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How to Increase your Instagram story views by 70% in a day

How to Increase your Instagram story views by 70% in a day

Are you wondering how to increase Instagram story views? Today, we are going to discuss how you get story views by 70% in a day (24hours). Although, it depends on the quality of content there are some ways that help you to stand out from the rest. Try to apply the below tips & tricks when you are going to post your Instagram story. Let’s get into it!

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Use different content types:

Instagram lets you use a variety of content types for the story. You can share images, boomerangs, and videos as well. Try to use every content type in your stories especially videos because people are more likely to watch videos more than images. But your videos should be more engaging and interesting. While Boomerangs are a fun way to entice the audience.

Vary Caption lengths:

Don’t use the same caption length every time for your Instagram story. Try to avoid long video caption because it is not possible for people to concentrate on the video and read long captions at the same time. Use short and straightforward caption with imagery because people like to see and hear instead of reading. If you are posting a video, speak your video script with good voice over rather than writing the text.

Engage in your followers’ stories:

It is a great way to increase more Instagram story views by sending good comments on your follower’s stories. Encourage their work with some admiring comments that in turns give you the story views because people are likely to check to other’s stories when someone gets to engage with their content. But keep in mind, your comments should be good and relevant to the story video or images.

Post at different times:

Timeliness is one of the key factors to get more story views on Instagram. Analyze when most of your followers are get online using the Instagram analytical tool. Try to post your story using these statistics. But don’t stick at the same time as 3 pm or 8 Am. Post your story at different times when your followers are online. Post your stories at different times of the day.


You can bring to life to your still images by adding a pop of colors means some stickers and give your audience a great Instagram Story experience. Use appropriate stickers that suit with your images to make your story stand out from the crowd.

Add Location:

Location tags are a great feature of Instagram that you can use with your stories to make your content more searchable. People can watch your stories using location tags that in turns give you more Instagram story views. Go to the right corner of your screen, click on the sticker icon and choose the location (country, city, place, state). Try to select a bigger city or place for getting more views. Don’t select suburban place because that way your content will not get more eyeballs.

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