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What Is Web 3.0 and Why Does It Matter

Background On Why Web 3.0 Does Matter

There is much to wonder about how the world is evolving so quickly. Name any sector and technology that has an input that has helped take things far from Bitcoin Technology. However, with these technological advancements, the need for human labor has gotten very less. In the internet sector, the evolution started from web 1.0, and now the world is talking about the impact web 3.0 will make. Web 1.0 made its impact by providing users with a static experience; web 2.0 introduced social media. However, with both these versions, one thing that distinguishes them from web 3.0 is decentralization.

Where platforms like the Bitcoin Trading Platform, Coinbase, etc., come under no regular authority, web 3.0 will provide users the ability to control the flow of information, which also means there will be no third-party involvement. The involvement of blockchain technology in this process will be massive as it will offer the usage of decentralization. Moreover, there will be an option for 3D with the power of fast browsing. Siri and Alexa are current examples for you to understand how web 3.0 will work.

Web 3.0 is a leading-edge version of the internet. It combines Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It is a user-oriented version of the internet that responds to its usage. The objective behind Web3 is to bring intelligent sites to the internet that can run on users’ input. It reflects the intelligence incorporated into these pages. The integration of Blockchain technology increases the worth of activity by each individual alongside ensuring secure data storage. As used in Blockchain technology, the decentralized storage network prevents your data from being in the hands of technology giants that previously handled and corrupted the data.

What Lies ahead for Web 3.0?

The foreseen transition of the internet seems inevitable. The new event will consist of continuous improvement based on its consciousness for a better interface. There will be dynamic interaction of data. The implementation of personalization is quite evident as the internet is transitioning to betterment daily.

The algorithms working behind take notice of the usage trend and provide suggestions and information accordingly, as seen on significant websites on the internet. The involvement of Blockchain technology will bring a change to the accessibility of the internet.

Web 3.0 Supersedes

The unique features of this internet will supersede its predecessors as mentioned below:

  • The exclusion of third-party interference prevents the handling of any private data. It will result in security measures by authorities and prevent any cyber threat.
  • The ability to significantly accumulate and deliver data to the internet will enable algorithms to narrow down the precision band of their response and suggestions to consumers.
  • The increased effectiveness and efficiency of browsing are evident as the integration of Blockchain technology will decrease the processing speed, and the node network provides efficient service to the users. As a result, the consumer can get a more precise array of search results.
  • The new internet provides precise results for the data required by a user and only shows the relevant marketing campaign results. It is beneficial for both the advertiser and the consumer. The advertiser gets the target market, and the consumer fulfills his needs.

Blockchain Resides in Web 3.0

Blockchain technology provides you with encrypted wallets that give you a virtual identity and addresses that allow sharing of data and control over your data. It prevents your data from going into the hands of others, ensuring data protection.

The control granted to users over their data encourages the creation of their virtual economy.

The new version of the internet grants easy access and compatibility. It promotes the development of applications that are easy to use and has an improved user interface. Also, these applications involve enhanced feedback systems that direct the content trends.


Web 3.0 is in its infancy stages and still growing to attract and settle more users. Also, it is a broad domain to cover, and no literature might be precise enough to deliver all the details. Besides this, the internet iteration will ease the hardships as proposed by the claims. Moreover, the claim of secure data will promote it more than ever.