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Webex Calling

4 Benefits of Webex Calling

In the past, you and your employees might have traveled from one place to another to attend meetings. At present, things have changed tremendously. It is all thanks to technological advancement. There is a platform called Webex cloud calling, which allows people to virtually meet each other.

With this platform, you don’t need to leave your home or office. You require an internet connection and a separate phone line. In a single application, you can have access to phone calls, meetings, and messages on any platform.

In this manner, you can stay connected to your clients. If you call the conference phone number, you will hear the presenter and the participants. When you log in to the meeting through an internet connection, the presenter will be able to share the computer screen, and you will be able to view it.

Webex calling has the features of a traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone system and the flexibility of the cloud solution. In addition to this, this platform is extremely cost-saving.

Surely, with this cloud platform, you will be able to work as a team together in a better way from any place. So, if you are still not convinced about Webex calling, you can read some of the benefits.

1. It is a cloud-based communication

The best part about Webex is the features available. These features are unattainable with the traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX). As mentioned earlier, this platform is a cloud-based solution. So, you can ensure that making and receiving calls at home or office is completely effortless. In a nutshell, you have access from any place as long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, you can switch between a dial pad or keyboard and transfer the phone call. You can also obtain access to analytics.

Due to the remote work culture, companies are allowing their employees to work from home or anywhere. Hence, cloud-based communications have become crucial. Your communication will be professional and secure. Most of all, this platform is reasonably priced.

2. It enhances the mobile experience

: The design of the Webex Calling platform is streamlined, and your employees will surely be fond of it. You can utilize this application on devices such as smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

You can ensure that it is easy to use, and your team will easily stay in touch. The migration process for this application is simplified. In addition to this, the IT department won’t have to put much effort into it. You will definitely have a fantastic mobile experience. What’s more, you can integrate with other third-party applications.

It is a unified application

You will gain a functional PBX system and video and phone conferencing tools if you have installed the Webex cloud calling. Also, you can attain solutions for team collaboration and support for a virtual receptionist.

All the features offered by Webex are accessible in a single application. Due to the unification of the cloud system, you and your employees aren’t required to learn different interfaces for various tasks. You won’t have to switch between applications, and tracking the time spent on this platform is an effortless task.

It has exceptional control over telecommunications:

In the past, management was easier because your employees were in a centralized location. In recent times, it has become challenging. After all, it is difficult to keep up with certain schedules and the progress of the employees.
Well, Webex calling provides exceptional control over telecommunications. The portal in the application allows the administrators to help the employees and analyze their performance. Moreover, you can get a quick overview of the team.