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Casino Game Design

Casino Game Design Tricks That Make You Spend More

How do online casinos trick you into spending more money? Click here as we unfold how casino game design is used to have us hooked. We’ve all been there.

You create an online casino account just to have the opportunity to occasionally place a wager or two in times of boredom. However, somehow, a minute or two turns into a lifetime, and before you know it, you’re checking the balance on your savings account. Hours later, you have no idea whether it’s day or night. Even worse, you keep wondering what happened to your money.

Online casinos offer generous earning possibilities. They have the power to turn the ugly frog into a charming prince. But that’s not what keeps you punting for hours. Casino game design, on the other hand, does. However, that’s not all. Gambling houses, both online and land-based, use various tricks to keep us entertained and ultimately spend more money.

In reality, every aspect of an online casino is designed and created to baffle our common sense and lead us to make decisions that are against our nature or logic. In the lines that follow, we’ll focus on how casinos create a perfect illusion that makes us keep on playing. We’ll reveal all the tools casinos use to lure you into gambling more than you should be.

It’s All in the Appeal

One way of attracting players is by offering players cash benefits. Take Casino Gods as an example. This operator has specially designed offers for new and returning players. But, this is not the only thing that keeps players happy and satisfied while gambling. There are many other features that you should look into.

Everything is about making the perfect first impression. People are prone to create almost instant conclusions about someone or something based on their physical appearance. Our brain takes the necessary information by observing shapes, colours, or sounds. In the end, it’s the casino games design that surfaces as the main deal-breaker.

We have many examples from our everyday lives that support this thesis. Business owners know that the quality of their services or products won’t bring valuable clientele alone. As a result, they must pay special attention to the smallest details and make sure to leave a remarkable impression.

For this reason, you’ll often find both small business owners and huge enterprises emphasizing the importance of eye-catching logos. Why is that? It’s simply because they understand no one likes to deal with unattractive images. Great graphic details leave an impression of a dedicated and detail-oriented business.

Turning Wins Into Losses

You’ll often see players who keep on punting even though they’re constantly losing. Contrary to many opinions, that doesn’t mean this particular person is addicted, or there’s something wrong with them. There’s a realistic possibility that such players aren’t even aware of the fact they’re losing. So, they keep on playing until their account is entirely drained.

How’s that even possible? Online casinos are fully aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Hence, they’ll use various psychological tricks against us. They behave like modern magicians. Casinos neuro-program us and lull our brains into the right mindset. Before we know it, the watch has disappeared from our wrist.

In other words, using advanced graphics as a tool, casinos are able to trick us into thinking we are winning, even if that’s not the case. The psychology of keeping people gambling includes:

  • Table game layouts
  • Casino games design
  • Engaging audio
  • Speed
  • Maintaining financial flow, etc.

The Curious Case of Slots LDW

Thanks to digital advancements and providers’ desire to make slots more appealing, these games are more popular than ever before. They come in various shapes and colours, featuring dozens or even hundreds of pay lines. Ultimately, slots provide players with more chances to win multiple prizes in each round.

But, behind all the glitz lies an interesting concept. Players can win money in almost every round but also lose their cash overall. People who are deep into the world of online casino games know this concept as losses disguised as wins (LDW). The idea is to trick players into believing that they’re winning, despite the obvious.

Here’s one example of such behaviour. Let’s say you’ve placed a €5 bet. You click the spin button, and the game displays you’ve won a €2 payout. Your screen is painted in multiple shiny colours and lets out different happy, winning sounds. The reality is that you’ve lost €3. However, once you see all the colours and the music start to hypnotize you, you’ll quickly forget what really happened.

The Role of Colors in Casino Game Design

Casinos have decades of experience. Hence, they’ve managed to craft all kinds of subtle strategies to make players feel more comfortable. If you ever visited a brick-and-mortar casino, you could have noticed how they carefully choose the colours of their carpets or table game layouts. Have you noticed there are no clocks in traditional casinos whatsoever?

The idea is to manipulate players with a carefully organized interior casino game design to indulge in a warm, comfortable mood. They achieve that by implementing the red, black, and purple colours all around them. Also, you can notice how slot machines are arranged in long rows. Spoiler alert, it’s not because of feng shui.

Pay attention, and you’ll notice slot machines in the middle have soft colours. Hence, green and blue will typically dominate. On the other hand, the front and back devices will display bright colours, with a dominant red. Why do they do that, you may wonder. Well, it turns out that people are drawn to bright-coloured slot machines. What’s more, after spending some time with such machines, players will typically turn to cool-coloured slots and continue punting.

Turn on the Inner Senses

It’s no secret casinos will use all kinds of tricks to lure you into spending more time at the tables. The desire to have a great time is a large part of visiting casinos (both online and traditional) in the first place.

The first thing to be aware of when gambling is casino game design. Don’t let them trick you with flashy graphics and chirpy sounds. Be mindful and always keep something that’ll alarm you every now and then. Gambling is supposed to be all about fun and enjoyment. This is why you should be cognizant of all the tricks they use to make you forget about it.