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8 Best Photo And Content Editing Apps That Will Make Students Life Easier

Hey guys, in this article, I have listed the 8 best photo and content editing apps that will make students’ life easier. So keep reading.

As a college student, I can understand the stress on students properly and clearly that student life is not as easy as it sounds. Students are fully pressured by their homework assignments, quizzes, presentations, and never-ending workload.

For submitting these daily long assignments, we students need to sacrifice our weekend activities, sleep, and overschedule our studies. As a result, some students get headaches, exhaustion, insomnia, and several health issues.

According to research, it is recorded that around 80% of stress and depression complaints are from students’ side. That is because of the extreme workload. I can’t reduce it for you, but I’ll surely help you complete your assignments faster.

In this reading, I will tell you about the eight content editing apps that will surely increase your assignment’s vocabulary and make it more presentable.

Why Do We Need Photo And Content Editing Apps?

Students do a lot of hard work to make their assignments the best but disappoint after not scoring enough as they deserve. That is mostly because of grammatical mistakes or when you get plagiarism in your assignment.

Moreover, it’ll look dumb when you explain your concept all theoretically. Inserting some relevant pictures with your content must make it more beautiful and force the checker to get you good marks.

Moreover, if you have no time to write an assignment on your own, you can also purchase a freshly made content assignment according to your requirement from the peachy essay, saving your time and editing it if needed.

For checking plagiarism or inserting photos and making relevancy to sound your assignment good, you should need to know about these content editing apps.

Refly Editor

Refly is a good partner for those students who are worried about their grammatical mistakes. Sometimes we students don’t have enough time to proofread our assignments and get some grammatical errors.

Yeah! Grammatical mistakes in high school or college would be embraced. To sort out this problem and clear all the grammatical mistakes in a few minutes, you would go on with the refly editor.

Refly editor was specially designed for writers and bloggers to check their content before publishing.Unlike other content creation apps, it comes with a set of AI-based tools for checking spelling. Using machine learning methods is considered the best spell checker to identify and solve grammatical mistakes.


If you are a student of high school, then you would surely need to solve a lot of assignments and presentations to get a high score, but these are not done by joining random pictures or making a simple presentation.

You need to adjust everything in a proper way to make it unique. These Afterlight tools will completely help you. You can adjust everything from brightness to color fixing with this single app.

This Afterlight app was specially designed for photo editors or designers, but I also used it in my last year at college and still use it whenever I need to edit photos in any assignment.


Students who have less time but want to submit the best assignment in school without any copyright or plagiarism should use Grammarly.

Grammarly is also used to sort all kinds of grammatical mistakes, passive voice tenses and give you advice in irrelevant words. Moreover, you can improve your wording tone and poor phrasing by using Grammarly.

Don’t worry about plagiarism; you can also check the uniqueness of your assignment by purchasing the premium version of Grammarly.


Sometimes we need to insert some images to make our content impressive and easy to follow. For that purpose, this Snapseed tool will greatly help us.

It is a free version that you can easily install on your smart screen to adjust, maintain or edit the photograph according to your need.

Moreover, if you want some collage for presentation, you can also do it by using the several options in a single Snapseed app.

Live Collage

Collages work to combine multiple photos in a single frame. For students, this app will be really helpful when they are comparing multiple items.

With this live collage app, you can easily edit it according to your content’s requirements by changing background, customizing it classically by following different options available in the live collage.

This app is mostly used to collect various data at one point to present it in a college presentation or insert in your assignment.


Expresso is an app that helps you check your assignment before submitting it. With this app, you can analyze your material’s uniqueness and grammatical mistakes.

Students who are weak with grammatical concepts and want to proofread their assignment from somewhere don’t need to go anywhere.

This expresso app will point out weak phrases, verbs, and useless sentences. Also, help you to fix it by clearing every point.

Moreover, expresso is the best free app that fixes your errors and helps you write an engaging and meaningful assignment.


Evernote is a free app available on the internet that is considered the best place for students to gather their information.

Further, it considers as a library from where you can collect data, make your assignment then put it in it to fix all the grammatical mistakes.


Canva is the best photo editing software that I have ever used. It is best for those students who want to make some informative images by themselves.

It offers hundreds of free templates that students use and design accordingly using photos, filters, and sharpening tools.

With this app, the student will also customize their assignment or presentation title in pictorial form. That will surely increase your reputation in college or school.

The Bottom Line

I hope you enjoyed this reading and are happy to find these helpful apps. These apps will surely help you present your assignments efficiently with great pictures without any plagiarism.

These content editing apps will also satisfy those who have grammatical error issues and help you to design the pictures too by using the described photo editor apps.

Now, you can work more comfortably than before and enjoy your student life as well.

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