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WordPress Web Development Trends

Top WordPress Website Development Trends For 2024

Hello there, today in this article, we are going to discuss the top WordPress web development trends for 2024. So keep reading.

WordPress is a widely used CMS platform used by 43.0% of websites on the internet. It has numerous strengths as a content management system, like the availability of numerous plugins, security, and others.

No matter the type of website you want for your business, you can invest in a WordPress development company to serve your purpose.

Besides that, the continual arrival of WordPress development trends is helpful for business owners to create new possibilities in keeping their business ahead of competitors. This CMS platform keeps evolving and adding features as per the latest trends.

So, what are such WordPress web development trends in 2024 that you should watch out for?

Keep reading this blog post to know such WordPress trends and make your website ahead of the game. So let’s start:

WordPress Website Development Trends

WordPress 6.1 with ReactJS

As WordPress consistently releases version updates, so, by the end of 2022, WordPress 6.1 will be available on the market. It lets you use ReactJS for front-end development by keeping WordPress for the backend.

Here, a question arises that is why choose ReactJS for the new release? The answer is that ReactJS comes with various benefits like virtual DOM, code reusability, and others, making it faster to develop a website or web app. It allows for more flexibility when creating complex WordPress websites.

So, WordPress 6.1 will employ the virtual DOM concept, updating considerably quicker than browser DOM updates. As the latest WordPress release, it will be a major WordPress development trend in 2023.

WordPress VIP

It is a highly-managed WordPress hosting platform that is a perfect choice for developing complex websites with large traffic. So, the usage of WordPress is not just limited to small or medium size businesses while with WordPress VIP; it is now available for large businesses. Moreover, it is available at a high cost and has very strict coding standards; making it only a good fit for some companies.

WordPress VIP is built by keeping high-volume traffic and enterprise websites in mind. The features and functionalities that WordPress VIP comes with include fully managed hosting, content management & analytics, security and performance features, and others.

Moreover, with WordPress VIP, you will get an SSL certificate, anti-spam features, built-in spam optimization, and round-the-clock monitoring and scanning to prevent malware.

If you have a large-scale website development project; it will be good to invest in WordPress development services to leverage the benefits of the WordPress VIP platform.

Page Builders

With a WordPress page builder, it is possible to develop a customized web development solution tailored to your specific business needs. Page builders make it handy to develop a website without any prior technical or coding knowledge.

There are some popular page builders available on WordPress, like Elementor, WPBakery, Genesis, and WPML, to change the look of your web page layout.

It is helpful for small companies with budget constraints to use WordPress page builders for quick and cost-effective website development.


WordPress uses a decoupled architecture that lets you manage your site assets from the dashboard and customize its look by using various plugins and themes. Making any WordPress installation headless is possible by sharing the content with the REST API.

A website or web application developed with the headless WordPress concept uses WordPress as the CMS and any other front-end development technology to present content to the site visitors.

Hiring a WordPress development company for a headless WordPress approach will provide you with increased scalability, tightened security, lightweight web development solution, and others.

Multilingual Content

A website serves a global customer base, thus enhancing the need for multilingual content on websites. Within the coming years, it is expected to see great use of multilingual content on WordPress sites and web applications. WordPress comes with various plugins like WPML, qTranslate-X, and others that can be used to create multilingual website content.

The WPML WordPress plugin also offers features like a language switcher and automatic translation; making it handy for visitors to view your site in their preferred language.

Integrating multilingual functionality becomes even more essential if we talk about eCommerce stores. This feature helps online store visitors access a product and its reviews in their own language; enabling them to make an informed purchase. You can integrate such functionality into your website by hiring a WordPress development company.

Increased Use of AI and ML

Other significant WordPress development trends in 2023 are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These well-known technologies are starting to be used in a variety of different ways.

AI is being used on WordPress for content creation. Also, new plugins can help you create better content for your website or web app. For instance, the Jetpack plugin has a feature of Editorial Calendar that offers post ideas based on the site’s content.

Moreover, you can also use AI chatbots to collect data, answer FAQs, and connect with more customers. It facilitates your site visitors with seamless live communication, 24/7 customer service, cost efficiency, and auto-responses to customer queries.

Besides that, AI on WordPress can also be used for security purposes. There are now WordPress plugins available that use machine learning to scan your website or web app for malware and other threats. Investing in WordPress development services for integrating such useful plugins into your website will provide your website with an additional layer of security.


So, these were the major WordPress web development trends for 2023. If you plan to develop your business website on WordPress in 2023; these WordPress development trends are the major ones you must consider.

Integrating such trends into your website will undoubtedly help your business stay ahead of the curve and provide a top-notch website experience to your site visitors. It will be a worthwhile decision to hire a WordPress development company to integrate these trends into your WordPress website.

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