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Convert PDF To PDF/A

PDFBear: Everything You Need To Know To Convert PDF To PDF/A

If you want to know how to convert PDF to PDF/a using PDFBear then this article for you.

The majority of professors, if not all, will require you to submit requirements in portable document format, or PDF because of its rigid layout of the structure.

Compared to other file formats, such as Word document, Excel Spreadsheet, and Powerpoint presentations, it cannot change the formatting of the content no matter how many times you share it with someone else.

It means that the way you position the texts, charts, and photos will be the same on the receiver’s screen. To add to this, the font style and font size that you used will not change.

This unique characteristic makes it an ideal file format for many. One of the limitations of PDF is that it has the possibility of becoming obsolete in the future due to technological changes.

If you want to preserve the important content of your documents, you must convert PDF to PDF/a using PDFBear.

Introducing PDFBear!

There are different types of PDF to PDFA converter that you can choose from. It ranges from applications, software, and online tools.

If you prefer the latter, you may use PDFBear, the most universally accessible online tool. Compared to other websites offering the same function, it has a relatively simple and straightforward process of turning PDF into PDF/A.

Besides that, it also provides its services free of charge which is perfect for students who are not yet earning their own money.

You can convert anytime anywhere without spending a single centavo. Keep reading to know more about the features of the website.

Rapid PDF To PDF/A Conversion Process

Time is of utmost importance especially for students just like you because of the numerous academic requirements you have to submit on or before the deadline. And on top of that, you still have to do your assigned household chores.

For sure, you will not settle in using online tools that can only provide you with converted PDF/A files after hours of waiting. But consider PDFBear different as it can perform the conversion process in just a few minutes, and even faster if you have a strong internet connection.

The web-based software commits itself to provide a quick and reliable process of turning documents from one file format to another.

You can swiftly convert all your PDF files into your desired file format if you follow the three easy steps below.

How to convert PDF to PDF/a using PDFBear?

Step 1. Make The File Available On The Server

Before the converter tool can start the process, the file must be on its server. To do this, you have to upload the PDF by clicking the select files button.

If you are using a laptop or a computer, the more convenient option to upload the document is to just drag and drop it into the toolbox.

Step 2. The Converter Will Scan The Uploaded Document

After you upload the document, the converter will scan it to make sure that it is in the right file format. In case it detects that you uploaded a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet, the tool will not proceed with the conversion process.

But if you used the right document format, the PDF to PDF/A online converter will immediately start the conversion.

Step 3. Spend A Few Minutes Waiting For The Converted File

Transforming the PDF into PDF/A will only take a few minutes at most, depending on the file size and the stability of your internet. Once the converted file appears on your screen, it means that the conversion process already ended.

The online platform will give you an option whether to download it on your device, google drive, or dropbox.

If you want to send it to someone immediately, you can do so by copying the link to your email. You may also share the website’s link with people whom you think need its services.

Convert Files Even On Mobile

PDFBear is a handy tool to use when you want to convert PDF to PDF/A because it works well using any device, such as mobile phones. It is not like other converters that can only function when accessed through a laptop.

You can visit its website anytime and everywhere you are but in one condition. There should be readily available internet access in your location. Without it, you can’t visit the website and use any of its services.

Another thing to take note of about this online tool is that it is compatible with major operating systems, such as Mac, Linux, IOS, and Windows. Moreover, it will run smoothly regardless of the kind of browser that you use.

Hence, you have the freedom to choose the type of device and browser you would want to use in accessing its converter tool.

Upholds Data Privacy And Security

PDFBear performs a great job in safeguarding all the information contained in the uploaded files. It assures users that the server will not allow any form of a data breach through its use of the 256-bit SSL encryption technology.

It implements a strict security feature that includes deleting files after an hour of uploading them on the website.

The strong security measure guarantees you that your files will not be accessible to unauthorized persons. Knowing this, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your documents.

Hassle-free PDF To PDF/A Conversion Process

To use the website, there is no need to download and install any kind of software. All of its operations happen in the Cloud which means that it will not take any storage space from your device.

It is pretty helpful if your phone has full memory storage. Since it is accessible through the browser, it will not have any adverse effects on the performance of your device making the whole conversion process hassle-free.

In Conclusion

You have to determine the functions and characteristics of different file formats to identify the one that best fits your needs. If you have documents in PDF that you want to access in the long run, you must transform them into PDF/A.

Usually, these files are financial statements, research studies, and memorable projects. Visit the website to have the first-hand experience in converting PDFs!

I hope you like this article on How to convert PDF to PDF/a using PDFBear? Thanks for reading this article.

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