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HTML5 game development

What are the factors to consider for HTML5 game development

We have been using HTML5 for a long time now.  In recent years, it has become one of the most popular and favorite technologies for HTML5 Game development company around the world. It is true that there are a variety of valid methods of creating an HTML5 game, and there is a lot of material on the technical aspects of each, so we will focus on a broad overview of HTML5 game development in this article. Learn to start with the factors to consider while developing HTML5 games. Let’s Begin with HTML5.

Why use HTML5?

It is the real future of technology that HTML5 represents. It will provide many more benefits as more elements are integrated. HTML5 has cemented its place with cleaner, more descriptive, and semantic code and a very intelligent storage system. You will have no trouble switching to HTML5 if you already develop using HTML. A mobile-ready technology, HTML5, makes it the easiest to create mobile apps and websites.

Moreover, mobile technology is taking over the world and growing at an exponential rate. Consequently, your app or website will be used more and more by people using mobile browsers. Almost all legacy browsers are supported by HTML5 because it is designed to simplify things.

Can HTML5 be used to develop games?

Web developers and game developers now prefer HTML5 for many reasons. There is full support for virtually every web browser, including 3D and 2D graphics, offline asset storage, audio APIs, and both 3D and 2D graphics. Let’s examine the reasons for using HTML5 in game development.

HTML5: Factors to consider for game development?

HTML5 is the best way to create a game that runs on multiple platforms at once. Here are some reasons why HTML5 is a good choice for game development.

1. Designed to work on mobile devices

Over half of our Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. In spite of the fact that people still use desktops, laptops and tablets, it is important that every piece of software developed by developers is mobile-friendly. As a result of HTML5, sites and apps can be developed that are completely compatible with mobile devices and can be completely optimised for each individual device.

2. Support for cross-browser usage

Furthermore, users have the option of choosing a browser. There are several browsers available for Macs, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. For game development companies, it is crucial to ensure their designs will work on every browser. If you do not do so, you may exclude a portion of your target audience.

3. Implementation of audio and video

It almost goes without saying that a good game is going to require video and audio support. In the past, you would have the slightly frustrating requirement for Flash Player or some other third-party media player, and often this meant that games would grind to a halt until users had installed it onto their system. With HTML5, audio and video have been enhanced in many ways.

4. An API for geolocation

We cater to the needs of our users in everything we do in app and game development. You can automatically locate your users’ location with HTML5 Geolocation API and tailor their content accordingly. In order to track the location, there are some consent issues, but because of the benefits that come from using Geolocation on the web, most people won’t be against it.

5. Type of document

In addition to reducing the amount of coding and tags, this is a tremendous improvement for developers. By using DOCTYPE html>, you can avoid copying and pasting sections of code that are unreadable and look horrible. Additionally, it supports legacy browsers, including IE6.

6. Enhancements to accessibility

Making a game or website accessible to everyone is another aspect of designing a good game or website. The experience will be the same regardless of the device’s screen size or resolution. Users of screen readers can access sections more easily without any difficulty.

7. A cleaner code

Web programming languages across all genres have been taught to keep their code clean in classrooms around the world. In HTML5, you can now write cleanly separated semantic and descriptive code without having to spend time figuring out how to do it.

8. Game-specific tags

Additionally, HTML5 has been updated to include a specific canvas tag specifically for game development to ensure things are easy and enjoyable to code.

After knowing the factors for choosing HTML5 Game development let’s understand the strategy of starting it.

Where To Start with HTML5 Game development?

You have a lot of options when developing an HTML5 game. There are a number of factors to consider, such as the editor to be used, the type of rendering framework and game engine to be used, and whether or not to use Canvas 2d, WebGL, SVG, or CSS. Depending on the platform on which the game will be published and the developer’s experience, a lot of these decisions will be based on that. Not every article is going to answer all your questions about HTML5 Game engines, frameworks, or tools, but we wanted to provide some guidance to get you started. Here are:

HTML5 Game Engines, Frameworks & Tools

HTML5 game development is now supported by a variety of code libraries and frameworks & engines. It’s now possible to create HTML5 games for use online using commercial 3D game engines like Unity or Unreal (although they’re still quite experimental in the majority of cases, especially for 3D games).

HTML5 games can be made using the following options:

The Graphics Library

  • The PixiJS graphics library runs on WebGL and is fast and fully featured.
  • There are not many libraries for 3D graphics, such as Three.js.
  • An Adobe Flash animation timeline-based graphics library called EaselJS.

The Sound Library

  • An HTML 5 Audio fallback is provided by Howler.js, a fully featured Web Audio sound player library.

Engines & frameworks for complete games

  • Self-contained HTML5 game creator software
  • 2D HTML5 game engine powered by Euge.js. Contains a lot of high-level features specific to games.
  • A popular HTML5 framework for 2D games.
  • A 2D HTML5 game engine built with ImpactJS.


Why is HTML5’s popular among game development companies?

The majority of HTML5 game development companies in the mobility domain believe that HTML5 is an Enterprise Ready Technology, according to a survey conducted with more than 3500 responses. Consequently, HTML5 has now matured to the point where it can also be used in the consumer space. In order to build cross-platform apps and games, HTML5 and JavaScript are recommended. Using HTML5 on a smartphone or tablet is simple as it runs on all types of devices. Developing specific versions for each platform has dramatically and drastically reduced the developers’ workload.

What are the engines to consider while developing HTML5 Games?

In case you are interested in creating HTML5 games, you may want to consider the following engines: –


Game engines such as Phaser allow you to create games that can be compiled to various platforms. With Phaser, HTML5 games are easy to develop since it supports a wide range of plugins. There are several popular games created using Phaser, including Submarine Dash, Elf Runner, and Bayou Island.

Game Engine for Canvas WebGL:

A desktop or mobile browser can run PlayCanvas games, including 3D content, by using WebGL and HTML5. Anyone can make changes to the open-source game engine.

PlayCanvas is a must-have for developers and designers working with WebGL and HTML5 Canvas. With its powerful features, mobile optimization, and speedy development, it helps developers to make games faster. In addition to Robostorm and Master Archer, PlayCanvas has also been used to develop Blast Arena and Swoop.

Are you interested in building HTML5 games?

You can develop games at BR Softech. HTML5 game development is one of the company’s specialities. Their goal is to add value through the use of the latest technologies and tools.

Final thoughts

You can develop skills in HTML5 game development by getting knowledge and information about it. As well as guiding you on how to create games for different platforms, it will also teach you how to master the tools of game creation.

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