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Tips For Hiring A Microsoft Consulting Partner

Things To Consider When Hiring A Microsoft Consulting Partner

Hey guys, today in this blog post, we are going to discuss tips for hiring a Microsoft consulting partner. So keep reading.

Businesses must adapt to changing market trends and demands in a modern, fast-paced world. Providing the best products, services, and deals in addition to being the most efficient in management and data usage is crucial. Microsoft offers tools to help businesses with these tasks, but it is difficult for users to understand the best use of these tools without experts’ help. However, Microsoft consulting service providers are available to ensure businesses are using the right tools with efficacy in the entire journey, from developing customized solutions to guiding digital transformation.

Microsoft consulting services reduce cost and optimize the value of the investment in Microsoft services and products. It helps businesses implement and adopt Microsoft services, products, and software to extend business process possibilities and solve real business problems through various strategies. For example, a Microsoft consulting partner is a technology consulting firm focused and certified supplier of Microsoft solutions, such as cloud solution services, business intelligence, productivity applications, collaboration applications, and automation applications. Choosing the best suitable Microsoft consulting partner is a strategic decision, as one needs to consider various parameters, as discussed below in the article.

The Certification Level Of The Microsoft Consulting Partner:

Microsoft consulting partners may have silver or gold certificate tiers that validate skills and expertise and help choose the best partner for the business. In addition, both partners have several competencies in common, such as applications & infrastructure, business applications, data & artificial intelligence, and modern workplace & security.

  • Microsoft silver partner: Expertise in various Microsoft competencies such as training, quality of service, performance, and proven track record.
  • Microsoft gold partner: Expertise in a higher number of competency credentials and requirements compared to silver partner, including performance, demonstrating training, and quality of service.

One can choose silver or gold Microsoft Consulting Partner based on business requirements.

Credibility & References Verification:

It is vital to verify the commitment of consulting partner in attaining a silver or gold Microsoft partner level while hiring a consulting partner. One should take time to speak with business leaders for more clarity and areas of interest for hiring Microsoft consulting services. Additionally, discussing a potential partner with references helps understand service providers’ perspectives on work ethics and insights into project performance and deliverability.

Offered Microsoft Consulting Services:

It is not only essential to hire a Microsoft consulting partner, but it is equally important to understand what services they offer. Some of the services include Power CI consulting services, Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services, PowerApps consulting services, Office 365 consulting services, Microsoft Azure consulting services, Microsoft power automate consulting services, Microsoft data warehouse consulting solutions, Microsoft SharePoint consulting services, and so on. A few of these services are briefly mentioned below:

  • Power BI consulting services: To provide real-time and functional insights of data from several sources, and design interactive dashboards and impactful reports.
  • Office 365 consulting services: To create successful transition processes with adoption and change management.
  • Microsoft dynamics 365 consulting services: To increase sales, close deals, captivate customers, and attract new prospects efficiently.
  • Microsoft Azure consulting services: To simplify processes and get a higher value.
  • PowerApps consulting services: To lower app/software development time and cost through data sources, modular services, and connectors.

The Expertise Of The Microsoft Consulting Partner:

Microsoft consulting service provider offers various services to different clients but may have expertise in only one or few consulting services. However, one should always dig deeper into all the services provided by the Microsoft consulting partner, performance track, and expertise while hiring one.

Microsoft technology keeps upgrading, updating, and changing with technology advancements. Therefore, it is important to look for an upgraded version of technology available in services provided by the consulting partner to ensure your business is using the safest and most advanced services available in the market. Some of the Microsoft technologies include Windows, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft .Net.

Outsource Software Development Services:

Software development is an ongoing process consisting of conceptualization, design, development, testing, validation, and production. Based on customer feedback and requirements, software development continues to progress continuously, to ensure smooth and streamlined software development services. It provides customized software to solve problems and deliver promises. Additionally, the service provider’s software development tools and technologies can optimize the app for all types of operating systems like Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. Other services may include Microsoft stack services, software testing services, database services, app development, software development, and mobile development services.

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