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Custom Mobile Apps

Using Custom Mobile Apps to Increase Work Place Productivity

Businesses and enterprises are always on the lookout for ways to improve their workplace productivity. The more products you can enable, the better will be your business results. Businesses and organizations all across the globe are starting to see how mobile technologies can add efficiency to their workflow. Year after year new and innovative technologies continue to emerge. About 20 years back, you wouldn’t have imagined that AI and VR technology would emerge in your lifetime, but, here they are.

It’s up to businesses to figure out how to use these technologies to their advantage. A study held by ultimate software, reveals that 92% of employees feel that they are more productive when they have access to technology that helps them get their work done more efficiently. Furthermore, a report delivered by CITO research reveals that ‘53% of their respondents stated that mobile apps help improve business processes and increase productivity.


In this blog post, I will be highlighting one such technology that can help boost the productivity of your business. I will be discussing ‘custom mobile apps’ that are exclusively developed to support your company’s environment and its unique workflow.

Here is How Mobile Apps Can Increase Workplace Productivity

Increase Efficiency by Eliminating Routine Tasks

Everyone has their own vexations, something that gets on my nerves is having to repeat certain mundane tasks on a daily basis. Tasks such as managing your calendar, calculating the time you spent on a specific task, creating and managing your entries for projects, organizing your emails, and so much more. I personally dread having to complete these time-consuming tasks over and over again.

Statistics reveal that office workers tend to spend around 65 days each year on routine administrative tasks. If you amount to the wasted hours for companies around the globe, that would be an annual loss of around $5 trillion.

By hiring an experienced mobile app development company, companies can get custom-made mobile apps exclusively for their business needs. The ‘Swift’ mobile app is a great example of a productivity app that manages your routine tasks. Swift can help you sort out and clear your emails, it can help organize your team and streamline your access to various tools across your business.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Imagine going to work tomorrow and finding an AI Chatbot integrated into your computer system. Wouldn’t that be exciting? I’m sure you’d be delighted to get your hands on this fresh technology. Similar is the case with the majority of the employees. Employees tend to be more engaged when they have access to modern tools and inventions to get their work done more efficiently. If you own a business, I’m pretty sure you would be willing to do anything to enhance your employee engagement. After all, teams that are highly engaged have 21% more productivity and tend to generate 22% more profit.

So why not get a custom mobile app made for your business that will help improve your productivity? This type of digital transformation will definitely benefit your company.

Establish a Better Means of Communication

Mobile apps can refine the way that your employees communicate with each other as well as with you. With the help of a quality mobile app, you can send important updates, alerts, and follow-ups more effectively. Just think about it, would you be more willing to read a long email that reminds you of today’s meeting, or would you rather get a notification via your company’s mobile app? It’s pretty obvious you’d prefer the latter. Furthermore, mobile apps are an excellent means of getting comments and feedback from your employees. They will be more open to sharing their ideas with you, and you can use their insights to fine-tune your business.

With proper two-way communication and open dialogue, you will be able to attain a higher level of efficiency.

Mobile Apps Can Reduce the Chance of Error

In the present era, you will find very few businesses that are operating on manual paper filing systems. If you’re one of those businesses, it’s high time that you consider upgrading your strategy. Whether it’s data entry, inventory management, or even the employee appraisal process, a productivity mobile app can help you get the job done more effectively and efficiently. If you’ve been managing inventory and keeping track of all the products, I’m pretty sure you end up making a mistake or two; after all, we are only human. On the contrary, a mobile app like AppSheet will leave minimum room for error, with more speed, and effective operations. Pretty soon productivity mobile apps will become a must-have for businesses.

Mobile Apps Can Facilitate Telecommuting

Did you know that employees that work from home are more productive as compared to employees that work in offices? Yes, this is true. In fact, a recent study by Stanford reveals that remote workers tend to take fewer sick leaves and admit that they feel less distracted and more comfortable. Furthermore, remote employees are 50% less likely to leave their present organizations. I’m pretty sure you’ve also felt that when you work from home you feel more productive and you get more work done.

So no doubt that employees are starting to expect more flexibility and more opportunities to work from home.

However, if your business is dependent on doing manual work and filling out manual forms, or if your employees are unable to access documents from their own computers, then your employees will not be able to work from home any time soon. With the help of custom-made mobile apps or remote worker monitoring software, your employees will be able to collaborate in spreadsheets, documents, and other connected devices anytime and from any place. Providing a flexible work environment and incorporating innovative technology in your company will also enable you to attract top talent from all across the world.

Concluding Note:

With the aid of custom-made mobile apps, you can automate your routine and time-consuming tasks and free up time to focus on more important tasks that require your attention. These apps can help cut down the amount of time and energy that you spend on tasks such as attendance maintenance, or inventory management so that you can gain a higher level of efficiency and productivity. You will also notice an increase in employee engagement, better communication, and a lower chance of errors.

From the above advantages, it’s clear why businesses are starting to adopt innovative technology to increase productivity of their business. If you’re still not sure about taking this mobility approach, feel free to leave a comment below, we would love to get in touch with you.

Author Bio:

Zubair Hassan is a digital marketing expert. He loves to work for companies who need his skills in the marketing domain to market their products and make a mark for themselves. He can offer you tools and strategies so that you can get in touch with your customers and able to communicate with them through all the popular social media platforms of your choice. Please contact him for further details as to how he can assist you with your digital aspirations.