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Mobile Apps, Users Privacy, and Business Prospects

All of us are well aware of mobile apps. Anyone who owns a smartphone, use mobile apps to enjoy added benefits with their mobiles. Mobile apps add so much value to a smartphone and provide solutions to multiple users’ concerns. Mobile apps help people to enjoy, play games, navigate direction, know the weather, access news and media, and whatnot. Mobile apps are easy to download and use. Most often, mobile apps are free and include a lot of fun in an app. Take the example of youtube, it is simply an app, but it has a world in it.

Think about the possibilities you obtain within a single app. we are often overwhelmed with using these apps, and do not think about how these apps are developed. How do the mobile app development company earn and what are the basic purpose behind mobile apps. There are some key considerations that are kept in mind before making a mobile app, and every app has the purpose of serving the users. Let’s go through some mobile app basics to know what they are paid for, and what data they may collect.

A Mobile App And Its Purpose ?

A software program specially designed for mobile devices that you can install and access directly using a smartphone is a mobile app. Mobile apps are typically used for solving one of the multiple user’s concerns. Each mobile app is designed and developed for a particular operating system like Android, Apple, Microsoft, blackberry, and Amazon. Some apps can also be used on more than one operating system. Android and Apple have the largest app market, and one can get access to a number of mobile apps using these operating systems. The app store function enables you to check through various apps options and get the one you like. To get an app that is not free on the app store, you will need to provide your credit card information.

How Mobile Apps Interact with users Privacy

A mobile app can access several data from your mobile. When you install and sign up with an app, the app asks for permission to access certain information from your device. They may be able to access the following data

  • your Phone contacts and email
  • Internet data
  • Call logs
  • Calendar data
  • The device’s IP address
  • Information about the way you use the app
  • Data about the device’s location

When you collect user data, you have an obligation to keep it safe. But an application doesn’t become secure from the start; QA-experts make it that way. QA automation testing helps you understand whether you have done everything to protect data (not just user data) from threats. Software testing must follow every stage of development. However, do not think that you can forget about testing after the release.

Mobile apps access some data only because they need them to function, while some apps require access to data that is not related to the app’s primary features and functions. Some apps might ask access to the data on the website you visit. The mobile apps which collect your data may share it with other companies to meet many of their business concerns. If you, as a mobile app user, are concerned about your information and privacy, make sure you always check the “privacy” settings on your device. Moreover, you can also opt-out for the data collection you think is not necessary for running the app features. You can make changes in the app privacy settings in the settings section.

Why Some Apps Collect Location Access?

Some apps ask for accessing users’ locations to offer them navigation features, maps, discounts, and offers for nearby stores, or information about other nearby services and locations. Some mobile apps provide location data to ad networks, which may use it by combining it with other info in their records to target ads based on your location and your interests.

The Prospects Of Business Through Mobile App Development

A basic monetization strategy in mobile apps is an in-app advertisement. This is why most free apps you download have ads in it. The most popular apps in the app store are free apps, and users want to download apps with paying anything for it. Therefore, mobile app developers want to make their apps free for users. They want to offer their app as inexpensively as possible. To shift the app expenses on marketers instead of users, app owners invite advertisers to show ads in their app.

By offering space for ads to advertisers, the developers are capable of offering a mobile app at as low prices as possible. Also, some developers sell their app’s space to an advertisement network that further sells the space to advertisers and does business.

Why Ads in Mobile Apps?

Advertisers use special space allotted for ads in a mobile app to target particular users. Ever wonder you search for a water bottle and start seeing advertisements for water bottles? The keen focus on advertisement reveals that users are more likely to convince themselves from an advertisement targeted specifically to their interests.
Some advertisement companies collect information from different mobile apps to target ads as per your interests, driven from your data. That information may include your location and places you go, internet browsing habits and most visiting websites, and other provided information while downloading a new app or making an online purchase. Mobile apps provide a wide opportunity for businesses by showing ads and other in-app purchases.

How do Mobile Apps Earn?

This can be a major point of concern for those who don’t really know much about the mobile app development process and business. Some apps are launched and made available for free through app stores. The developers of such apps that make money in different ways:

  • Some mobile apps provide advertising space within the app. The app developers do business by running ads in their apps, which is why they offer the app for free and target as many users as possible.
  • Some apps offer freemium versions. This means that they offer a basic version of their app for free. Some of the premium features of the app ask for the purchase. The users can upgrade the app by paying some amount to the app development company.
  • Some apps offer you to buy added features by paying an additional amount.
  • Some apps are offered free to catch your interest in some other products. These apps are a form of advertisement tool for manufacturing companies.

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