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Best Apps For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing? The very backbone of any business. The method of marketing has remained in practice since earlier times. In the 1980s, it was the practice to do marketing via billboards and advertisements in radio and TV. But the advancement in technology, social media platform has almost wiped off the practices in traditional marketing. In recent times, every SMB has a digital marketing team in place. And every digital marketing team needs tools to check the effectiveness of their campaigns. In this article, let us focus on the best apps for your digital marketing campaigns.

Why Do You Need To Keep Track of Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

There was a time when any sort of information was available only through newspapers, radio, and television. So, any business has to get known to the public only through these channels. Yes, there was the billboards and posters on the walls around the public places, but hardly they made any impact.

At present, the views of the public have changed. They usually go for shopping online, and before purchasing a product read reviews on the product or service in every platform. So, having a digital campaign is a full-time job. And are the posts, banners in social media platform getting noticed by the public? Did they get interaction? It is no use, if your digital marketing team posts across all channels, and rarely get engagements.

So, how do you determine the interaction among the public and post? By likes, retweets, and shares. Right? But there are many social media platforms, and going to every post and checking them is a cumbersome task. So, to make your life easier, in this article, we have focused on the best apps for your digital marketing campaigns.

1. Socioboard

Management of multiple profiles in social media is a hard task. And yes, if you are a digital marketer in a company, it is easy to get bogged down by the numerous notifications. But with this one app, you can easily manage all your social profiles.

2. Best Apps For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns – Hoot Suite

Yes, with this app, you can monitor many social media profiles. And the benefits are, you can also view analytics and hashtags. The major advantage, you can schedule posts as per the requirement of every social media platform.

3. Best Apps For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns – Boomerang

After all, what is any sort of marketing without email? When it comes to email marketing, Boomerang comes across one of the best apps for management. You can schedule emails as per the updates, and also make reminders for your campaign.

4. Best Apps For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns – Idio

How is it that digital marketing is more preferred than the traditional methods of marketing? The fact lies in knowing the responses of customers for the former. And with the Idio app, you can correspond directly with customers. And the field of digital marketing is always on the path of change. With Idio tools, you can ensure that your company can stay ahead of its competitors.

5. Best Apps For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns – Crowdfire

With this app, you can post, and also provide live chat support to your customers. In addition, you also have many management tools that can support across platforms.

6. Best Apps For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns – TweetCaster

You will be amazed at the list of features with this app. You can post on multiple accounts. Let us look at some –

  • You can add captions to images while uploading them
  • You have 12 colorful themes
  • Do you want to check a previous tweet with a photo last month? Then with the Smart Filter option, you can search within seconds. You can also view tweets with only videos or links

Last but not least, there is always the option to retweet and schedule a post as per the requirement.

How To Post Content With Ease

It is not always that you need to post the content. You can come across some posts (not your competitors) that can help gain interaction among the customers. You can view them on the mobile app and then post to your blog if required. Let us look at some apps in a similar fashion.

7. Best Apps For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns – Feedly

This app has in its basic infrastructure, RSS. So it is possible to make an addition to any content you want, and then read it at your time. So, Feedly is the app you need to download for if you have an Android phone. The app offers a splendid reading experience.

Do you want content related to blockchain? Then search for the reputed websites which have the best article. You can add the same to your Feedly. With this app, you can discover the best blogs on any subject. You can also share the article or post in an efficient way.

8. Pocket

Do you commute to office by private vehicles or cab? Then you get plenty of time while sitting in the cab or bus. And you are a person who is always interested in staying up-to-date in your field. With Pocket, you can save articles as well as web pages for reading at leisure. Do you know the pages can be opened and read without an Internet connection? This app has a very clean layout and makes reading worthwhile.


So, with the last topic on Pocket, we come to the end of the article on best apps for your digital marketing campaigns. Hope you have gained some valuable information. Let us imagine, you have an own company which caters to mobile repair. You are also a customer care service vendor for a company which provides mobile phone repair in Mumbai. This company also provides qualified handyman professional for home appliance repair in Mumbai(all types of electronic appliances). For your company, you also work as the Vice-President of Promotions for the digital marketing team. Your team posts in all popular social media platforms to ensure that the company gets the maximum leads and revenue. Now, being a smart entrepreneur, and to make the job of your digital marketing team easy, you have opted for the paid version of HootSuite to monitor and keep a track of the posts and banner. Your company has started gaining in popularity and within some, it may achieve fame all over Mumbai.

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