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Fallout 76 trading guide step by step

Learning how to trade in Fallout 76, the game that you can get from Gamecamp, is a simple method to upgrade your equipment, obtain needed ammo, or simply earn some caps. It’s also a terrific method to free up some space in your Fallout 76 collection. While vending machines in Fallout 76 now provide a mechanical alternative, we’ll be focusing on person-to-person transactions. So, if you’re interested in player trading in Fallout 76 but don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Even if you don’t have the items, it’s great to know how to engage in trades. To increase your inventory, it’s best to know where to get great deals on Fallout 76 Caps. You can check out Eldorado.gg, a gaming marketplace even for video game currency such as New World Coins.

Find a safe place to hide

Obviously, no one trades alone, so you’ll either have to play with friends or find a pleasant stranger willing to stay still long enough to see what you have to give. Once you have one of those, you must approach them so that the ‘Invite to Trade’ prompt appears. Once you’ve done that, press the button (Triangle on PlayStation/Y on Xbox One) to bring up a menu with your inventory on one side and await a prompt for the other person to join on the other. When they do, you get to have all the joy of open commerce. Just make sure there aren’t any monsters around since they won’t wait for you to finish your business before biting.

Swap, giveaway, and sell items

If you’re playing with friends, chances are you’ll only be assisting each other with useful items like ammo for a favored pistol or an illness remedy. To do so, choose an item from your inventory and offer it. Once you’ve done that. You may choose how many to trade – the default is currently all of whatever you’ve chosen. So be careful not to give away all of your stock. You can choose a price, which can be zero. Once you’ve settled on a number to trade. You can give things free if you’re just trying to help people out. But you can also barter goods – trading items you both need – or truly haggle by inflating costs or offering crap in exchange for critical gear.

Request items from a trading player

You can switch between selecting your stuff and the person you’re trading with by pressing the left trigger. You can then browse their entire catalog and utilize X/A to make a specific request. When you click the right stick, anything you want will appear in the ‘Offers Only’ tab. Requesting items is very handy when trading with other random people with whom you may not be able (or desire) to communicate. To gain some new allies, you can spend your newfound Fallout 76 Caps from the Eldorado.gg marketplace during trades. Everyone is gonna be happy to sell items for a good deal, and they’ll be willing to help you out on explorations and other activities.

You can sell your crafted items

Fallout 76 lets you sell pretty much anything in your inventory, including anything you craft. That means instead of saving the world you can just make a living selling good armor and guns, or meds and food. If you can find enough junk to make them. You’ll need a well-equipped C.A.M.P. to access the various Armor, Weapons, and Tinker’s workbenches to make guns, armor, and ammo or explosives. While Food and chems will need a cooking or chemistry station. Don’t forget to get your Fallout 76 Caps from Eldorado.gg and happy trading!