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Best Hosting For WordPress

Top Five Best Hosting For WordPress

A Comparison and Test of the Top Five Best Hosting For WordPress

Real-speed test results and user reviews of the top five best Hosting for WordPress that receive over 670,000 monthly visits form the basis for presenting this comparison of the top WordPress hosting companies.

Further, explore to determine which company will ideally fit your particular demands in terms of WordPress hosting.

This is a complete, comprehensive analysis of the top five best WordPress hosting markets. The top finest WordPress hosting providers for 2024 are listed here:

1. Bluehost

Best-value WordPress hosting available for $2.75 a month

Bluehost Hosting Services

Here, we choose the entry-level bundle. Here is an extremely affordable WordPress hosting option that is specifically a shared WordPress hosting package.

Bluehost had not offered a month-to-month option for a long time until they recently added it covertly. If all you want to do is take them for a test drive, you can select that option during the checkout process, though they neither publicly promote nor encourage it. However, signing a one-year contract with them should not scare you, as they provide a comprehensive 30-day money-back guarantee policy, which I used with no problems. It’s important to remember that this policy does not apply if you pay with a means other than a credit card or if you want to use the month-to-month option (for rather obvious reasons).

WordPress installation

If you are installing WordPress on a single domain, installing it on Bluehost may be done easily enough through the account manager interface. Another really handy feature is that Bluehost will install WordPress for you immediately if you submit your domain during the hosting signup process. Next, using the Bluehost interface, you may go straight to the WordPress Dashboard and change your admin password. Nothing about it gets easier.

However, you can always get in touch with their customer care staff if you have any problems. Having said that,

Customer support

Quick and helpful chat assistance helped us resolve the initial WordPress installation issues and set up a temporary URL to access our website.

According to our hosting survey, online reputation

  • Overall, poll respondents gave it an 8.02 rating đź‘Ť
  • 9.61% of survey participants used it (top 2 results)
  • The US’s most well-liked host
  • The UK’s most well-liked host
  • Canada’s most popular host
  • 23.7% of Bluehost’s clientele are novice web hosts.
  • The first hosting company that WordPress.org has ever suggested is Bluehost.

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2. SiteGround

Best WordPress host overall, for $2.99 a month

SiteGround Hosting Services

Without SiteGround being included highly, no ranking of the best WordPress hosting providers could be complete. For some time now, the business has been establishing a reputation for itself in the WordPress community. And not just any old way. You won’t find a cheaper managed host of the same quality anywhere else, and their hosting platform is robust when it comes to for-WordPress-optimized servers. In addition, they offer managed WordPress hosting at previously unheard-of pricing points.

It’s also important to note that WordPress.org officially recommends SiteGround as one of the few hosts.

We used the StartUp package for the experiments. However, we would suggest the GrowBig or GoGeek plan for a generally more WordPress-optimized solution. Although they are slightly more costly, they offer extra benefits like sophisticated caching (made specifically for SiteGround), staging, premium wildcard SSL certificates, and free PCI compliance—should you choose to operate an online store.

WordPress installation

With the integrated installer, WordPress was up and running in a matter of clicks. There isn’t much else to say about this. The installation went as smoothly as it could have.

You have the option to select the location of your server throughout this setup step. There are five available data centers located in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Customer support

It’s difficult to disagree with SiteGround’s “unmatched” assistance (via chat, phone, tickets, and social media platforms), to be honest. In addition to having the ability to access your account and resolve any problems, the support staff is well-versed in WordPress and WordPress hosting, so they can assist you with a variety of other problems that may not be directly related to hosting.

The SiteGround customer service was able to assist us with our small test by swiftly and effectively getting a temporary URL up and running.

The advanced customer support software and the employees’ willingness to go above and beyond in providing screenshots and in-depth account advice deserve special recognition. (For example, if you want a more advanced support environment, this makes it a perfect HostGator option.)

Online reputation according to our hosting survey

  • The top-rated organization with a total rating of 8.38/10 from survey participants 🏆
  • Utilized by 4.83% of those surveyed
  • In the UK, the second most popular host
  • The most popular presenter in Spain
  • When their hosting service is up for renewal, 93% of users plan to renew it.

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3. Hostinger

The lowest-priced WordPress hosting available ($2.69/month)


When it comes to the best WordPress hosting, Hostinger is a highly appealing alternative, and a big part of that appeals to their entry-level pricing. You may create up to 100 websites and have unlimited bandwidth for just $2.69 a month. You also receive an infinite number of free SSL certificates and up to 100 email addresses.

Furthermore, Hostinger offers you a few options tailored just for WordPress. These consist of support for WordPress multisite and a guided installation with a site-building wizard to expedite the process. This enables you to use a single WordPress installation to create several websites. The package also includes auto-updates and a WordPress weaknesses scanner.

