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4 Best Online Learning Platforms For Students Struggling

In this article, we will discuss the 4 best online learning platforms for students struggling. So keep reading.

Life during a pandemic is hard and frustrating. Some people expect you to function business as usual even though there are thousands of new cases every day. While others undermine your difficulties because they thought online learning is so much better than face-to-face classes.

They expect you to ace the semester with flying colors just because you are attending classes in the comforts of your own home without the hassle of commuting to the school premises. But what they don’t know is that you are having a hard time keeping up because you are not in an environment where you could learn.

Most days, you don’t have someone to teach you how to do things you know how to perform. With the numerous technological advancements nowadays, you now have the power to discover how to do things on your own.

So below is a list of online learning platforms and their potential contribution to your life as a student!

1. PDFBear

PDFBear is a website that offers over 20 tools that can help you address PDF-related problems. Most of its users consider it a student-friendly tool because you can use all the services for free. Availing the website’s subscription plan is optional.

If you want to have unlimited access without advertisements, you may opt to pay monthly. Besides that, your privacy is of utmost priority as seen from its 256-bit SSL encryption.

Several banks use the same technology to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing their database where they place the confidential information of their clients. It tells so much about how PDFBear upholds the safety and security of all uploaded files.

The online learning platforms have a lot to offer including but not limited to converting PDF to Excel, Word, and PPT, repairing damaged files, and merging multiple PDF documents. Did you ever experience handling PDF with errors and discrepancies?

If yes, you probably faced inconveniences in editing because this type of file format prohibits making any changes in the content. If you still don’t have an idea to solve this problem, you may use PDFBear’s converter tool.

It will help you turn PDF to other file formats, such as Excel. It has a straightforward process that will last only a few minutes.


During this online learning setup, the workload is heavier compared with the traditional mode of learning. Requirements now range from making essays to submitting video presentations. You can’t do the latter without the use of video editing tools.

As a student wanting to have high grades, you probably don’t want to pass a simple raw file, right? So to give life and color to your project, you can use VVLO. It is the application used by most YouTubers in creating their daily vlogs.

It allows you to make aesthetically pleasing video presentations leaving no watermarks without the need to pay.

The interface of the application will make you create videos real quick and simple. You can start accessing it by downloading VLLO on your mobile device. It has a feature that can customize the color of your background and add animation, transitions, and background music.

All the texts that you will input in the video are all in vector formats so they will not lose quality when expanded. If you want the best editing experience, you may avail the premium account for only $3.99 monthly.

3. KhanAcademy

Students, such as you, don’t have the monopoly of knowledge. At some point during the semester, you will have problems understanding complex lessons, whether it is in Math, computer programming, Chemistry, Biology, or Economics.

Unlike face-to-face classes where you can easily request professors to repeat the topic, you now have to spam them on Gmail just for your message to get noticed.

You used to seek help from your classmates but you can no longer do it because you don’t want to bother them during these difficult times. The good thing is that there is Khan Academy to help you out.

Khan Academy offers free lecture materials in the form of videos about basic and complicated lessons in various fields, such as business and medical-related courses. Every after watching the videos, you can answer the related practice problems and exercises to gauge the extent of your understanding.

It is a great online learning platforms as it allows students to learn at their own pace.

4. Grammarly

In today’s mode of learning, each subject requires you to make several essays and journals. To have a high score in these requirements, you must make sure that the grammar is free from errors so that your professors can easily understand what you are trying to say.

There are terror ones who will deduct points if they feel like your essay is hard to comprehend. So if you have trouble in making essays with the right grammar and use of punctuations, you may use Grammarly.

It is the best online companion when taking courses with text-heavy requirements.

Grammarly is not just about providing you with your mistakes in every sentence, such as wrong spelling, but it is also capable of correcting them. It will give you options to make it correct and at the lower part of the box, you will see an explanation as to what makes the word wrong.

Besides that, it is a writing assistant that will help you revise long sentences with correct grammar but wordy and unclear. A lot of students, business professionals, and writers use it to detect the tone of their essays which will have a great impact on how the message will come across to the readers.

So if your target reader is your professor, then you may opt to increase the formality score. You can use it through your laptop’s browser or you can also install the application on your mobile device.

In A Nutshell

Feelings of isolation and loneliness during online learning are valid. You have all the rights to feel this way since you are not used to this kind of setup.

But at the end of the day, you have no other choice but to adapt. So the list of online learning platforms above can help you make the semester easier to ace!