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Aweber Alternatives

8 Best Aweber Alternatives You Should Use Now!

Best Aweber Alternatives

Before we talk about Aweber Alternatives, let us talk about email and email marketing. Email is one of the best things that has evolved from the digital explosion that we have seen in recent decades. Not only has it helped us connect with people all over the world and all those contacts who are scattered in various parts of the globe, but it has also brought speed and frequency as well as convenience of communication without having to bother about distance and cost.

An email has also brought about an evolution of digital marketing in the past two decades and it is now a priority for businesses and marketers to reach the inboxes of their treasured customers and prospects alike. This is due to the fact that getting a subscriber list is a testament to the fact that the marketing efforts on other platforms are working out. And more than anything else, it also signifies the fact that people are following the call for action and will continue to do so even via email until they reach an actual conversion.

So email can actually spell revenue and sales for brands and the businesses behind them. Hence, it is not so difficult to understand why email marketing platforms have sprung up all over the digital world with a number of features. Apart from Mail Chimp and Send in Blue, Weber is also a platform that many people increasingly turn to. Yet, there are many Aweber Alternatives that you should also check out!

Before we talk about an Aweber alternative, let us understand why we need one. Aweber is one of the most well-known email marketing platforms in the world with users the world over. Yet, this is also a platform that lacks a number of features that other platforms would offer at a lesser cost. So let us look at a list of reasons why we need an alternative to Aweber before we actually discuss the 8 best alternatives to this platform.

Cost: One of the major concerns that have propelled the establishment of alternatives to Aweber would be the cost factor. While there are a few plans that they have catered for, most of them are quite expensive. It would take a while before a small business is able to afford these plans.

Support: One of the most important things that you need to know when you deal with technology is that you would have constant support. So, if you want support at all times while you and your team set up the framework for the campaign or when there are any glitches, then you would need a platform that would offer you the same.

Templates: While Aweber has a number of wonderful and creative templates that you can use for your campaigns, you would need to have more templates and options that are easier to use. This would call for alternatives to Aweber.

These are just a few of the reasons why an Aweber alternative is required. So, it would be a good idea to look at 8 of these top alternatives so that we know what we can choose in place of Aweber. These alternatives have many different kinds of features and price points that can help you decide which one is ideal for your business. This would depend on the size of your business and the exact needs of your business as well. The alternatives to Aweber are as follows:

1. EngageBay:

This is probably one of the top alternatives to Aweber as it offers a complete suite of features at super affordable price points. The support is also great since you can call and email them at any time. They can also allow you to upgrade to an enterprise-level plan to support your growth as a business.

2. Mail Get or Form Get:

This is one of most newly emerged email marketing platforms with many plans and templates that you can choose from. As an Aweber alternative, this one would be a good option but only if you already have a database of users whom you can tap into. Yet, it does not offer the complete suite of marketing automation features, unlike Engage Bay or other well-known and globally popular platforms.

3. Moosend:

This is also a well known platform that offers you many templates and the option of running multiple campaigns at the same time. You can use the CRM system as well to maintain all the information efficiently for these campaigns to show actual results. Yet, this is slightly on the expensive side as well.

4. Drip:

This email marketing platform is one that will help you tap into an Ecommerce based database for actual conversions to happen seamlessly. Yet, this platform is also on the expensive side and does not have constant support either.

5. SendInBlue:

Send In Blue is one of the platforms that still does things the traditional way and helps you tap into SMS marketing along with email marketing as well. This helps you reach people in their phone and email inboxes at the same time. It also offers the chat option so that the call for action leads you to a place where your questions will also be answered.

6. OmniSend:

This is one of the unique platforms that helps you drive email call for actions in the ECommerce sense so that actual conversions can happen seamlessly.

7. GetResponse:

This is a marketing automation platform that also offers you many features even though it is on the expensive side. This alternative to Aweber will help you reach your customers through their inboxes. You can use GetResponce as an alternative to Aweber to reach your
customers through their inboxes.

8. iContact:

This alternative to Aweber is an affordable platform that helps you send emails to your database in an efficient manner.

So if we are to look at all the topics discussed here, we would realize that EngageBay is the best alternative to Aweber thanks to its affordability and constant support as well as its wide variety of features.