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Importance of Original Content for Blogging

Importance of Original Content for Blogging – a Guide

There is a great competition on the internet. If you want to stand out from the competition, you should come up with effective strategies. One such strategy is writing original content for blogging.

When you consistently provide unique content to the readers that fixes their pain points, you will get a better chance to appear in the search engine rankings.

What is the significance of writing original content for blogging? How will it help you succeed in your business?

Keep reading this post to know the answers. In today’s post, we will tell you what original content is, its importance for blogging, and how to create unique and original content. Let’s begin the journey!

What is original content?

Well, original content is a specific piece of copy that is unique and new and has never been published on the internet.

You can give your scholarly opinion on a specific topic. It will also be counted as original content. It is your unique perspective that makes your blog post original.

You can also present the old material in a unique and well-structured way like never before. It will also be called original content.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to describe the information in a new way. Remember, if your blog post showcases your professionalism and mastery of a certain topic, you are moving in the right direction.

You will be able to drive conversions and generate leads for your business by delivering original content.

What is the significance of writing original content for blogging?

There is no doubt creating original content demands a lot of time and energy. However, it will give you numerous rewards. Here are the key fruits:

Build your authority

Writing original content can help you establish your brand authority in the industry. When you show your expertise on a specific topic and explain it in a unique way, readers will appreciate your blog post.

People will trust your brand if you keep on providing them with valuable and original content. It will show them that you have done extensive hard work in conducting research and writing.

By providing informative and unique content, you will be able to form connections with industry experts and position yourself as an authoritative figure.

Improve your search ranking

Do you not know that Google gives priority to original content?

Yes, it does!

When you write informative and unique content on your particular topic that addresses the queries of your target audience, it will get chances to rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Readers will spend more time reading your content. As a result, it will help you lower the bounce rate.

Generate leads

As said earlier, original content can help you build your authority in the industry. In fact, it helps you win your readers’ trust.

By providing them with ultimate solutions to their problems, you can establish yourself as their problem solver.

What will happen in return?

They will purchase your products and services. This way, you can generate more leads.

Engage readers

Whenever readers have some queries in their minds, they will return to your blog to find the answer. They will keep on returning to you.

But it can be done only if your content is original and impressive. Accordingly, you can strengthen your position in the industry.

How to write a unique blog post?

Keep your audience in mind

Before writing blog content, you should need to think about your target audience. Ask these questions from yourself:

  • What is their understanding level?
  • What is the purpose of your writing?
  • Who are they?
  • What central message do you want to convey?
  • What do you expect them to do after reading your post?

The answers to these questions will help you set a direction for yourself.

Do keyword research

It is one of the most important parts of content writing. You cannot be able to drive conversions and generate leads if your content is placed on the last page.

If you want your blog content to appear on the first page, you should conduct keyword research. It will help you identify crucial words and phrases your audience uses when searching for something.

Keyword research tools can help you pinpoint target keywords for your topic. These keywords will guide you in the content creation process.

By using these keywords in your blog post in a natural way, you will be able to place your content higher.

Write original content

Now is the time to write unique content on the selected keywords. It is a time-taking task that requires a lot of attention. It would be best to narrow down your focus to a particular area of the topic.

Write about that area in a comprehensive way. It will help you discuss the topic in a detailed manner that readers will not find somewhere else.

Additionally, your personality should shine throughout the content. Cover the topic from all angles and include keywords naturally.

Avoid stuffing them into your blog content. Add keywords where there is a space. Otherwise, search engines and people will find keyword stuffing.

Simplify all complex sentences

Your blog post should be easy to read for the audience. Use plain and simple language in your content. After writing your content, you should edit it with a fresh pair of eyes.

Paraphrase all complicated and hard-to-read sentences. Transform them with simpler alternatives. However, if you struggle to paraphrase intricate sentences, you can get help from a free paraphrasing tool.

It makes use of AI algorithms to identify complex sentences. After that, the paraphrase tool breaks down the longer sentences into shorter ones, replaces difficult words with simple synonyms, removes unnecessary words and phrases, and enhances the overall quality of your blog post.

An AI paraphraser creates a whole new version of the text in a few seconds. In this way, you can make your content easy to read for your target audience.


Writing original content for blogging is an effective strategy to stand out from the competition on the internet.

If your written content is original, you will be able to establish brand authority, improve search engine ranking, generate leads, and engage readers.

In order to write unique content, you should first focus on your target audience. After determining their challenges, you should do keyword research.

Take an idea and write on it in a detailed way. Cover all the perspectives on the topic. Include keywords in a natural manner. Do not stuff them into your blog post.

Once you have written the text, you should transform all the complicated sentences into simpler sentences. An AI paraphrasing tool can help you accomplish this task.