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Design Ideas From A Graphic Designer’s Point Of View

In this article, I am going to talk about design ideas from a Graphic Designer’s point of view. So keep reading.

Being a graphic designer is a hard profession, but a very rewarding one as well. And some people spend a lot of time perfecting their craft to be great designers.

When someone wants to be a graphic designer, there is an inevitable long road before you reach mastery. But in each step, you are getting closer to your dream career.

One thing that is very important though before you start is to equip yourself with the best device for designers. This will be your primary weapon. Just like the army has their rifles, you have the gadget to help you when you engage in a graphic designing career.

Still, having a well-equipped laptop that is top-notch is not enough. You have to also have the right intentions and must harness the qualities clients find in a graphic designer.

The 3 Qualities For A Great Graphics Designer

1. A Great Graphic Designer Must Always Be Keen To Learning

It has been said again and again that in life, one must not stop learning in order to be better. And the same thing goes for a graphic designer.

Great Graphic Designer

You must always be willing to learn new ideas and trends for you to keep growing in the industry. By doing so, you are making yourself better and your craft more valuable. With this, you will surely get more high-quality clients and will make more money.

Don’t be satisfied with what you know, learn to further enhance yourself and you will reap more rewards than just being a mediocre designer with old-fashioned skills.

2. A Great Graphic Designer Must Always Be Patient

Learning how to make quality designs can take months or even years of practice for you to be good at them. And this requires a whole lot of patience and dedication.

The best ideas most often do not come quickly. They must be well thought of and planned so that they will not only be executed well but also will produce the best outcome. A great graphic designer knows how to continue working on what the client needs, and this entails patience.

Spending time on a project and making sure you give your best in everything you do shows how talented you are as a designer. Patience is imperative and is equal to dedication. This will make or break you as a successful designer.

3. A Great Graphic Designer Must Posses Endless Creativity

Imagination is something that not all of us have. Sometimes people isolate their ideas into those that they are already accustomed to. If you want to be better, you must enhance your creativity.

When you are someone who values creativity, you don’t settle for what the crowd is doing and just go with the flow. When you have a creative mind, you have the power and the courage to think outside the box. Therefore, your ideas tend to be better than the rest.

According to some studies, people process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. When the information you are trying to relay is presented with proper images that are relevant, your intended audience will retain at least 65 percent of the information, thus making you remarkable and will not be easily forgotten. Creating a bigger chance for your marketing strategy to be a success.

Those qualities are just some of the things an effective graphic designer must possess. And when you are equipped with the necessary qualities, then you are now ready to start developing your ideas and making them into quality products.

Graphic design basics

4 Tips To Keep The Creative Juices Flowing For Graphic Designers

Graphic designers often have to have inspirations for them to come up with awesome ideas. Some of the ways on how they may get their ideas are by using the following tricks:

1. Think Of Who The Intended Audience Will Be

This will put you in the shoes of potential customers. What are they looking for in a product? What are the possible reasons they will consider before buying my product? And above all, how will they be more interested in the information I am trying to get across?

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When you fully understand what the customers need, then you will know exactly what to deliver. And this will save you time and effort since you have the foundation right even at the very beginning.

2. Look At What Other Designers Do

Okay, let me explain this one thoroughly. There is a big difference between gathering inspirations and copying other designers’ work.

When you look at other designs to inspire you, you are looking at the good qualities of their works and you use your imagination and creativity to create something of your own. You can observe what you think made the design good or also how the designer could’ve made it better. Making it possible for you to be limitless with your ideas.

3. Maximize Social Media

With everything now almost linked to different social media platforms, it is now possible more than ever to get ideas from sources that are readily available.

Sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest are some of the platforms you can use to get ideas and inspirations. There are many awesome and stunning photos and designs that you can use as motivation in creating your own products.

A lot of graphic designers also use social media in learning the newest trends and designs so that you will be in the loop of current practices. From there, you can enhance your creativity and you will be able to think of designs that will be more appreciated by your clients.

4. Thinking Outside The Box

Here’s the thing. If you only look at what you are used to, like your usual project creation habits, or usual designs that are already in the market, then in no time you will be bored and this may end up in the “creative block” which is the tendency to lose your inspiration.

Reading new books or browsing through magazines can spark your creativity and will show you ideas that you may not have thought of before. Not being afraid of leaving your comfort zone will surely be a breath of fresh air and will channel your inner creativeness. Besides, some sources of inspiration may come in the most unexpected ways.


Colored Pencils

When you want to be the kind of graphic designer that doesn’t settle for less, then you must know what to look for and where in order for you to keep the creative juices going.

Staying and being satisfied with where you are now will make you stagnant and your projects may come up as dull and insignificant.

Design ideas can be found anywhere, you just have to know how to look for them. So stand up, take a walk if you need to. Refresh your mind and in no time, you will find yourself as motivated and as eager as ever and your creative energy as better as it has ever been.