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How SEO Agencies in Gold Coast Implement Work From Home This Quarantine?

The home office is a new term defining the working culture of most businesses these days. After the disastrous outburst of the pandemic, businesses around the globe are mandatorily working from remote areas. It has become the new normal to break the chain of disease spreading.

The concept of working from home has been productive for all businesses. Most businesses are accepting it in a full-fledged way to bring innovation in working traditions. All thanks to the internet that makes it possible for the workforce to operate from remote areas. But besides seamless operations of mainstream markets, businesses are also witnessing many challenges while working from home.

Lack of communications, team bonding, project knowledge gaining are some challenges that many companies have complained about. When it comes to transferring perceptive data, the remote working culture is also not an efficient approach. Unprotected systems and lack of threat awareness make sensible data exposed to attackers.

While talking about sensitive data, SEO agencies are one such organization that regularly works using sensitive data. Managing data along with the coordination of the team sometimes makes it monotonous. Yet, the SEO agency Gold Coast have performed quite competently and served clients despite working from home.

In this article, you will learn how SEO agency Gold Coast implements work from home despite challenges.

Challenges in Work From Home 

1. Delay Submission of Tasks

Let’s admit that working from home will not give you a similar working atmosphere as your office. Your traditional workplace may have disturbances but not as much as you get in the home. Your sibling might start playing music at a high volume when you are focusing on work. You may get distracted when your pet comes and sits beside you.

Further work from home also keeps you busy on several other roles that may delay tasks. Delay submissions have now become a usual part of the remote working culture.

2. Goldbricking 

The enthusiasm and dedication that you deliver in the workplace are never achievable in remote working. Employees obviously offer more productivity and discipline when they find their bosses and managers around. Some employees may also do it for the sake of completing the task. This might hamper business and client experience.

3. Miscommunication 

Miscommunication is one of the inevitable problems of remote working. Face-to-face communication in team meetings and managerial meetings are more transparent. It conveys all information transparently. Although certain meeting apps have helped businesses, they are not as efficient as real-time meetings. Server problems, network errors while meetings are some challenges that lead to miscommunication.

Apart from that, text messages using the instant messaging app also don’t convey messages clearly. In many cases, the use of instant messaging apps for communication is also misused by employees. In their spare time without deadlines, employees chat with each other.

4. Internet and System Issues 

Works like SEO and the development of websites demand robust internet connectivity with a desirable speed. Along with that, it also requires high-end systems to optimize sites for clients. Sometimes employees working on their system and network connectivity fail to achieve speed and performance. This, as a result, affects their work.

How Have SEO Agencies Combatted These Challenges?

1. Keeping Regular Updates About The Task

Distribution of tasks and sitting without any communication will always lead to delay submission. Employees sometimes need a reminder or boost in the form of a message. SEO agencies, while working from home, have used this approach to avoid delaying tasks. They kept regular updates about tasks and were also reminded about deadlines.

2. Measuring Employees Productivity Using KPIs

Many SEO agencies have used KPI, and other employee efficiency management approaches to find productivity. They have screened their employees and analyzed their working patterns to make sure quality is not hampered.

3. Allotting A Sole Platform For Communication

Using a single platform rather than multiple ones is an excellent approach for avoiding miscommunication. Many SEO agencies relied upon single corporate communication platforms for communicating.

4. Allotting Systems And Reimbursing Of Internet

SEO agencies have also distributed their high-end systems among employees and compensated for internet connectivity to compromise productivity and efficiency.


A pandemic may have paused the operations of many businesses. But SEO agencies have never stopped working. They worked round the clock to deliver results to their clients. We hope this article about how SEO agencies in Gold Coast implement work from home this quarantine is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful for you in any manner.


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