue cli3 you can start building your new project very easily. In Vue, you also need to install additional packages for routing.


Once you developed your project then you need to deploy it. Vue apps are a bit harder to deploy. For larger apps, you need to choose Vue CLI to optimize automatically.
But the React apps are a bit easier to deploy although you still need to use an optimized workflow.

You can choose Vue if

  • Your app is simple or your app has to be very fast.
  • You can use Vue if you want to migrate an existing project to new technology.
  • You can use Vue if you prefer clean code and HTML templates.
  • You can choose Vue if you need to get a working solution as soon as possible.
  • You can choose if you don’t have an experienced team.

You can choose React if

  • You can choose Vue if you want to build a complex project.
  • You can choose React if you have an experienced team of React.
  • You can choose react if your developers prefer JavaScript over HTML.
  • You can choose React if you want to expand the functionality of your application in the future for better support.
  • You can choose react if you want to build a mobile app.

And now I would like to hear from you what you think about the React vs Vue. Let me know in the comments Down Below. You can visit Top In-Demand Programming Languages That Are Used To Create Successful Mobile Apps

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