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Winter-Ready With Your Geyser

Are You Winter-Ready With Your Geyser?

Are You Winter-Ready With Your Geyser? With winter knocking on the door and people taking out their warm clothes from the closet to give them a sunbath. It is always an excellent approach to ensure that you are ready for the winter with a perfectly fine working geyser, especially if you don’t have the stomach to take a chilling bath.

During the winter season, only those who have stomachs for taking baths in freezing water can live without a geyser. For everyone else, hot water becomes a necessity. But since you keep the geyser shut throughout the summer season, it is always recommended to test the geyser or get it serviced by calling the Orient customer care number. Geyser problems are diverse, and there is no way you can deal with them on your own. That is why, in this blog post, we have outlined some common geyser problems and how to deal with them so that you can be winter-ready.

Absence Of Hot Water

It is a common problem linked with almost all the geysers in the market. A geyser consists of two heating elements that are responsible for heating the water. If you have a proper power supply in your house and if the geyser is still not able to heat water properly, it can signify something wrong with the heating elements. Moreover, even a faulty thermostat can be responsible for heating problems. A thermostat is used inside the geyser to maintain an ideal temperature level as it cuts off the power supply once the desired temperature level has been attained. Only a technician can find the real issue behind the heating problem and therefore; you should never hesitate to call the Orient customer care number.

No Power Supply

If switching on the geyser doesn’t show any power supply, there can be two reasons. First, you must check the electrical supply to ensure that the geyser gets the necessary power supply. But if the electrical supply is fine, finding the right reason can become a challenge for you, especially if you are not calling Bajaj electricals customer care number. Even burnt and damaged units inside the geyser can stop it from turning on. It usually happens when the geyser is left turned on without any water inside it; which burns and damages the entire geyser system. In such a case, calling the experts is the best idea as there is nothing you can do about it.

Electrical Shocks

If you are getting electrical shocks when you touch the body of the geyser; then you need to step up to the plate as there is no way you can keep using a geyser with electrical shocks throughout the winter season. The ground connection needs to be checked to resolve the electrical shock issue. If the soil is poor, then there is no surprise why your geyser is giving you electrical shocks along with a regular supply of hot water. Even if the ground connection is good and the geyser is still electrocuting you, it can prove dangerous. If it gives regular shocks, stop using the geyser and call Bajaj electrical customer care number as soon as possible.

Low Pressure

If the hot water is coming out from the geyser with low pressure; then this can be because of the buildup of sedimentation, indeed the water pipe. Sedimentation for a long time acts as a springboard for blockage, corrosion, and rust in the outlet valve; which results in low hot water pressure. If the issue is left unaddressed, salt and minerals can keep depositing in the water pipe; obstructing the ideal flow of water inside the tube. While on the other side, rust and corrosion block the pipes; which can reduce hot water pressure. To get rid of the sedimentation, a technician might use a drainage tool; get rid of all the hot water, and then re-fill the geyser with fresh water. It is the most common method technicians use to get rid of any sedimentation.

How To Activate Your Geyser During The Summer Season?

Before you shut down your geyser for the summer season; you should make sure that you have drained out every single drop of water from the geyser. Just open the geyser tap and don’t turn it off until every single drop of water has come out of it. By doing this, you are preventing sediment buildup in the geyser, and thus circulation of water will be better.

In addition to this, you should also cover your geyser with a clean cloth as you will keep it in an idle state for many months. You shouldn’t let dust and debris settle on the geyser as this might interfere with the performance of the geyser when you turn it on again in the winter season. You can even call the customer care number and get your geyser checked before sending it in the idle state; as this will ensure that you don’t have to go through arduous repairs when the winter again starts knocking on your door.

Instead of planting fruits on the day of the feast; it is better to be prepared for the chilling winter season with all the home appliances in the house; especially the geyser. Calling customer care when you take your first winter bath can ruin your entire day. So, maintain the geyser during the summer season and get it checked by professionals before the start of the winter season so that you don’t have to shiver while taking a bath, regardless of how cold the temperature is.

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