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Revive Nails

Nails Looking Weak and Dull? Here Is How To Revive Nails

Let’s get under it… nails, that is. Those little things at the edges of your fingers and toes that don’t always get the TLC they deserve… we’re not saying that all of you are ignoring your nail care routine, but many do. Well, luckily – there are some great and easy nail care tips that you can follow to revive nails. You can easily try the tips at home, and complete your treatment with a nail kit that will strengthen your nails like no other.

5 Must-try Nail Care Tips

Minimize Exposure To Liquids

So, how many times have you washed your hands today? And how many times have you done the dishes and cleaned them? While there is no avoiding washing your hands, after coming in contact with dirt, you can avoid over-exposure to water and liquids.

How? Be wearing gloves when cleaning or using water. Yes, those big old gloves that you see in stores are a great barrier against water damages and damages caused by other liquids. Water, detergents, and liquids weaken the nails, so you have to wear gloves to protect them.

Give Your Hands Moisture

Dry hands mean dry nails; so, you need to give back moisture to your hands several times a day, especially during the winter. A quality, natural moisturizer will do the trick, and it does not have to cost a fortune.

Apply the cream whenever your hands feel dry, and make sure to put some on the nails, as well. Put the cream in your home nail kit, and take a small bottle with you in your purse.

Do Not Push Back Your Cuticles

We cannot say this enough… yes, nail technicians do this pretty often, but that doesn’t mean that it’s good. The cuticles are a natural barrier against infections, and they should not be pushed back.

Also, the cuticles help the nails grow strong and healthy, so you should leave them alone. Take out the cuticle pusher thingy from your kit, and let your cuticles grow wild.

Take A Break Between Manicures

Whether it’s at home or at a pro nail salon, there is nothing like a good manicure. And as you have probably guessed, it’s not all that good for your nails.

We’re not saying that you should stop getting manicures altogether, but we are saying that you should take a break from time to time. Soaking your hands in soapy water, and applying nail polish, which is mostly chemicals, damages the nails.

So, give them a breather from time to time, and do not apply nail polish for at least one week every month.

Take Care Of Your Cuticles

Going back to cuticles, you should nourish them, to encourage healthy nail growth. How? You can do it with a great nail kit by TrySprig. The all-natural kit contains a dermatologically approved formula that has everything that your nails and cuticles need: minerals, vitamins, and natural oils.

The nail kit contains a file, a four-sided buffer, and an innovative cuticle conditioner. After just one use, your nails will become stronger, thicker, and healthier.

And – they will become shiny! The conditioner gives nails a shine, like that from transparent nail polish, so your nails will have a natural glow.

Taking good care of your nails should not feel like a hassle; you can make a small nail kit at home with hand cream, and the TrySprig kit.

Dedicate a few minutes every week for nail care, and you will see how your nails get stronger every day.

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