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Directory HTML Website Templates

11 Best Directory HTML Website Templates 2024

These Directory HTML Website Templates are perfect for developing directory and listing pages.

They are well geared up with a few brilliant features and promise to be flawlessly user-friendly.

They are responsive and work flawlessly with tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

List of the Best Directory HTML Website Templates:

1. University


University websites need to evoke willingness to study, and this education HTML website template is a great example of such a design. Content blocks that are logically arranged make the website incredibly informative, yet not overloaded with information.


2. Recruit


Looking for a stylish but conservative-looking template for your business? Well, here is a great solution that will help you create a professional website with a clean look and powerful functionality. Designed by professional developers, this theme ensures an unmatched performance on all modern browsers and on all screen resolutions.


3. Business


This Business Centre Site Template can easily drive clients in. A clean design with a focus on content is what a business site needs to highlight its serious ideas. The thoroughly structured layout makes no clutter on the page. Easy-to-follow navigation and smart content organization create a positive effect on on-site visitors.


4. Babysitter


This template was designed for babysitter directories. Here working moms will get access to the nationwide babysitter database. The babysitting website template provides a simple search form for the purpose.


5. Locations


Locations are the most complex directory listing HTML templates on ThemeForest. Awesome features such as Ajax models live map results, beautiful markers, the quick view on listings, 4 map homepages, and 4 hero homepages make this template the most useful you have ever met.


6. Doctor

Doctor Directory HTML Website Template

Medlink Direct Doctor Directory – This doctor directory is a complete medical directory with some awesome design elements. A special focus has been given to the visual hierarchy and usability.


7. Listing


Listing is a multipurpose directory listing HTML template with unique and elegant design, the listing is built with bootstrap 3x with well-documented code and ultra-responsive design to make sure the best user experience.


8. Viavi

Viavi Directory HTML Website Template

Viavi Directory Listing is an HTML template with the latest and creative design which can be used for any directory website and also have many amazing features. It includes 16 HTML files.


9. Craigs

Craigs Directory HTML Website Template

Craigs Easy Listing HTML Template is designed and developed using Bootstrap 4, jQuery, and features integration with PHP, MySQL plus autocomplete Geolocation and more!


10. Directify


Directify is an HTML template that helps you create an outstanding directory website. It includes a user dashboard panel which is the main part of directory websites.


11. Dailist

Dailist Directory HTML Website Template

Dailist a large Directory and Listing HTML template created, especially for Directory Business. It is very easy to use.



In conclusion, choosing the best directory HTML website template is crucial for creating a visually appealing online directory. By considering key factors you can find the perfect template that suits your directory’s needs. Overall, you can create a powerful and user-friendly directory website using the best HTML template.

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