You don’t have to conduct much maintenance on your own after WordPress is up and running. The majority of updates to the core and plugins are managed automatically by Hostinger. Hostinger employs pre-configured LiteSpeed Cache to ensure that your site loads quickly.

For individuals who want to work with WordPress in-depth, a vast library of tutorials is available, along with access to WP-CLI.

WordPress installation

As Hostinger provides a one-click installation, there isn’t much to discuss in this area.

The fact that you may select from eight different data center locations throughout the globe—in the US, UK, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Lithuania—is noteworthy, though.

Afterward, you can also use the site-setup wizard the first time you log into your user panel. From Hostinger’s selection of pre-approved themes, you can select the theme that best fits your style.

Customer support

Hostinger assists around the clock. You may easily reach the support team, and they will assist you with general questions (both WordPress-related and not). You may need to wait a few minutes to hear back.

Visit Hostinger

 4. HostGator

Among the most well-liked mainstream hosts ($3.75 monthly)


Here, we chose the Baby Plan. Although it’s the least expensive managed WordPress hosting package, it’s not the cheapest option overall. The WordPress hosting plan we selected costs $4.50 per month, while the most affordable HostGator plan, Hatchling, costs $3.75 per month. Although it costs a little bit more, as one might anticipate, it has some great extra features for WordPress-focused users like us and, most likely, you.

Initially, the Hatchling Plan provides up to 10GB of storage and allows you to create a single website. You get twice that with the Baby Plan, which we chose: two web pages with 20GB of storage. If you choose to use HostGator for WordPress hosting, you are, of course, free to start extremely tiny by selecting the Hatchling Plan.

WordPress installation

After completing the simple HostGator registration process, we were able to log in to a very standard cPanel configuration on the backend without any problems. Using the integrated WordPress installer from cPanel made installation easy too. We needed to update the themes after the installation, but it only took a few clicks.

Customer support

Once more, we requested help from customer service to set up a temporary URL. Here, an eight-minute chat wait represents our first minor annoyance. Although they didn’t lead us on the correct path quite as quickly as prior WordPress hosting companies, we eventually found our way. To be more precise, while contrasting Bluehost vs. HostGator, it is considerably simpler to contact the support chat on the latter.

According to our hosting survey, online reputation

  • Overall, poll respondents gave it a 7.92 rating đź‘Ť
  • According to the poll, HostGator ranked third among all hosts.
  • Brazil’s most popular host
  • When their hosting service is up for renewal, 74% of users plan to renew it.

Visit HostGator

5. InMotion Hosting

Best for several sites at $2.29 per month

InMotion Hosting Services

Although InMotion has a wide range of hosting options, we wanted to investigate those that are expressly designed with WordPress in mind. To that end, we navigated to the “WordPress hosting” area and chose the WP Core plan. This strategy is the most basic.

The best part about all of InMotion’s WordPress hosting plans is that you get free NVMe SSD storage space right away, even with the most affordable WP Core plan. SSDs are known for performing better than other hard disk technologies.

You can have up to two websites and 10 email addresses with the WordPress Core plan that we choose. If that’s still not enough, you can establish up to 25 websites with an unlimited number of email addresses with the following plan, WordPress Launch. For the first year, all options include a free SSL certificate and a free domain name.

WordPress installation

WordPress comes preinstalled as part of your WordPress hosting subscription with InMotion, which is another unexpected feature. All you have to do is choose the appropriate checkbox when checking out. Put another way, WordPress installation is handled automatically, so you don’t need to do it yourself. Also, you can choose your favorite “max speed zone” during the installation process. The east and west settings are available. The website will load faster in some regions of the world than others, depending on the option you select.

Upon completion, you will receive the login information for your newly created WordPress dashboard. Honestly, that’s all that’s required.

Customer support

You’ll quickly see that InMotion has a lot to offer in terms of support and website launch assistance after you sign up. Numerous lessons and tips covering a wide range of hosting-related topics are available. Additionally, there is a different information channel devoted solely to WordPress.

Not only that, but the support chat is open around the clock. We tested it by posing a few domain-related queries about the site’s temporary URL. On the first attempt, the individual on the other end was able to solve those. Well done.

According to our hosting survey, online reputation

  • Overall, poll respondents gave it an 8.00 rating đź‘Ť

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So, who emerges in the race to be the best WordPress hosting platform overall?

We’ll award medals in true Olympic fashion to show off why each of the following should be regarded as the best WordPress hosting companies:

We want to emphasize that not a single one of these WordPress hosting companies failed a test. The general caliber was surprisingly elevated. Furthermore, if you begin to outgrow the entry-level packages, all providers also give a comprehensive array of more sophisticated hosting solutions.

It is our aim that the information above will serve you two purposes: (1) as a foundation for differentiating between well-known providers, and (2) as a reasonable point of comparison for evaluating them in light of other hosting services available on the market.

Please share more about your search for the finest WordPress host in the comments section below. Reach out!