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Everything To Know About Job Posting Trends

Hey guys, in today’s article, I am going to discuss job posting trends in 2024. So keep reading.

One of the most challenging duties you’ll have to execute is hiring as a business owner. There are numerous qualified yet unemployed people out there.

Hence, for every job posting, expect a flurry of applicants. Unfortunately, not all these applicants will be qualified. Some will only waste your time.

Also, it’s possible to find people qualified on paper, scale your interview, and still be lazy about the job. So from every perspective, hiring is hard.

Fortunately, recent job posting trends have shown that it can be easier. Hence, the more you make decisions based on these trends, the closer you are to finding the best candidates for your company.

What Are Job Posting Trends?

For clarity’s sake, job posting trends are innovations and developments that characterize the recruitment space, making the process easier for both employers and potential employees.

Unfortunately, not taking advantage of these trends leaves you with potential employees short of talent.

There are standard ways to go about job postings in the current age. For instance, when trying to recruit for a particular role, you should think in the line of reaching a global audience.

Top companies are building global teams. Thanks to the technology and the remote work it enables, you don’t have to limit your search to your locality. Instead, you can reach and employ talents from around the world.

Also, employees of recent times are well-informed about the opportunities that abound beyond their locality. Hence, most potential employees are after flexibility.

Currently, there’s a perfect shuffle involving talent discovery and poaching in the global job market. To make the most of the market, you must get everything right.

For instance, you must first learn the difference between a job posting and a job description.

What Is The Difference Between A Job Posting And A Job Description?

Many times, people confuse job descriptions with job postings. However, several differences exist between these two, though they both relate to the availability of a job role.

Job descriptions are internal documentation that explains the duties related to a particular job position. The job description is written formally and details an overview of a role’s daily activities.

A summarized version of the job description is always written in a job posting to give candidates an idea of their expectations.

On the other hand, job postings are external communications documents designed to advertise a specific job opening. The purpose of the job posting is to attract the best possible candidates.

Unlike job descriptions written in a formal tone, job postings are designed to be more engaging.

Job postings information beyond the specific role. Details about the company, its goals, values, and mission can also come into the posting.

Summarily, job descriptions are designed to explain a job, while job postings have to sell it.

How To Make Your Job Posting Stand Out

Writing a job posting can be more complicated than it looks. In a job posting, you’re writing to those you don’t know, with the hope of irking their interest in your company – the best candidates. To achieve this, here are things you should note.

Writing The Job Description

A job description is the central part of a job posting. Many candidates check this section first before reading other texts.

Hence, you must pay attention to every detail in your job description. Make sure your description posits the available role for the next best thing the candidates can do for themselves.

Creating The Candidate Persona

Every job posting requires that you detail the characteristics of someone who’ll fit the role. Hence, as the recruiter, you must first understand who this person is.

Therefore, you need to create an ideal candidate’s persona. The persona details expected attributes, skills, and traits for the perfect candidate.

Writing Job Posting Content

When writing a job posting, there are some questions you’re aiming to answer. These are:

  • What is the job
  • The job’s location
  • Who the ideal candidate is
  • Why your company is the next best place for the perfect candidate
  • How should candidates proceed with the application

Customizing The Job Posting

When you have your ideal candidate in mind, you need to write in ways that appeal to them. You need to write what will attract them.

2022 Job Posting Trends To Note

Here are some job posting trends you should note as a recruiter in 2022.

  • AI and Machine learning jobs are going to be in increased demand
  • Ensure your job posting details plans for a location-agnostic and hybrid work
  • More virtual interviews
  • The continued increase in demand for technical talents across industries
  • Hiring is more based on candidate’s skills and not qualifications
  • Increased demand for sales professionals
  • Big data recruiting will spike.


Job posting trends are shifting each year. Hence, the need to be updated per time. As a job seeker or a recruiter, you must know what is expected of you in the job market.

The global job market is a war front; getting the best results requires giving your best.