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5 best website designing tools to Beautify Your HTML and improve the content

Designing a website generates impressions on visitors and defines its functionality and purpose. A good website interface resolves half of the traffic generation and interaction issues. In that regard, HTML and CSS plays a vital role. Now when we talk about designing a website, the first thing that seems like a challenge is writing complex code.  Factors like font settings, color coding, and button alignment settings can get tricky. But once you go through this article, designing with code will become a thing of the past. This article features the best website designing tools that can make anyone design websites quickly and easily. Designing interactive websites would allow you to stand out among the competitors ranking in search engines.

1. Utilities-online.info

On most designing websites, you have to start website designing from scratch. Whether it’s drag and drop designing or content uploading, you may have to go through a lengthy procedure if you want to redesign a website. With Utilities Online HTML Beautifier, you can make that happen in just a few simple steps. This tool takes complete responsibility for designing your improper-looking website and creates a well-structured interface with simplified code.

How to use Utilities-online.info

This tool is super easy to use, with various options available on its interface. You can directly paste the code in the input box and press ‘Beautify HTML’. The tool will perform its magic and give a well-designed HTML code in the output box.

Features of Utilities-online.info

  • Automatically beautifies the website by modifying the HTML code.
  • Features options to paste the published website’s URL to modify its code.
  • Allows uploading files containing HTML code.
  • You can download the code file from the output box.
  • Generates results quickly.

2. Web.com

If you’re looking for a DIY website designing tool, Web.com can become your recommended choice in the market. These best website designing tools allow you to design a website using drag and drop features from the tool’s builder. You can upload your content or use ready-made templates from the website. Web.com offers the best website designing tools for a small fee of $1.95 a month. To avail the additional features like search engine optimization, you’ll have to pay extra under your monthly plan.

How to use Web.com

The website allows you to start from scratch in a few easy steps. First, you have to choose a domain and choose a suitable package that delivers all the necessary features for your requirements. Next, you can begin the designing procedure. The website lets you drag and drop icons, buttons, folders, or borders of various colors. The website offers a wide variety of options to modify each web page separately. To maintain the uniqueness of content, you also get access to thousands of stock-free images.

Features of Web.com

  • Autosave and backup feature
  • Allows adding social galleries, videos, and social connection buttons.
  • Allows adding map locations and features.
  • Gives access to thousands of stock-free images.
  • The free domain name and business email with every package.

3. SeedProd

This online tool has gained a reputation in the online community for being the best landing page builder. Now, SeedProd is set to become the next famous theme builder. This platform can allow you to design custom WordPress site themes from scratch. Theme building means you don’t have to design each page manually. Once you have set the central theme of the homepage, SeedProd will design matching buttons and fields accordingly. The website also offers to come soon, and maintenance features banner features.

How to use SeedProd

You can design a theme easily with a drag and drop feature. Most of the design is done by itself, as you have to create the main homepage. Please choose a suitable template for your website and set a theme. Color scheming and template design for the rest of the pages would be set automatically. Text editor and layout navigation allow to design and align the webpages seamlessly. Get a wide selection of images, animations, template tags, and page blocks.

Features of SeedProd

  • Nine complete theme kits.
  • 150+ web-page templates.
  • Integrated with email marketing tools
  • Allows easy access to WooCommerce products and WordPress tools.
  • Allows sync features with WordPress tools integration.

4. Wix

Wix is one of the most uncomplicated best website designing tools specially designed for beginners. This platform brings ease of use but follows a fully-managed subscription service model, making it costly. The best website designing tools are easy to use, but it has various limitations. There are minimal options for design customization and development. Wix is a suitable option for beginners’ choice, but once your website begins to grow, you’ll have to pay monthly to keep the site online.

How to use Wix

Once you sign up, a setup wizard will guide you to follow the steps for designing and publishing a website. You can make real-time changes in the website’s interface with the visual builder. This platform features pre-built formats, which are automatically followed during website building.

Features of Wix

  • Massive collection of templates.
  • Extended features with designated WIX market.
  • It makes it easy to market your site.
  • AI-based design interface.
  • Easy to operate editor and builder.

5. Webflow

Design your website without writing a single line of code. Webflow gives you a wide range of options for designing a professional-looking website. It is just like using canvas for graphics designing. With ready-made buttons and templates, you can build a website that looks good on every device.

How to use Webflow

Webflow allows designing a website with a visual canvas. You can directly add features and options on the screen to build an interactive interface for your website. Homepage designing becomes much easier with pre-built templates, saving you time and effort.

Features of Webflow

  • Webflow designer to allow HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • Allows building custom databases.
  • Instantly gets the site up and running.
  • Native website designing.
  • They designated E-commerce site-building options.


Websites are becoming an essential part of every business these days. Each productive business is moving towards eCommerce to promote and sell the products online. Even for a blog or an eCommerce website, the sole purpose is to grab the audience. If you want to grab traffic on your website, make sure the user interface should be interactive, as the first impression depends on whether the user remains on the website or not. The automated designing tools come in handy to make attractive and responsive online platforms.