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6 Best Web Proxies For Designing HTML Templates

In this article, I am going to talk about the 6 best web proxies for designing HTML templates. So keep reading.

Designing websites from scratch is such a time-consuming process. Especially when users turn to use HTML templates—pre-made websites. It is up to the client or end-user to provide some elements to personalize the website. Usually a mock-up, the template already has images, accompanying font styles and colors, and other support files and JavaScript.

On the other hand, a web proxy is a tool that is used to connect to a proxy server. Using a web proxy allows you to stay anonymous during such transactions, acting as buffers when necessary. Other web proxies, such as the residential proxy, lets you choose a particular country to consume limited content. The use of web proxies masks your use with another residential or back connect IP to connect with a restricted website.

Building HTML templates without boundaries are the dream of any developer. There are no limits to what you can add to the template. It is more time-efficient too.

In this article, we are putting out a list of the best web proxies for HTML templates. See if your favorite is on the list.

The Best Web Proxies For Designing HTML Templates

1. SmartProxy
2. Geonode
3. Oxylabs
4. Hidester
5. KProxy
6. Storm Proxies

1. SmartProxy


Despite being a rookie in the industry, SmartProxy offers quality service to its clients. Both residential and data center proxies are available, and it is up to the client which one to use. It goes above and beyond with its promise of surfing without borders as it serves 195 countries globally.

SmartProxy also offers unlimited threads and is available as a browser extension. The option of having a browser extension is beneficial for the users’ use and navigation. This web proxy is also quick on its feet when it comes to its security policies, granted that several risks come with using proxies. The team puts out several countermeasures, but the ultimate goal is that the user will not get banned.

Another reason why the newcomer, SmartProxy, climbed the ranks immediately is because of its price range. For as low as US$75 per month, the user can avail of all SmartProxy’s basic features. The most expensive subscription fee rises up to US$400.


2. Geonode


Geonode’s residential proxies are critical for ensuring security, bypassing geo-restrictions, gathering data at scale, and browsing the internet anonymously.

We borrow fully compensated IP addresses from real users (that are actually traceable to an actual geographical location). This way, you can safely surf the internet without any restrictions and scrape data from anywhere. Geonode also provides rotating residential proxies to meet your specific needs.

Rotating residential proxies are also known as backconnect proxies and they work by concealing your identity behind a pool of proxies… Cool right? So, these proxies will typically switch or rotate at regular intervals, which means that your IP also continuously changes.

What most people don’t know is that with a rotating IP, you can make as many requests as you wish without getting flagged for suspicious activity on websites & social media platforms.

Geonode’s rotating proxies protect you from subnet bans and ensure unhindered web scraping. So, uninterrupted business for our customers, resulting in stable Revenue, month after month.

If you wish to use the same IP address for up to ten minutes, however, you can also use “sticky sessions” with our proxy service.

With Geonode proxies, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Proxy pool growth – our proxy network is continually expanding, so you can expect access to more IPs on a daily basis.
  • Almost Zero IP blocking – with Geonode’s rotating proxies, you are guaranteed almost zero IP blocks & uninterrupted connections.
  • Usage status dashboard – manage your account on one dashboard and view usage statistics & whitelist IPs with ease.
  • Technical support – our team is always available to help you solve urgent needs.
  • ASN/country filtering – you can filter IPs by country, city, or ASN.
  • Reliable proxies – all our proxies are stable, so you have no issues while scraping.
  • Unmetered bandwidth – no monthly data transfer limitations for using this service.
  • Whitelist IPs – you can whitelist up to 4 of your own IP addresses for easy authentication.


3. Oxylabs


Data gathering is easier with Oxylabs. It has a global reach of over 70 million residential proxies all over the world. The team claims that this number includes many mobile IPs, but there isn’t an available option for it yet. The abundance of proxies can present as a problem, but Oxylabs already took care of it. At the user’s volition, they can rotate IPs to escape the targets from blocking your IP.

Aside from residential proxies, Oxylabs have the best data center that allows them to be the leading tool for data gathering in the marketing industry. Oxylabs also proves that it is ready for upcoming tech trends as it has a web surfing system. This system allows more accessible data collection and analysis. The already collected data is also valuable for designing HTML templates.

Oxylabs also boasts of its notable innovation with working around captchas and blocks. With machine learning and artificial intelligence, the proxy can mimic a regular user’s browsing behavior and activity. This innovation significantly decreases the possibility of blocking your residential IPs.


4. Hidester


It is easy to access and activate Hidester because of the availability of a Chrome extension plug-in. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for Firefox users. As a matter of fact, to use Hidester’s services, the user only needs to install the extension. Despite this, Hidester is one of the best web proxy services for free.

This service provider does not require the installation of any software. Any form of signing up process is also not necessary. Once the user activates the extension, the proxy server will immediately link it with available US-based servers. Users who prefer EU-based servers are free to change it too.

Another thing to note is that even Hidester is essentially an extension; it does not log any information of the transactions. The team claims and vouches that they are in complete control of the data that they process. For a free web proxy service provider, Hidester has extensive security measures than others.


5. KProxy


KProxy is transparent with its security measures. If they can pinpoint users who are abusing web proxies’ benefits, they will report them to legal authorities. Along with this, this web proxy also presents several limitations.

For one, it is time-bound. Users can use it for an hour before it prompts that they are at the limit. A premium plan is available for unlimited use. You can choose to go premium, or you can have a 30-minute waiting time before you can connect again.

Similar to Hidester, KProxy does not need a software installation or a long log-in process. It is a browser-based proxy service where the client only needs to download an extension for Chrome and Firefox’s portable version.


6. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies

This web proxy has an IP address pool of about 70,000 categorized as US, EU, and Worldwide. The service provides rotating residential proxies, private dedicated proxies for data center IPs, and back connect rotating proxies with this pool.

What makes it better is that it does not have a bandwidth cap, making it perfect for small-time proxy users. The target population of this software is small-time scrapers, social media managers, and other related roles. It is a brand that does not hide behind fancy yet false advertisements.


Key Takeaways

HTML templates are comprehensible and easy to understand because of the developers who took time in drafting one from scratch. Creating one from scratch, however, is an entirely different process.

Developers go through holes and loops to get the necessary code for the template. It’s a good thing that there are many web proxies available in the market and ready to use. Each web proxy is also built differently. Some are for free use, and others are for pay. The decision on which one to use is up to your desired convenience.

I hope you liked this article on the best web proxies for designing HTML templates.

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