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Most Risk-Free Marketing Tools

5 Scientific Reasons Why Truck Decals are the Most Risk-Free Marketing Tools

The key to marketing success in this uber-competitive world is making lasting impressions. Good first impressions aren’t good enough to build brand loyalty. Your brand’s initial engagement with the target audience must be different from most. That’s why creative marketing tools like vehicle wraps and truck decals have become immensely popular.

Why are vehicle graphics, decals, and wraps so great at marketing brands? We assessed the key scientific reasons behind the popularity of these marketing tools –

1.      Guaranteed to Catch the Eyes of Drivers

A high-quality truck or car decal is guaranteed to catch the eyes of people in the street. That’s because most cars have similar, unnoteworthy colours. In a recent study regarding the most common colours of vehicles published in Forbes, it was revealed that –

·         38% of new vehicles on the street are white

·         19% of new vehicles on the street are black

·         15% of new vehicles on the street are grey

That’s an astonishing 72% of vehicles with three same colours. With these kinds of odd numbers, it’s easy to imagine why well-customized truck decals catch the attention of people. Vehicles with unique colours, graphics, text, or images on them never fail to attract the attention of the public.

Human eyes are trained to be attracted to anything that doesn’t look normal or plain. On streets where most cars are white or black, a colourful truck decal will always generate plenty of attention.

2.      Create Long-Lasting Impressions

The best creators of custom vehicle decals ensure their design elements on the decals look professional, aesthetically pleasing, and memorable. These experts –

·         Use the right fonts to ensure the letters are easy to read. The brand name will always be visible and readable – even when cars speed past other drivers or pedestrians.

·         The graphics on these decals aren’t too distracting. They’re purely brand-oriented.

·         Smart marketers always strike a fine balance while installing custom decals on their trucks. They make sure the decals make the trucks appear better overall.

3.      Local and Friendly Marketing

Unlike other forms of marketing, which typically involve invasive techniques, marketing via truck or car decals is very customer-friendly. These marketing tools invite people to learn more about the brand – they don’t force them. Locals don’t feel inconvenienced or annoyed with customized decals on vehicles.

4.      Guaranteed Local Exposure

One of the many reasons why vehicle decal marketing is considered “risk-free” is that it gives brands guaranteed local exposure. Anywhere the truck or car goes – people find out more about the brand. This kind of guaranteed exposure is hard to find in other traditional or digital marketing techniques.

5.      Change and Reuse

Smart business owners don’t invest in expensive fleets of trucks and cars. They invest in a series of uniquely customized decals. They remove the decals and use new ones to alter their marketing styles seasonally. These changes keep their vehicles looking fresh – without spending too much money.


Advertising your brand with customized auto decals is like advertising without any effort. The decals keep giving the brand exposure 24×7 across different locations and time periods. Hope you really enjoyed 5 Reasons Why Truck Decals are the Most Risk-Free Marketing Tools article.