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How To Choose The Right Coding Language

How To Choose The Right Coding Language For Your Project?

Hey guys, in this article, I am going to discuss how to choose the right coding language for your project? So keep reading. Coding is not just writing a bunch of random codes. It has a set of rules and systems. That being said, you cannot lump all strings or codes together. Some codes might work for your compiler, while others might not.

If you know or understand different coding languages, it would be much easier for you to pick the right coding language for your compiler or system. After learning, it’s not necessary that you code every time you build an app/software. There are some no-code platforms in the market to help teams build web apps and internal tools without writing any code.

To put it simply, coding language is a language that your specific compiler or computer system understands. Basically, if your compiler only understands Python language, then coding C+ language into your compiler is obviously not going to work. It would not compile or understand your C+ codes because your compiler is only conditioned to understand Python.

So before mastering any coding language, here are some of the things about how to choose the right coding language that you should know. So let’s start:

Table of Contents:

Language Difficulty

System Requirements

Popular Coding Languages

Online Community


Language Difficulty

“You can pick any coding language to start with” is probably the most ineffective advice we have ever heard from other instructors and coaches.

If you are an adult beginner or even a kid wanting to learn how to code, then you should know that coding languages have a different level of difficulty.

For example, anyone can just jump in and learn the basics of HTML by simply downloading a cheat sheet of all the basic elements. This technique, however, is not effective when it comes to learning Java. You need to understand the fundamentals of programming first before you can even start learning how to code in Java.

So if you want to effectively start on your coding journey, then you should understand the difficulty of the coding language that you chose. This way, you would be able to prepare, gather, and learn all the things you need to know in order to master it properly.


System Requirements

If you are enrolled in any online course or coding for kids programs, then you are probably learning a specific coding language already.

But if that is not the case, then we highly suggest you check and utilize the current system that you have now. This way, you don’t need to buy or upgrade your system to fit a single coding language’s system requirements.

Given that you are just starting to learn how to code, there is no point in spending on upgrades if you are still unsure of what specific language you really want to master.

For example, Swift is the language developed and used by Apple. Obviously, having an iOS computer is the best way to go. However, if you already have a Windows system then there is no point in buying a MAC if you are just starting to learn how to code and are just curious how the Swift language works.

Generally, most coding languages can run on different systems. You just need to download a few tools or software in order to compile it on your computer.

To sum up, what we are trying to say, you should

  1. Check the current system that you have
  2. Find a coding language that works best for your current system
  3. Start building a foundational knowledge on coding (even learning a few basic coding languages or two)
  4. Once you already know the basics, you can then choose which coding language you want to master
  5. This step is only optional, but if you chose to master and use a specific coding language in the long run, then that would be the best time to upgrade and invest in your system.

Basically, don’t upgrade and invest in a single coding language if you are not in it for the long run.


Popular Coding Languages

Like any trend, there are also fleeting coding languages that used to be popular before but have become obsolete through time.

With that, we have listed a few coding languages used by popular websites and games nowadays.


  • Google – JavaScript, Java, Python, C, Go
  • Facebook – JavaScript, PHP, Erlang, C++
  • Amazon – JavaScript, C++, Perl
  • Wikipedia – JavaScript, PHP
  • Twitter – JavaScript, C++, Scala, Ruby


  • Roblox – Lua
  • Minecraft – Java
  • Fortnite – C++
  • Overwatch – C++
  • League of Legends – C++
  • Mobile Legends – C#

Hopefully, the list above helps you determine which coding language is worth learning and investing your time in.


Online Community

This is just an added benefit, but checking the online community built around a specific coding language would also make your learning journey a lot easier.

For example, if your sole objective is to learn about Roblox coding then you would be pleased to know that there is a whole community dedicated around Lua.

You can join online forums on Lua (or Roblox) and just simply post your questions or problems there. Since the community members are already familiar with the coding language Lua, they can simply answer your questions and help you solve your problems.

These online communities would not just help you, but they would also serve as your inspiration or motivation as you go along the learning process. This way, you would not easily feel dejected if you face any problems along the way.


So that’s all from my side I hope you enjoyed this article on how to choose the right coding language for your project? Thanks for reading!

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