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SEO Competitor Analysis

10 Criteria For Effective SEO Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are breathing is very important in any business. However, if your company has ambitions to become a leader in its niche through e-commerce, then SEO competitor analysis becomes an indispensable tool that you will have to use regularly. Such a format of monitoring allows you to build strategically competent optimization processes, and consistency in this matter helps to keep up with the times. Thus, through SEO analysis you will be able to monitor the logic of the ranking of key search engines and understand for yourself what techniques of search engine optimization are most effective for you.

You can read more about the process of conducting a competitor website analysis. In addition, the site can get expert help. We, in turn, tell you what is SEO analysis, find out when it is needed, as well as highlight the main criteria for a successful analysis.

What is an SEO Competitor Analysis?

In this case, you won’t find any terms challenging to understand. However, the above-mentioned analysis has a lot of techniques and is built on complex analytics. In short, SEO analysis has one single goal – to find and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of sites that directly compete with you. It’s important to understand that businesses that make up the competition in search engine rankings are affected. This means that in the world outside of the online space, you may not even face each other or simply pose no threat to each other.

Another interesting feature: a small company with a small turnover can overtake large businesses with millions of dollars in traffic in the offline environment. The result of a competent SEO analysis should be the answers to four questions:

  1. For what reason were your competitors able to get to the first lines of search engine results?
  2. How are they driving traffic?
  3. How do competitors turn visitors into customers?
  4. What methods do they use that are unknown to you? And vice versa: what special things do you have that they don’t?


When is it necessary to carry out SEO analysis?

As we said earlier, this process should take place constantly, because the market is undergoing many changes, and clients are becoming more and more demanding. Naturally, the word “constantly” is rather abstract and does not bring clarity to the time frame. That is why I suggest that we consider situations for which we cannot do without analysis.

  • When you launch a resource and you have the desire to promote it, without a strategic plan can not do it. In turn, properly building the latter without competitor analysis – is impossible.
  • If the ranking of your resource is like a roller coaster (then knocked out at the top, then falls sharply down) need to understand why this happens. In addition, analyze the companies that have recently entered the market, which came forward, and do the same with those who were at the helm, but gave up their positions.
  • Watch for voluminous updates of search engines. After all, they are more likely to have to adapt the resource to the new realities.

10 Criteria:

For Effective SEO Competitor Analysis:

And now let’s look at those processes that help to make successful analysis possible:

  1. Pay attention to keywords and semantic core. What does this mean? Search engines are always trying to give a person the most relevant results to his query. That is why using the right keywords helps the resource to rank better in a search. Analyzing your competitor’s sites will clarify the validity of the semantic core of your resource.
  2. It is also important to understand that by analyzing the semantic kernel, you also get extremely important information about the structure of resources from the top positions. With the help of this information, you will be able to understand what promotion strategy is the most effective.
  3. The design of titles and descriptions also have their own rules. They are, of course, standardized, but in each niche, some nuances must be studied.
  4. You will also have to work with the content on different pages. It is necessary to meticulously examine the content of pages of opponents and to draw conclusions, which will show through what strategies they achieve the promotion of the highest position in search queries.
  5. In addition, there is a need to analyze the external reference profile of competitors; to understand what principles of the link-building system, they have adopted.
  6. Another task of competent SEO analysis includes working on the analysis of linking formats used by opponents. This work is very important because it directly affects the ranking.
  7. We all remember that the loading speed of the site is incredibly influential on attendance. Accordingly, analyzing the speed of your competitors, too, will not be superfluous.
  8. Another important aspect – of this is an analysis of the technical component of the sites of other companies.
  9. Good SEO analysis also includes a competitive analysis of the advertising strategies of competitors.
  10. And lastly, it is the research of SMM strategies of competitors.

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