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Create A Custom Checkout Page

How To Create A Custom Checkout Page In WooCommerce

It is vital to know how to create a custom checkout page. Why? Well, because the checkout page on your WooCommerce shop is where you get paid, thus it is undeniably crucial to get it right.

Although WooCommerce comes with a default configuration, it may not be perfect for your website. Customization is required to make it appropriate to your brand. It adds extra features and gets a higher conversion rate.

There are two ways to customize the page— with a plugin or custom code. We will go through both, but first, let us understand why it is necessary to customize the checkout page.

Why Customize Your WooCommerce Checkout Page?

Customizing and Editing the WooCommerce checkout page has proven to be a great way to improve the shopping experience for your customers. So, here are a few reasons for it—

  • Highlights your brand. By customizing the checkout page, you are making sure that it matches the look and feel of your website, thus creating a more cohesive and professional appearance for your online store.
  • It enhances user experience. With customization, you can add extra features to the checkout page, making it easier for your customers.
  • Deals with cart abandonment. A confusing checkout page causes many customers to ditch their carts and not complete the purchase. A custom checkout page may fix any problems troubling the customers.

Hence, choosing a partner who allows you to customize the WooCommerce checkout page will help you create a more enjoyable and efficient shopping experience for your customers, leading to more sales and higher conversion for your business.

How To Create a Custom Checkout Page In WooCommerce?

There are two ways to do so—

  • With a custom code
  • With a plugin

Let’s have a closer look.

With A Custom Code

If you’re good at programming, you may opt for custom code techniques to edit your checkout page. The custom codes might be tricky at times, but the advantage here is that you can make minor edits without having to spend money on a plugin. Besides this, the WooCommerce comes with filters for editing checkout fields like—


The woocommerce_checkout_fields filter manipulates all the checkout fields and allows you to remove the billing phone number field or add the shipping phone number field. For editing any field, you are required to access the field attributes.

With A Plugin

If you cannot edit the WooCommerce checkout page with coding skills, you can edit the WooCommerce checkout page using a plugin. Undeniably payment failures are your customers’ worst nightmare and for your business as well.

Personalized payment options that come with a one-click checkout experience

An inconvenient payment method tops the reasons why customers ditch their carts. It is necessary to personalize your payment options as per your customers. 1-Click Checkout providers like Nimbbl allow you to customize WooCommerce checkout pages for faster payments, thus making the process secure, quick, and easy.

Order details must be there on the payment page

Most online shoppers shop for multiple products in one go but forget the ordered items or might want to add a few more. It becomes very inconvenient if your website omits your order details to be displayed. Details like quantity, amount, address, and additional charges (if any) on the payment page will help your customers to cross-check their buys and will help them to do a quick review.

Make sure to add ‘Cart Abandoned’ reminders

An abandoned cart is a piece of bad news for your business. Many customers abandon their carts in search of better deals or future offers, while some forget their carts. This can be overcome by sending gentle ‘cart abandoned’ emails or messages. Moreover, several plugins allow you to create customized ‘cart abandoned’ emails that will be automatically sent.

Simplify the checkout process

Simplifying the checkout process is the best way to customize your WooCommerce checkout page to attract more sales. Besides this, simplifying your store’s checkout process will be a big plus point for your e-commerce. Customers find a complex checkout process irritating and hard to process, thus, they tend to abandon their purchase.

Moreover, a sleek and clean checkout page triumphs over a tedious and time-consuming one and curbs cart abandonment. For example, in the Nimbbl checkout, via Eligibility API frameworks, customers are shown various options like Buy Now Pay Later options, UPI apps, and even their UPI IDs that do not require additional steps. Leading to a better user experience showing a significant reduction in the time to complete the purchase hence, improving conversion rates.

Final Thought: Create A Custom Checkout Page

You must edit the WooCommerce checkout page with care. But it isn’t always necessary to make changes to your checkout page. There must be a reason behind the customization— a client request or your intuition– whatever may be the reason, you must keep an eye on conversions using a Google Analytics conversion funnel or an A/B testing tool and see if they are working or not.

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