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Best Data Science Courses For Beginners

10 Best Data Science Courses For Beginners

One of the most in-demand skills in today’s tech-driven sector is data science. Before delving deeper, you need to have a foundational understanding of programming languages and statistics. Beginners who intend to pursue a career in it need to possess the necessary abilities. It is a well-paying job with prospects for advancement. It’s also possible to become a data scientist by simply studying concepts from basic to sophisticated. So, if you want to learn data science, we are here to help you with the Best Data Science Courses.

You’re in the ideal place if you want to delve deeply into data science’s cutting-edge ideas. Those who are just starting out and want to pursue a career in data science should especially read this post. The top ten data science courses for beginners can be found online; they offer comprehensive knowledge, are highly graded, and are developed by professionals in the field. Now let’s get started.

What is Data Science?

Data science integrates concepts and techniques from mathematics, statistics, and artificial intelligence to evaluate vast volumes of data. It is the study and investigation of data to derive significant insights for company expansion. It can respond to any report’s what, why, and when questions. Given that data is a topic discussed by all modern enterprises, data science is crucial in handling data management and storage.

List of Best Data Science Courses For Beginners

Let’s have a look at the top beginning data science courses offered in India that provide a thorough grasp.

Harvard University’s Professional Certificate in Data Science

The Professional Certificate in Data Science offered by Harvard University is another excellent online course for novices in data science. The greatest course for those just starting out in the field of data science is this one. You’ll be equipped to take on practical problems involving machine learning, R programming, and data analysis after taking this course.

This program consists of a combination of nine flexible courses, and upon program completion, you will be able to work on a data analysis project. Additionally, you will be able to work with cutting-edge tools to construct machine-learning methods.

Python Specialization with Applied Data Science [Coursera]

You will learn how to apply data science methodologies and techniques, develop analytical abilities, and obtain fresh insights into your data in this course, Applied Data Science with Python Specialization. You’ll learn things like Matplotlib, Pandas, Python programming, and text mining.

You will improve your applied machine learning skills in data analysis through this course. To improve your chances of landing a job as a data scientist or in a position similar to it, you can include the credentials in your CV, resume, or LinkedIn profile.

IBM Professional Certificate in Data Science

You can obtain entry-level data science jobs by completing this IBM Data Science Professional Certificate course. Using the same tools, languages, and libraries as professional data scientists, you gain practical skills.

You will gain knowledge on how to use a variety of data science tools, approaches, and abilities to construct a project utilizing actual data sets. IBM will provide you with an employer-recognized credential. Following this course, you will receive career guidance, resume evaluation, interview preparation, and instruction in soft skills.

JavaScript for Machine Learning [Udemy]

Machine Learning with JavaScript is the next best online course for novices in data science. Through practical projects and the use of JavaScript and Tensorflow, this course will assist you in mastering machine learning from the ground up. Gaining a basic understanding of JavaScript will enhance your study process. In addition to learning about ML algorithms, you will be able to use them in practical situations.

At the very least, you ought to know how to use a terminal and the command line. Upon finishing the course, you will receive a certificate in addition to four articles and two downloadable resources that are available on TV and mobile devices.

Whole Data Science & Machine Learning Course [GeeksforGeeks]

The Complete Machine Learning & Data Science Program, provided by GeeksforGeeks and taught by professionals in the field, is among the greatest online courses in data science 4 novices. This master course will teach you all the essential principles needed to secure your ideal position as a data scientist. It provides you with a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience in data science through a 360-degree approach.

This course combines live guidance sessions with self-paced learning modules to cover concepts from beginner to advanced. It teaches you about gathering different kinds of data and storing, pre-processing, analyzing, creating models, and deploying them using the most recent Data Science approaches. It is intended for both students and working professionals.

Scaler’s Data Science and Machine Learning Program

Constructed with insights from advisors at the top 50 tech organizations, Scaler – InterviewBit’s Data Science and Machine Learning curriculum is one of the most popular online courses in data science. It is a custom program. Through this program, you will have the chance to work on actual projects and get immediate feedback from professionals in the field.

You will be ready to take on real-world commercial initiatives and the most difficult Data Science and Machine Learning problems thanks to the well-structured lessons and practical experience. On this list, it’s one of the most popular and well-rated courses.

IIM Calcutta’s Advanced Program in Data Science

Through this curriculum, students will learn about various methods and resources for handling, organizing, evaluating, and interpreting data. It is intended for professionals in the workforce who want to have practical experience handling and interpreting data.

This course covers a variety of tools, including SPSS Modeler, Oracle SQL, Tableau, Python, @Risk, R, Hadoop, Arena, and more, with an emphasis on data administration and analysis. Upon degree completion, the students will possess a strong basis for utilizing sophisticated statistics and quantitative techniques to arrive at well-informed and efficient conclusions.

Specialization in Data Science from Johns Hopkins University

You will learn about all the topics and tools you will need to start your data science adventure in this course. You will use the knowledge and abilities you have gained from working with actual data to produce a data product in your final capstone project. Prerequisites include having some programming expertise (you don’t have to use R) and a passable grasp of algebra.

While not required, having a foundational understanding of calculus and linear algebra may also be beneficial. After completing this course, students will be able to showcase their subject-matter expertise in an eye-catching portfolio.

MIT’s MicroMasters Program in Data Science and Statistics

Moreover, the goal of this Micromasters program is to help students become experts in machine learning, statistics, and data science. So, you will gain knowledge on managing large datasets and forecasting using sound data analysis. You will be eligible to work as a data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, etc. after finishing the course.

To obtain a certificate, participants in the program must complete four rigorous online courses and a virtually proctored online exam.

Python and R for Data Science

You will learn how to uncover useful but hidden information in data by using statistical models in programming languages like R and Python in this course. Also, this course provides a great foundation in machine learning. So, its goal is to provide you with a strong foundation in the profitable subject of data science.

Moreover, you will learn how to use various techniques, algorithms, and procedures to extract information and insights from both organized and unstructured data.


By 2025, more than 40% of professional workers, according to the World Economic Forum, would need to upskill. For this reason, if you want to get your ideal work, you must obtain contemporary, in-demand abilities. So, working in the highly sought-after field of data science can offer you the opportunity to support key business decisions and work for some of the world’s most prestigious firms. Also, one excellent strategy to advance your career in data science would be to enroll in a customized training program.

The Best Data Science Courses were these ones. So, these courses provide you with a thorough understanding of data science, enabling you to advance in the field and land a well-paying position. You also get the advantage of studying whenever and at your own speed. So, by allowing you to gain practical experience with the projects and assignments they offer, these courses help you prepare for the future. Also, prepare to gain knowledge from these courses and land a well-paying position.


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