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Workplace Teamwork

How to Improve Workplace Teamwork

Working in an environment where you can trust your employees is a rewarding experience. It is no surprise to see companies with a proper work environment have fewer problems with employee retention. Moreover, the best talent in the industry is likely to join when they hear good things about workplace Teamwork.

The problem is reaching a point where employees are on the same page and are eager to help each other out regardless of what the problem might be.  One of the keys to building such a workplace Teamwork is providing the necessary conditions so your team can grow. If you are interested in nurturing a healthier team culture, here are some methods to help you come up with an effective strategy.

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Method #1 – Provide Matching T-shirts

Wearing matching t-shirts is a good way to show your support for a company or a cause. For example, perhaps one of your colleagues is struggling with health issues, and having the rest of the team express support by wearing t-shirts could be a good idea.

Or maybe there is a live event, like a marathon, that will have some people from the company participating. T-shirts are an excellent means to let others know that you care.

If you are uncertain how to make custom all over print t-shirts, use Printify and their services. It will not take too long before your employees have the t-shirts they desire.

Method #2 – Organize a Healthy Competition

Healthy Competition

When you read how 2.05 billion people have made at least one purchase online in 2020, it is not that difficult to get the employees into some healthy competition in which they try to outsell each other.

Keep in mind, though, that it should not get out of control when people start sabotaging each other just to get in front. No, competition should be about fun and building a better work environment.

You could also organize a competition between pairs rather than individuals. Working together with someone is a good way to build relationships, especially if these two people do not interact with each other often.


Method #3 – Emphasize Communication

Communication is another important element that can make or break the work environment. Even if a single department fails to communicate with the rest of the company, it can lead to problems that could snowball. For instance, missing deadlines because someone forgot an email because their supervisor was preoccupied with other problems.

These things may not seem like much, but if you add them up little by little, it will not take too long before there are problems one cannot get rid of that easily. And the longer these problems persist, the worse the work environment will be.


Method #4 – Distinguish Leader Roles

Leader Roles

Leaders at the top should lead others by example. If the company’s leadership is not up to par, it is natural that the rest of the employees would bother putting effort into improving the environment.

Make sure that you have a strong hierarchy and that the people at the top are someone others can trust and rely on. After all, hardly any company functions properly when the person behind it is not right for the job.

Method #5 – Recognize and Reward

Recognize the work your employees accomplish and reward them. There should be a company policy that lets others know about someone’s achievements. Sure, some employees may want to avoid the spotlight, so before you make any moves, confirm that they would be okay with getting recognition in front of their colleagues.

Getting congratulations from coworkers is a great feeling and will make one continue working hard. Also, those who see recognition will also put in extra effort.

Method #6 – Create Traditions

Traditions are not something that all companies have, but you should stick to the idea that following traditions is a good way to improve the work environment.

For example, you could organize yearly getaways for your team where the teams go on trips together. Having a party when someone retires or joins the team is also a good way to keep everyone’s spirits high.

Of course, these traditions do not have to revolve just around the work, nor do they have to be the employer’s initiative. Employees can think of fun activities themselves, like getting together for karaoke once every month or visiting concerts or museums. The goal is to have activities outside the work and build relationships that way.

Method #7 – Allow Flexibility

Allow Flexibility

Flexibility is something that certain companies choose to ignore despite the benefits. Offering someone work from home will likely become a common thing. The ongoing pandemic showed that some people find it better when they can work remotely.

Imagine what would happen if someone was denied this and made a fuss at work for everyone to hear. That’s right, the mood that day would not be the best, and it would be a hit to the work environment.

If it is realistic to be flexible at work, use that to your advantage and give your employees this freedom which they will appreciate. Hope you really enjoyed the How to Improve Workplace Teamwork article. Suggestions are welcomed in the comment box.