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Revamping the Rental Bathroom

Thinking Of Revamping The Rental Bathroom? Here’s What You Need To Know

Hey guys, in this article, we are going to discuss thinking of revamping the rental bathroom? So keep reading.

Just because you are living in a rental property does not mean you can’t renovate the rooms. Starting from living rooms to bathrooms, you can remodel everything. But, before doing that, it’s important to get the approval of the landlords. Moreover, the tenants can enhance the house value by upgrading the tiles and ceiling.

Consider renovating the plumbing accessories, and it will add value to the bathroom. But, before initiating the bathroom renovation project, certain things need to be considered. Space optimization plays an imperative role in every bathroom remodeling plan.

Additionally, it’s important to have ventilation in the rental bathroom. It will help reduce excessive moisture in the room. A well-ventilated bathroom can help the tenants to avoid wall damages. While restoring the bathroom, you should also think about the lighting. Go with a lighting fixture that goes with the bathroom design.

Don’t clutter the rental bathroom with unwanted accessories. If there is inadequate space, never install a bathroom cabinet. Also, don’t mount more than one shower if it is not required. You might have chosen an eye-catching design, but will that look suit the bathroom!!! Consult with a professional bathroom remodeling expert before coming to any decision.

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Thinking Of Revamping The Rental Bathroom?

You might not like the existing design of the rental bathroom. Or, there might be outdated plumbing or bathroom fixtures in the rental property. Moreover, if the landlord installed the plumbing system years ago, it’s high time to change that. Because, over time, the drain pipes or sewage system might get clogged or damaged. As a result, you have to spend more money on repairing those faulty plumbing fixtures. So, change the overall appearance of the bathroom by hiring handyman services experts.

Well, nobody likes to use a bathroom that has slippery floors. It is a major safety concern for most of the tenants. So, if the rental bathroom has such a problem, consider renovating it.

Are you getting an unpleasant smell from the bathroom? It indicates that the pipelines have not been cleaned, and mold/mildew has clogged those. Instead of declogging the damaged pipelines, install new ones.

Moreover, if you get a burning smell while using the water heater, contact an electrician in Dubai. Replace the faulty wires and add an extra layer of protection in the rental bathroom.

Potential Reasons To Hire A Professional Contractor For The Rental Bathroom Renovation Work

Renovating a rental bathroom can be daunting and nerve-wracking for an individual. Especially if the person has no experience in this field. You might know how to fix a leaky faucet or unclog a toilet bowl. But, when it comes to bathroom revamping, professional help is required. Because an experienced handyman services expert knows the installation or repair.

Moreover, professional contractors can complete the renovation jobs within a stipulated time. There will be minimal disruption if the remodeling works are carried out by the experts.

A bathroom renovation project can be stressful if it is done without any expert help. Therefore, to reduce the stress level, it becomes essential to hire professional contractors. When a professional perform the renovation works, you can avoid unwanted damages. So, look for a handyman service company and let them handle the bathroom remodeling jobs.

What Should You Check Before Connecting With A Rental Bathroom Project Manager?

There are plenty of handyman services companies that offer high-quality services. But, before choosing the right one, check the agency’s review and rating. Make sure the contractor has more than 10+ years of experience in bathroom decoration. Furthermore, you should always go with a licensed bathroom renovation contractor. It will help you to know that the renovation works are done efficiently.

Look for the pictures of the company’s previous bathroom renovation projects. It will give you a clear idea about the quality of the contractor’s remodeling work. You might have asked the price/charges for the bathroom renovation project. But, that’s not enough! Before joining hands with the contractor, you have to know a few more aspects.

Ask the professional contractor whether he has the necessary qualifications and certificates. Additionally, the project manager should let you know the approximate time they might take to complete the renovation.

What Sort Of Improvements Should You Do In The Rental Bathroom?

An up-to-date bathroom is what will help you to drive more tenants into the property. Moreover, you can even increase the rental rate with a well-refurbished bathroom. But, do you know how you can increase the aesthetic of this room? Start with covering up the paled ceiling tiles.

You can either add new tiles or can put a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling. And, don’t choose a bright color for the rental bathroom ceiling. Use soft grey or light blue to redecorate the bathroom space.

Don’t know which tile will be ideal for the rental bathroom? Well, you can go with vinyl tiles; it is durable and requires less maintenance. Moreover, the tenants can install ceramic and porcelain tiles. Those tiles are water and scratch-resistant.

If you have showers in the bathroom, hang a light-colored and waterproof shower curtain. And, you can hide the rusty sliding doors with this bathroom accessory. Consider repainting the rental bathroom door, and that’s also essential. But, before adding the paint coats, make sure the door color matches the wall color.

What Else Should You Add-In The Bathroom Of The Rental Property?

Opt for installing CFL bulbs in the bathroom. The color temperature of these bathroom lights should be between 27000K-30000K. Contact an electrician in Dubai and get a uniquely designed lighting system. Additionally, you can install a decorative bathroom mirror if there isn’t any. Change the showerhead and sink if the existing one is making noises or has stopped working. Even the tenants with a small-sized bathroom can add lattice-printed wallpaper.

Do you have a large-sized rental bathroom? Then, consider adding “scrubbable” wallpapers in this room. These sorts of wallpapers are wash-resistant and look perfect in such a bathroom. And, for more rental bathroom remodeling ideas, get in touch with an interior designer.

So that’s all from this blog. I hope you liked this article on thinking of revamping the rental bathroom? Thanks for reading!