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Embed Google Reviews

3 Ways To Embed Google Reviews To Your WordPress Website

There are many ways to embed Google reviews into your WordPress website. Today, in this article, we will discuss three easy ways to do it. So keep reading.

Amongst all the factors that need to be considered while creating a website, content plays a huge part and determines if the customers would become regular visitors or not. Of all the types of content, embedding the valuable feedback of the existing customers of a brand is the type of content that can engage and convert your potential customers effectively. Speaking of online review platforms, Google reviews is one of the most highly used platforms, which is used by a large number of potential customers while making a purchase. The platform allows customers to express their views and experiences that customers have with a brand.

Furthermore, embedding the content on the business website can help brands establish their social proof, escalate engagement and offer various other incredible benefits. There are a few ways in which you can easily embed Google reviews to WordPress websites and if you too are interested in this strategy, then mentioned below are the top 3 ways in which you can complete the process. Let’s get started!

Best Ways To Embed Google Reviews On WordPress

1. Using Google Review WordPress Plugin

The first strategy that we would like to talk about is to embed Google reviews using an efficient Google review WordPress plugin. Since WordPress is amongst the most popular website-building platforms in the world; it is highly recommended and used by a large number of brands who want to build an engaging website. It comes with seamless integration, advanced functionality, and affordable pricing. Additionally, the CMS platform also offers a large number of plugins, and many of them can be used to collect; curate and embed Google reviews on the website.

With over 50k+ WordPress plugins, it can be quite daunting to choose the best fit. It is best to look for a plugin that offers the best set of features. The Taggbox Widget WordPress plugin can be your best bet due to its responsiveness. The plugin comes with a wide range of customization options, a content moderation panel, advanced analytics, automatic content updates, etc. The best part is that the plugin does not negatively affect the speed or the performance of your WordPress website.

2. Using A Social Media Aggregation Tool

The next option to embed Google Reviews is by leveraging a social media aggregation tool. If you are alien to it, a social media aggregator, as the name suggests, is a tool that allows you to aggregate and embed content on your website easily and quickly. There are a large number of social media aggregators present online that can be used by brands. Again, it is mandatory to look for the best fit. Mentioned below are a few features that you need to consider while searching for a social media aggregation tool. Ensure that your tool offers –

  • A customization panel comprising options like fonts, themes, backgrounds, etc.
  • Profanity filter in content moderation to ensure the topmost quality of content always
  • Analytics to keep track of the Google review widget after publishing it
  • Automatic updates to remove the need for manual updating of content
  • Integration with both versions of WordPress
  • Back support team for anytime assistance if you encounter issues
  • Ability to create a responsive Google review widget quickly

3. Take Screenshots & Use Them

Lastly, to showcase Google reviews, you can simply take screenshots and use them as images on your website. You can compile the screenshots and put them all together on your website. However, you need to be careful about the quality of pixels while uploading the images. A poor-quality image can hamper your brand’s reputation. Moreover, an image will not be as impactful as a Google review widget.

Why Is Embedding Google Reviews Important?

If you are wondering about the answer to this question, then here’s why!

  • Create a social proof of your brand
  • Google reviews have become an essential part of decision-making for customers
  • Escalated user engagement on the website
  • Amplify the reach of your brand due to brand awareness
  • Increased reach on social media
  • Helps in converting regular customers into brand ambassadors
  • Build trust and confidence in your potential customers

Key Takeaways

We are ready to conclude this insightful post and you are fully acquainted with the 3 best methods that can be used by brands to embed Google reviews on their WordPress website. Following this strategy showcases how satisfied your customers are with your brand and its products. Already, a large percentage of people leverage Google reviews while searching for a product or service. If you too want to enhance your website’s overall presence and enjoy the above benefits, get going and take your business to new heights!