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Free Wall Mockups

32 Best Free Wall Mockups In 2024

Are you looking for the best free wall mockups in 2024? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Today, in this blog post, we have assembled 32 Best Free Wall Mockups with Smart Layers for Wall Design.

You can use these best free wall mockups as a clever way to display your artwork.

So without wasting time, let’s get started.

1. Poster Frame Leaning Against

Poster Frame leaning against

A perfect mockup for showcasing poster designs.


2. Clean Poster

Clean Poster

A simple mockup of a poster hanging on a wall: a fully customizable PSD file (smart object, separate background layer).


3. Photo Frame

Photo Frame

A simple mockup of a white photo frame hanging on a wall (color changeable). PSD file with smart layer, dimensions: 2800 x 2650 px at 300 dpi.


4. Two Billboards

Two Billboards

Two billboard signs are mounted to a brick wall. PSD file with two smart layers and dimensions of 2400 x 1606 px at 300 dpi.


5. Poster On Office

Poster on Office

Showcasing mockup for any kind of poster: The PSD file’s dimensions are 3500 x 2188 px. Works via smart object.


6. Picture Frames

Picture Frames

Create instant museum-like scenes with this free mockup. PSD file (3500 x 3100 px) with 11 smart objects – one for each frame.


7. Framed Poster

Framed Poster

An outdoor shop of a building sign/display poster. The PSF file comes with a smart object and filter layer.


8. A3 Poster

A3 Poster

This fully layered PSD file allows you to show off your poster designs! The dimensions are 6600 x 6600 px. Smart object included.


9. Framed Picture

Framed Picture

Photo-realistic mockup of a picture frame hanging on a wall. The PSD (with smart layer) measures 2500 × 2000 px.


10. Painting


High-res depiction of a frameless poster/painting on a wall. The PSD measures 4000 x 3000 px at 300 dpi and comes with a smart layer.


11. MacBook In Front

MacBook in front

This PSD mockup file shows a MacBook in colorful surroundings.


12. Brick


A collection of four mockups showing various brick wall shots with photo and poster frames. Separately downloadable PSD files (5965 x 3977 px at 300 dpi) with smart layers.


13. Brick Wall Logo

Brick Wall Logo

Fully layered mockup showing a logo on a brick wall. PSD file with smart object, the dimensions are 2600 x 1800 px.


14. Signage


Two mockups showing a wall-mounted illuminated sign. One layered PSD file with smart objects. Dimensions: 4000 x 3000 px.


15. Wall Logo

Wall Logo

Photo-based mockup of a text logo (the bright and dark version included) on a wall. The PSD file measures 4000 x 3000 px and comes with a smart object.


16. Mounted Digital Display

Mounted Digital Display

A slick mockup showing a wall-mounted signage display in office surroundings. High-res PSD file measuring 4000 x 3000 px at 300 dpi with one smart layer.


17. Raw Wall Decal

Raw Wall Decal

Enough space for logos or quotes: 1366 x 768 px sized PSD mockup file with smart and effect layers.


18. Hanging Round

Hanging round

A photo-based mockup showing around hanging a sign. Single PSD file with simple smart layers measuring 4000 x 3000 px.


19. Street


Use this free mockup to showcase your logo or title designs. PSD file with smart and grunge effect layer. Dimensions: 3632 x 2431 px.


20. Wall Poster

Wall Poster

Showcase your designs by using this great poster mockup. High-res PSD file (3000 x 2257 px at 300 px) with smart object and color layer for the wall.


21. Wall Decal

Wall Decal

A clean mockup for showing off wall decals! Square PSD file (2000 x 2000 px at 300 dpi) with a smart layer.


22. Creative Wall In Office

Creative Wall in Office

Place your own pictures on that office wall with this mockup. PSD file with smart object. Size: 1920 x 1200 px.


23. Public Wall

Public wall

A great photo-realistic mockup of a wall-mounted logo sign. PSD with a smart layer, the dimensions are 3200× 2000 px.


24. Mounted Outdoor Billboard

Mounted Outdoor Billboard

A mockup of a wall-mounted billboard at night. High-res PSD (2000 x 1578 px at 300 dpi) that comes with a smart layer.


25. Hanging Wall Sign

Hanging Wall Sign

Layered PSD that comes with a smart object. Dimensions: 2400×1700 px.


26. Round Wall Sign

Round Wall Sign

Beautiful wall-mounted sign. PSD is separated into layers, and with a super easy to edit smart layer.


27. Vinyl Wall Decal / Wall Mural Sticker Art

Vinyl Wall Decal  Wall Mural Sticker Art

Layered PSD with smart object insertion.


28. Wall Logo

Wall Logo

Here’s a new freebie for you guys: a wall logo mock-up. Use smart objects for easy editing.


29. Blank White Poster At A Wood Table

Blank white poster at wood table with brick wall

This is a Blank white poster leaning at a tropical wood tabletop with brick wall Photo.


30. Wall Art

Wall Art

Create a photorealistic presentation for your personal or client artwork, pictures, or pattern designs using this wall art mock-up. The PSD file includes smart objects to allow you to easily place your design on the wall or change the floor.


31. Minimalist


This is Free Minimal Poster Mockup PSD by Nima Rahimiha.


32. 3D Wall Logo

3D Wall Logo

This PSD template is handy if you want to present your logo as a wall-mounted sign or just for a nice 3D text effect.