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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing As The Main Direction For Any Technical Or Engineering Platform To Get More Clients

Social media marketing (SMM) is no longer just average posts on Facebook or Twitter. SMM has become an effective tool for business development and brand creation. It is also used to attract potential customers and increase sales. Social networks serve as large media platforms that are regularly consumed by millions of users, including your target audience. That’s why it is extremely important to follow trends and stay in step with frequent changes in digital technologies.

Technology and engineering platforms that have special functions should be considered when promoting. They are created for users to get advice online or to order technology services or experts who are ready to cooperate.

According to the results of marketing research on Engineering.com, engineers prefer two social networks — LinkedIn and Facebook. Moreover, 36 % of those surveyed mentioned using them not only for communication but also for searching for specific job information. That is why we will consider promotion strategies for these two media platforms. For example, expert, a platform that helps users quickly find and contact technical experts, such as engineers, industrial cybersecurity specialists, tech advisors, production engineers, and others, uses both of them and even more.

LinkedIn: Social Media Marketing


LinkedIn, the largest online professional network, has more than 774 million members who have registered for hiring and sales.

The functionalities of this platform allow users to share news about companies, inform about upcoming events, post jobs and increase user engagement.

It’s difficult to underestimate the potential of LinkedIn for technology and engineering platforms since this social media platform gives them a target audience, both technical specialists and potential customers.

You can download DrumUp to search for content relevant to your business; schedule weekly posts for the company page, and attract users’ attention on a regular basis. These measures ensure that your webpage remains active and finds its target audience.

Another promotion strategy on LinkedIn is to create an interest group, for example, for technical specialists. Participants of the group can share experiences and important information about services, ask for advice, and build a good contact network. Of course, creating a group is not enough. You should take an active part in discussions, taking into account the opinions and concerns of group members.

Analyze your company profile, as it gives an idea to the target audience about the company’s business, its advantages, products, and services. Moreover, many users prefer to study the information on the company’s profile first, and only after that go to the website.

LinkedIn offers more than 200 targeting parameters, such as setting a specific niche, business area, company size, location, and many others. Using these targeting options, you will tell about your platform and attract leads.

The advantages of LinkedIn are:

  • Large audiences of professionals who are interested in products that help to solve their problems and business tasks.
  • Broad targeting, for example, by profession and position.
  • Retargeting feature: Matched Audiences.
  • Different types of advertising: native ads (sponsored content), dynamic ads, text and video ads, message ads, and job ads.
  • Global coverage of target audience.

Facebook: Social Media Marketing


Facebook helps large and small companies to promote their products and keep in touch with their audience. The network’s features allow users to improve brand awareness, increase the number of followers, attract potential customers, and increase sales of products or services.

Besides this, the wide range of marketing tools is ideal for technology or engineering platforms. On the one hand, your company’s profile on Facebook can attract production engineers and other specialists who want to increase profits. On the other hand, a relevant and attractive profile is likely to interest customers who would like to consult with technical experts or order services.

The advantages of Facebook are:

  • The largest user base to promote products.
  • Different types of marketing campaigns.
  • Various advertising formats: photo and video ads, stories, messenger ads, interactive ads, and others.
  • Conversion rate optimization.
  • Fully functional targeting with multiple forms of interaction.

Coming back to the research on Engineering.com; it should be noted that about 35 % of the surveyed specialists had active Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can also use these networks when promoting your platform.

Social networks remain a valuable marketing tool for business development, increasing brand awareness, and reaching the target audience. Realizing their importance, technology, and engineering platforms should create social media profiles to attract new customers.