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Cyber Range Platforms

Why Are Cyber Range Platforms The Most Effective Form of Training? We Answer!

More frequent and dangerous hacker attacks prompt business owners to look for employees dealing with cybersecurity and to look for the most effective training for cybersecurity specialists. It turns out that the best training can be offered by Cyber Range platforms.

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What are they, how do they work, and why are they so effective? Read on to find out more about why our cyber range platforms are the most effective form of training!

What are Cyber Ranges?

A Cyber Range is a specially prepared virtual environment inspired by military training grounds. Industry specialists provide a safe space for exercises to prepare for the fight against cybercriminals. As part of the operation of such platforms, various types of activities take place, including progress monitoring and training under the supervision of specialists. Users can read theoretical materials, but they also get the opportunity to take part in refined simulations of hacking attacks. One of the most famous Cyber Ranges is the NATO-awarded CDeX platform, https://cdex.cloud/cyber-range/, which offers both individual (automatic) and team training.

When choosing CDeX, business owners can pick between two options. The first one is the so-called cloud https://cdex.cloud/, which allows you to take part in training from any device anywhere in the world. Perfect for short-term training. However, if you are planning a long-term cooperation with CDeX, it is worth buying the platform as software!

Discover The Advantages of Cyber Ranges!

Cyber Ranges such as CDeX provide users with convenient access to training that they can perform at any time. Thanks to the provision of theoretical materials, each trainee can learn the theory at their pace and on their own – and can immediately move on to the practical aspects of the training. Training held in groups (Red Team vs Blue Team) allows you to additionally practice teamwork skills, and work under time pressure, and in the face of an attack.

What Affects The Effectiveness of Cyber Ranges?

The wide range of engaging simulations modeled on real hacking attacks has the greatest impact on the effectiveness of the ranges. There is no denying that the real experience of danger allows one to fully prepare for dealing with a hacker. During training at the Cyber Range, you can fully test your skills and learn incident response; thanks to which you will immediately take the right steps in the event of a real threat.

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