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Effect Of Pandemic Situation On Offline Classes

Effect Of Pandemic Situation On Offline Classes

After around two years of online teaching and learning, teachers and students have finally returned to their classrooms. A classroom is a place of learning for the students and the place where the students spend most of their time in school or college. Students and teachers had been managing all their tasks from home using online methods and modes due to the effect of the pandemic situations on offline classes. The online education system provided the platforms, features, and tools to help the teachers and students get an experience similar to their classrooms even when they were working from home.

For over two years now, the online education system has existed around the world to support the education system. This system was introduced back in the year 2020 in March when the pandemic situation worsened and the first lockdowns had to be imposed to contain the spreading of the deadly Corona Virus. The online education system was introduced to ensure that classes could continue even when schools, colleges, and all other educational institutions were shut down during the pandemic. The online education system changed the face of education and paved the way for multiple tools, techniques, features, and platforms to be created and designed for the education system. The number of educational platforms online spiked during this period and students and teachers now had more options than ever to choose from.

How Is The Education Department Responding To The Pandemic?

When the education system and all the activities related to the same had to shift to the online mode in march 2020, it was not very easy for the teachers and the students to make the switch. They had all been familiar with the traditional offline system for years and were very well aware of the system, the methods, and how the entire system worked. Shifting to a new system in a new mode meant that they would all have to start from scratch and learn more about the system before teaching and learning the syllabus for the academic year.

Many teachers were also not very familiar with the latest technology and were not very used to the devices and gadgets that were to be used for online education. Familiarity with the internet and using online portals was also an issue that the teachers and the students faced initially. Back then, everyone eagerly wished for schools, colleges, and all other educational institutions to reopen soon and for classes to resume in offline mode at the earliest.

Adoption of E-learning

Adoption of E-learning

With time, the online system of education was developed further and the system evolved to become more flexible and inclusive. This system tried to incorporate every activity related to the education system in the online mode and ensure the holistic growth and development of the students, as the system became more advanced, new platforms and methods emerged for the students and teachers to choose from.

Furthermore, this software and applications offered more features to make the online experience better and help the teachers and students familiarise themselves more with this system. The elements that were added to the online system of education were designed to make sure that they are similar to the elements of the offline classrooms and the offline system. It was all these efforts that led to the online system of education becoming the system that everyone quickly became familiar with and also liked using despite it being a new system with everything to learn from scratch. The online teaching and the online learning experience were enhanced due to the various tools and plug-ins that were available for a variety of tasks.

Due to the Effect of the pandemic situation on offline classes, schools, colleges, and all other educational institutions did not reopen at full strength for all students even for once. Educational institutions functioned in the hybrid model and some important tasks were done using the offline methods. This was done by ensuring the safety and well-being of all and also following all the COVID-19 protocols.  It was a few months ago, that the COVID-19 situation was improving and the governments of almost all the states in India ordered the educational institutions to reopen for all students and resume normal offline classes.


Now that the pandemic situation has improved, offline classes are being conducted by all educational institutions with the incorporation of the tools of the online system to make this system better for the students.

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