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How Can Travel Influencers Optimize Instagram

How Can Travel Influencers Optimize Instagram In The Post-Pandemic Era?

In this article, we will discuss how can travel influencers optimize Instagram in the post-pandemic era? So keep reading.

When the traveling industry came to a sudden halt due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, influencer marketing, which was at its peak, fell. Today, in the post Pandemic era, the travel industry is filled with trepidation and restriction. The transforming digital landscape has affected the livelihood of several active travel content creators present on social media platforms like Instagram.

Travel was significantly a key resource for showcasing the lives of these visual content creators. Traveling is gradually adjusting to the new normal; however, the travel influencer industry still needs to pick itself up to thrive once again.

When it comes to travel influencer marketing, the science behind it is based on the promotional content published by these influencers while being compensated for them with brand products or services and monetary gains.

Due to the mandatory lockdowns to break the chain of infections, travel influencers have been affected badly. With flights canceled and borders closed, these influencers still found ways to adapt to the new normal.

Traveling In A Pandemic

As millions of workers across the world, travel influencers in the COVID-19 era have accepted this new normal and they too are navigating and changing their content marketing strategy with the help of Instagram.

Instead of taking flights to go from one place to another, they are taking road trips. They still visit new places and cover destinations frequently. They can maintain social distancing, avoid public transportation in the process and if needed buy hand sanitiser and wear face masks.

How Can Travel Influencers Optimize Instagram In The Post Pandemic Era?

Experts in Instagram marketing say that travel bloggers and influencers still are hitting the road and posting content about their wanderlust adventures. However, to connect with their targeted audience in the travel niche, they are optimizing the following on Instagram to ensure they post consistent and regular content:

1. Their Instagram Profile Bio

When it comes to attracting Instagram followers and keep their travel pages updated with fresh content, influencers need to focus on their Instagram profile bio that comprises 150 characters.

Visitors will look at this bio to get an insight into their background. Travel influencers should never leave their bio blank. It is prudent to include keywords that pertain to the traveling industry.

The bio should be created with keywords that relate to traveling so that their profile gets the exposure it deserves.

To create the perfect bio to attract and get Instagram likes, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Add emojis – As mentioned above, the Instagram bio only gives you space for 150 characters. There can be no better way than using emojis to express yourself on your Instagram profile. You need to choose the right ones that represent you as a travel influencer. Place them properly so that you can stand out in the crowd.
  • Hobbies and interests – Utilize the space by giving visitors an insight into your likes and dislikes. One of the most effective ways to do this is by highlighting your hobbies and interests. The visitor wants to know the real person behind your posts, and your Instagram bio is the best place for you to express yourself as a unique travel influencer worth following.
  • Use hashtags – Hashtags are not only for posts on Instagram; you can freely use them in the bio as well. Using hashtags in the Instagram bio allows you to receive more exposure as the algorithms track you better and make you more accessible to others in the same niche.

2. Post Viral Traveling Content

Travel influencers need to post vital content that stands out. Do not post standard travel images. Viral travel content tends to capture more attention when compared to standard traveling imagery.

3. Post Videos Frequently

In traveling, niche videos are highly popular, and this is why you should post them frequently. You can post still images and videos together. With the launch of Instagram reels, videos have been performing well recently on the platform.

4. High-QQuality And Good Captions

With the right content in place, one should have a good caption. This is important for every travel niche because quality captions will bring in more comments and likes. This, in turn, will boost visits to the page of the travel influencer, increasing the chances of him/her going viral.

Given below are some examples of Instagram captions you can use for your travel niche to grab attention:

  • Where’s this?
  • Guess the place/country?
  • Rate this video/image from 1 to 10
  • Tag your travel buddy

The prime objective of the above Instagram captions is to invoke the targeted audience to comment to boost user engagement.

5. Use Low-Key Hashtags

To make your travel post viral, the next step is to search for 10 hashtags with high traffic but low competition. You should search for and use hashtags based on the volume of engagement and the number of followers.

Remember, the number of posts against the hashtag will affect its ranking. One should always choose the hashtag that has fewer posts. The trick here is to first rank on the hashtags that are small and later try to rank on the higher hashtags. If you are a travel influencer and wish to enjoy the success of organic growth, use this simple strategy for success.

Therefore, if you are a travel influencer, you can still visit new places during the Pandemic. Though vaccination drives have started worldwide, it will take some time for the globe to return to the pre-Pandemic stage, where travel was seamless.

When it comes to your Instagram account, the content should flow in. Be regular with your posts and follow the tips mentioned above. They are very simple and practical for you to remember. Make sure the videos and images you post are high in resolution.

Use Instagram Stories and Reels for your videos and edit them with the in-app tools to reach out to a wider audience and establish your presence as a popular travel influencer even in the COVID-19 era with success!

I hope you liked this article on how can travel influencers optimize Instagram in the post-pandemic era? Also, if you like this blog then please share it with your friends and social media followers.

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