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Increase Your Website Ranking On Google

How To Increase Your Website Ranking On Google In 2024

In this article, we will discuss how to increase your website ranking on Google in 2024. So keep reading.

Google receives more than 63,000 searches every second of every day, which makes it far and away from the world’s most popular search engine. When you consider that statistic from a business perspective, one thing becomes very clear; Google is hosting an extremely large number of potential customers.

Of course, not every single person using Google is there looking for a business like yours. Nevertheless, the search engine hosts a booming online marketplace. The high business potential of this marketplace has not gone unnoticed, as more and more businesses are optimizing their websites for Google every day.

As Google’s own algorithms become increasingly strict, it takes a lot more than just increasing your keyword usage to get ahead in today’s search rankings.

Understanding The Google Algorithm

To understand how to increase your website ranking on Google, you first need to understand the Google algorithm. Google’s algorithm is, essentially, a set of instructions that bots use to judge a website’s eligibility for a high ranking.

The Google algorithm is particularly difficult to properly understand because its details keep changing, and many of these updates are not publicly announced. Google does this on purpose, to keep website owners from being able to ‘cheat’ their way to the top of the search rankings.

Although some details of the Google algorithm are clouded in mystery, other updates are readily available. Google make some information public, like their 2022 update that shows the prioritization of mobile responsive website.

It is important to learn more about Google’s values to better ascertain how you can improve your site for higher ranking potential.

Testing Your Site

Before you can begin making improvements to your website, you first need to find out where you are starting from. There are many ways that you can test your website to find out information that will prove invaluable when it comes to increasing your search engine rankings. Useful tests for improving your SEO include:

  • You can perform a loading speed test
  • Test the responsiveness of your website across different devices
  • Check your SEO score
  • Find out about your average user’ time on site’

Once you have made these assessments and more clearly understand your weak points, you can begin to create a focused SEO strategy.

Employ The Right Digital Marketing Practices

Did you know that using the wrong practices can actually hurt your SEO ranking? For example, Google has become aware of the tactic of increasing backlinks by using low-quality websites.

To combat this practice, Google now penalizes websites they believe to be using illegitimate backlinking techniques.

You need to make sure that you are always using credible SEO link building services to ensure you are not inadvertently harming your ranking potential.

You also need to be mindful when you are creating content for your digital marketing strategy. Practices like keyword stuffing and creating low-quality content to boost keyword usage will be recognized by Google and will negatively affect your score.

Increase your website ranking on Google will not happen overnight, and it is important that you do not try to rush the process. Stay focused on your site, your goals, use the right techniques, and you will see results.

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