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How To Make A Progressive Web App From Your Existing Website?

The progressive web app has left an indelible mark in the world of mobile applications. Primarily, the complaints arising from different industry verticals are one of the prominent reasons why the PWAs have been making a mark. Here are the complaints that led to the rise of progressive web apps.


  • The slow loading speed of websites and reduced rate of resonance
  • As far as mobile apps are concerned, they consume substantial memory space and rely on internet connection. Therefore, users have to spend a lot of time to locate the app and start using it.

The progressive web apps or PWAs, on the other hand, can be quickly downloaded from the website and operates on the websites, allowing the users to benefit in the following ways. Here are a few reasons why companies are rushing towards hiring progressive web development services.

  • Businesses can save the time they require for searching the apps on the store and installing it on their devices before incorporating information for starting it.
  • The progressive web apps work from the website directly and do not consume a lot of storage space on any device.
  • As the PWAs operate as a website primarily, the cache concept exists and lets the app function without an internet connection.

No wonder the PWAs include a combination of mobile apps and websites, emerging as a suitable option for the success of a business. From doubling and tripling the rate of conversion to engaging customers, and quick loading time, the companies can benefit extensively from converting their existing website to a progressive web app.

Making A Progressive Web App From An Existing Website

The process of conversion to a progressive web app can be completed in the following manner.

Getting Https Or Secured Mode Of Connection For Your Site

The progressive web apps reflect the highest level of security as they collaborate with https connection. Therefore, you require the PWA to be served through the secured https protocol. Once you complete this step, the users try to access the site through HTTPS connection and you are all set to switch to a secured mode of connection, but it is necessary to use an SSL certificate during the conversion. You are sure to come across free SSL certificates for your site. You can attach the certificate when the site runs on your server. However, if the site runs on a different server, contacting the web host lets you access SSL certificates.

Creating The Manifest File

The manifest file is a common element of every PWA, which is the JSON file containing the data of PWA. If you are eager to convert your existing website to a progressive web app, the creation of a manifest.json file is essential. Usually, the file contains information, such as name, scope, short name, display, images, URL, and description, which the web users require to find out the manner in which you need to save the app on the home screen and display it.

Once the Manifest section in the Development Tools Application Tab of Chrome validates the app successfully, you will find the option or the link of adding the app top your home screen. The PWA uses different kinds of images pertaining to different sizes, and all you need is the configuration of the manifest file to incorporate those images for the app. If you are not familiar with the kinds of images you require, the online image generator tool can help in building suitable images for the creation of the manifest file. Hiring PWA development services that are well-versed with the methods can create the apps from the existing website faster.

Creation Of A Service Worker

The service worker is a file written just like JavaScript and preset in the root. Once you install the service worker, it assists the PWA to respond to the request of the network in a different manner. One of the prominent roles of the service worker is the creation of static content that lets the PWA run smoothly without an internet connection.

You can quickly find out whether the browser coordinates with the service workers through a registration process. The support of the browsers help in the generation of service workers and lets you access the JSON file. Once you create the service workers, you can generate files through the shell commands. Although the creation of PWA appears simple and straightforward, a PWA app development company can execute the task with ease.

Closing Thoughts

PWAs have become one of the essential components for businesses, especially online business entities. The app can be installed on mobile devices or desktop, offering the customers a streamlined experience to attract more customers. You will come across several companies providing dedicated PWA services or developers who can create advanced progressive web apps for the growth of the business.

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