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How To Pick The Best Gift For Designers, Photographers, Marketers & Other Nerds In 2024?

Have you ever experienced a creative block? Designers, photographers, marketers, copywriters, and other nerds have it from time to time. There are lots of ways to survive through the period when your creative abilities hit the bottom. Surprisingly, one of them is using social media for inspiration! And, Instagram can lend a helping hand if you wish to keep up with modern trends.

Contrary to popular belief, social media can offer a lot more than simply whiling your time away. Communication with your fellow professionals can help you nurture your creative potential. This post contains insights on how to use Instagram for professional growth and fruitful exchange of ideas.

So, why is Instagram in the spotlight right now? First of all, it has a variety of features that facilitate all forms of communication. Posts, stories, live videos, and hashtags help to attract different audience segments as they create a rather dynamic feel. Following the top players in your field will generate the so much-needed created flow. Let’s not forget that Instagram is currently a powerful promotional tool to help you sell your work to more potential clients.

Best Gift For Designers, Photographers, Marketers & Other Nerds

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4 Effortless Tips To Boost Instagram Presence

increasing. Indeed, this social network has broken all possible rules to become a place where businesses and potential clients can interact with each other on many levels.

Stories, live videos, hashtags allow putting up different types of content capable of attracting regular users and inspiring creative professionals. Designers, programmers, marketers, copywriters, and other nerds often use Instagram to get ideas for work. And, most importantly, to promote their projects aiming to get more clients.

If you are already good at managing social media try yourself in your next career step as a social media coordinator.

Providing value to the audience is key to becoming popular on Instagram. So, if for some reason you don’t have a profile on this social network, it’s just about time you set it up. MasterBundles will supply you with all the necessary tools and teach you a few tricks to establish your Instagram presence.

4 Things You Need To Know About Instagram In 2021

It’s 2019, so knowing a thing or two about organic followers, custom Instagram bios, and hashtags is a must.

Top Instagram Hashtags In 2021

If you’ve used Instagram long enough, you most certainly saw words and phrases with a # symbol. These are hashtags put in a post caption or comment section to group content by topic. If you tap on a chosen hashtag, you’ll see all of the recent pictures and videos matching the topic of your interest.

How to pick the best hashtags for your Instagram profile? How to see if they’re relevant and productive? Learn more about the top Instagram hashtags stats for 2021 and use the 5 step hashtag strategy provided in the linked post.

Instagram Hashtags

Getting More Organic Followers on Instagram In 2021

If you’re a creative professional who aims to put up a creative portfolio on Instagram for the sake of earning some bucks, here’s what you need to do first. By turning a regular profile into a business Instagram profile you’ll access a number of valuable metrics to help you work out the best content strategy.

Followers on Instagram

Rumor has it, Instagram algorithms are unpredictable. However, if you know the general operating principles, you’ll be able to get more Instagram followers in an organic way spending less money. Get your hands on the insights revealed in the linked post to spend your money wisely.

How To Use Custom Instagram Fonts In 2019

Custom Instagram Fonts

Instagram allows customizing a user’s bio section to make the profile stand out. In this respect, custom Instagram fonts in 2019 are just the thing. In the linked post, you’ll discover insights on using font generators, together with tips on how to incorporate animated text in your Instagram stories, etc.

Getting Social: How To Add Your Instagram Feed To Your WordPress Page

Getting Social

WordPress CMS changed website building forever. Now, there’s no need to be a professional programmer or web developer to put up a simple web page on the web and get your message to your audience. The Elementor page builder owing to its drag-and-drop functionality allows easily incorporating an Instagram feed into the structure of any web page.

Find out how to add an Instagram feed to a WordPress page with Elementor Page Builder in several easy steps. In the linked post, you’ll find 10 top-notch Elementor WordPress themes and social media templates to use in your day to day work.

How To Make Instagram The Ultimate Source Of Inspiration?

Ultimate Source

The statistic of Instagram growth is staggering! Over the past year, this social media reached the benchmark on a billion active users a month. Naturally, there are myriads of Instagram profiles a creative professional can use for inspiration. Graphic and UI/UX designers, programmers, and marketers wish to showcase their projects to engage more potential clients.

We at MasterBundles, are happy to share top Instagram accounts to boost your creativity in web design. In the linked post, you’ll access more than 100 Instagram accounts to subscribe to in 2019. Keeping pace with the latest trends won’t be an issue if you follow the gurus of design and exchange creative ideas with fellow professionals.

Unconventional Gifts For Graphic Designers In 2021

Unconventional Gifts

Are you searching for one-of-a-kind gift ideas for graphic designers? You’ll be surprised to discover 50+ material and digital gift options to present a designer in 2021 in the linked post. Believe it or not, finding a suitable present for any personality type is not difficult at all. Devices, books, tutorials, decoration items and plenty of other things are there for you.

Speaking of digital presents, here’s an option you might like:

Essential Web Design Bundle with Extended License – Only $29

Essential Web Design Bundle

A designer will be in awe of this Essential Web Design Bundle that comes with an extended license. 20 WordPress Themes, 10 WordPress Plugins, and 20 Scripts & Code will come in handy for a design project of any complexity.

Unconventional Gifts For Photographers In 2021

Unconventional Gifts For Photographers

Pleasing a photographer isn’t easy. Still, if you’re hunting for a really mind-blowing gift, check out the collection of the best gifts for photographers. It’s only a matter of time before you pick the perfect present from 100+ gifts for photographers in 2021. On the list, you’ll find literally anything – from camera lenses and chargers to props and personalized photo frames.

42 Sport Lightroom Presets – $9

Sport Lightroom Presets

These 42 Sport Lightroom Presets will give a dynamic feel to the dullest photos. Bet, any photographer willing to enhance their images in post-production, will appreciate this item.

Unconventional Gifts For Marketers In 2021

Unconventional Gifts For Marketers

Suppose you need to contact a marketing professional for advice but don’t know how to start a conversation. Just turn to the list of gift ideas for marketers containing over 30 present options for eggheads, techies, and stationery geeks. Take your time to select the right item!

Free Instagram Profile Checklist

Free Instagram Profile Checklist

Best things in life are free, so this Free Instagram Profile Checklist will be the perfect gift for a social media marketer! The checklist contains 10 positions every successful Instagram account should follow.

Unconventional Gifts For Nerds In 2021

Unconventional Gifts For Nerds

It’s a grave misconception to believe that nerds don’t like receiving presents. In the collection of the best Valentine’s day gifts for nerds, one will find present alternatives for any possible occasion. As for the digital gift, there’s no better option than a resume template to give to a nerd!

Professional Resume Template – $9

Professional Resume

Nerds will love this ready-made Profesional Resume Template in A4 and US letter format. Just insert your info and embark on the quest for your dream job!

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