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Instagram Stories For Facebook Stories

Incredible Ways To Repurpose Instagram Stories For Facebook Stories

Are you starting to work with Facebook Stories today? If so, then begin to work with Stories on Facebook. Repurposing content is an effective method to target the platforms by conducting Instagram Stories for their Facebook Stories. Suppose you are looking to check Stories on Facebook for the brands, then re-use the video which you already craft for Instagram Stories as a perfect strategy to kickstart. Moreover, it is super cool to perform! Are you active to begin now? In this post, we would look at the different methods where you can repurpose Stories on Instagram for your Facebook Stories:

Instagram Stories Vs. Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories has no similar success rate as Instagram Stories; it is still a massive feature for businesses looking to develop their organic reach and stand out from their competitors. Unfortunately, several brands and companies are experiencing unfortunate results while using Facebook Stories.


Do Stories on Facebook and Instagram work in similar algorithmic methods? Do they have the same tools and attributes? Can the video be reposted with similar content to both channels? Meanwhile, we guess it is significant to make unique content for Facebook Stories; you need to repurpose Instagram Stories for Facebook, particularly when you begin with Trollishly by starting. There are few differences between Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories:

Features & Creative Tools

While working on tools and features to customize your Stories on Facebook, it has limited features than Instagram. At the same time, they only provide location stickers, time stickers, name stickers, GIF stickers, and poll stickers. If you wish to engage your Facebook Stories actively on TikTok, start your marketing tactics by sharing TikTok. In the meantime, you can begin to buy TikTok likes to gain organic website traffic among your followers. Instagram Stories also offers several different pen styles based on drawing tools, while Facebook Stories has two options. Stories on Instagram and Facebook have got five various tools, and it has other names where they are pretty relevant.


When it comes to filters and background, Facebook Stories takes the reward. Meanwhile, Instagram Stories provides 12 filters; Facebook has six user-generated backgrounds, filters, and effects where you can apply for your stories.

Incredible Methods To Repurpose Instagram Stories For Facebook Stories

It is straightforward to share Instagram Stories to Facebook; there are different methods to perform it:

1. Cross-Promote Your Stories

The simplest method to repurpose Instagram Stories for Facebook is to use Instagram’s built-in sharing tools. Then, simply understand to share your story to Facebook, where you first require to connect your Instagram account to Facebook in your settings. Once you link your accounts, then open your Story Controls in your Instagram settings:

Now click on the switch next to share your Story to Facebook and other social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Moreover, start to engage your social media business profile by choosing Trollishly that skyrockets your conversion rates.

Therefore, automatically sharing your stories to Facebook means that you can schedule Instagram and Facebook Stories by saving more time.

Pro Tip: Suppose you have more than 10K Instagram followers, then it may not be the appropriate choice for you if you are posting several swipe-up contents, as your CTA links might not carry over into Facebook Stories if you don’t have the chance to include links.

2. Start To Manually Re-share

A second choice is to save your Instagram Stories into your device and then manually post them onto Facebook Stories. It is a little time-consuming, yet it is the perfect option if you need not automatically repost every Instagram story to Facebook. Before you post an Instagram Story, click on the download option at the top of the screen. It will save your story to your device’s camera roll. After re-sharing manually, you can improve the visibility of your business profile on social media platforms using Stories Highlights. For instance, if you use TikTok, you can buy TikTok views that increase your fame among your followers.

Note: Always remember that any interactive factors on your Instagram story, say hashtags, poll stickers, will not work when you share on Facebook. Thus, if you decide to include any stickers in your story, it is ideal for downloading the story from Instagram before you perform a sticker to your Facebook story.

Then, start Facebook by swiping up to create your cached videos and photos. Now you need to choose the story you just shared, and you are ready to post your Facebook Stories.

Things To Remember

It is a final fact! Cross-promoting on Instagram Stories to Facebook is super simple to perform. It is ideal for enhancing your audience on Facebook Stories; meanwhile, you still understand the setup.


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