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Features Of PDFBear

4 Unique Features Of PDFBear That You Should Check Out!

In this article, we will discuss the 4 unique features of PDFBear that you should check out.

PDF is the type of format that professors require their students to use when submitting requirements, such as essays and research.

The reason behind this is its ability to preserve the formatting of the document. It means that all of the photos, charts, and texts contained in the file are in their proper places.

It will allow your professor to read the content without any trouble in reading.

However, there are instances that he might require you to make the necessary changes. But what would you do if you no longer have the Word copy of it? Are you going to accept your fate of retyping the whole content?

If you see this option as inconvenient, you might want to use PDFBear. If you want to learn the process of accessing the website and converting files, then keep on reading this article on Features of PDFBear.

What Makes PDFBear Different From Other Online Tools?

If you search on Google what are the best PDF to DOC converters, the results will include several online tools.

With a large number of available converters, you might not know what to choose. You probably don’t have enough time in the world to try them all just to find the best one.

So why not use the most trusted one instead named PDFBear? It exists to assist students with their learning and to provide them with an outstanding digital experience.

Although there are already a lot of online tools with the same function, the website is still one of the top picks nowadays. Keep reading to know what makes it stand out among its pool of competitors.

The Conversion Process Can Take Place On Any platform

Some online tools are not compatible with major operating systems, such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. So if your device is operating through any of these systems, you can’t proceed with the conversion process unless you access them using another gadget.

However, this is not the case with PDFBear as it functions well regardless of the operating system that you are currently using. Features of PDFBear makes the website universally available and non-discriminating.

Besides that, Its PDF to Word converter is available and accessible through any web browser. You have the freedom to choose whether you want to visit it using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Google.

The best part is that it works well on different gadgets giving you the chance to convert files through your mobile phones.

The Secure And Safe Conversion Process

A lot of online tools operate without regard to data privacy and security. That is why many people complain about social media that they became victims of data breaches and identity theft.

Due to the increasing cases, people are now cautious when using online platforms. To address this, PDFBear now uses the 256-bit encryption technology and the 60-minute policy.

These are just some of the steps it takes to keep all files uploaded on the system safe and secure. Once you make your documents available on the server, they will only stay there for as long as 60 minutes.

After that, it will no longer be accessible on the website as it will permanently delete it. It is a great way to ensure that the files will not fall on unauthorized persons.

Performing The Conversion Process Is Quick And Easy

There are no other online tools that can convert PDF to DOC as quickly and as easily as PDFBear. It has a user-friendly interface that will allow new users to navigate the website with ease, unlike software and applications where you have to deal with complicated colors and tool arrangements.

When you try to visit the website, you will find out that it offers more than 20 tools separated depending on their associated function.

The website grouped them into six categories, such as convert to PDF and optimize PDF. As a result, you can easily find the tool that you are looking for.

Aside from this, everything you have to do using the website is just a few clicks away and includes a maximum of four steps.

How To Convert PDF To Word?

Converting PDF to Word has a straightforward process that even beginners can easily accomplish. After you access the website and click the said converter, you then have to upload the document you wish to turn into Word.

You may upload it by clicking the select files button or using the drag and drop option. Once it reaches the server, the converter will immediately start extracting the scanned pages from your PDF.

If you have a stable internet connection, the faster it will be for the process to finish. As soon as the nicely formatted Word document appears on your screen, you can instantly save it on your local storage.

No Need To Install Anything To Use The Website

Do you have a device that can no longer accommodate new files and applications? If you do, you are well aware of the adverse effects of having a gadget with full memory storage.

There is always a pop-up message telling you to delete files so that your smartphone or laptop can still function as smoothly as possible. It will also prevent you from installing PDF converters.

Don’t worry, you can still change the file format of your PDF with the help of PDFBear. Since it is an online tool, it will not require you to install anything just to convert documents.

Features of PDFBear will help avoid the further deterioration of your device’s performance. To quickly perform the process even with a full memory device, you just need to connect it to a stable internet connection and use your most trusted browser to visit the website.

In A Nutshell

PDFBear is an online platform offering converter tools that you can use for free to bring back your PDF into a Word document. Its impressive functionality, high accessibility, and extremely safe and secure process make it the leading PDF converter today.

With this option, you can now get rid of using applications and software with complicated interfaces and expensive price tags.

Grab your device and visit its website now to experience turning documents from one file format to another without any hassle!

I hope you like this article on Features of PDFBear. Thanks for reading.