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Video Communication Solution

iMind: Perfect Video Communication Solution in India

Need a simple video communication solution that doesn’t require much time to master and works? Here is one. The idea of iMind is to make a space for video meetings that won’t take much time to learn, yet it provides all the necessary features: video and audio conference, chat, and recording.

In the overcrowded market, iMind finds its niche not by adding some extra features but by cutting down anything it deems unnecessary. This minimalist approach is what many may find its killing quality, so if you’re not about unlimited file exchange, emoji, stickers, cinematic effects, or payments right in the system, this may be your choice.

The Video Conferencing Tool Review

The platform has been around since 2013. It’s a video communication solution designed to be the easiest to use even by those not bothering to explore services with abundant extra features. It has all it takes to conduct and record a video conference, and nothing else. Most iMind reviews consider it a positive, the type of approach many users really need.

Registering is easy. You can link your new account to your Microsoft, Google, or Apple one; then all you have to do after choosing the base account is create your nickname and enter your company name. You can also use your email to register an account, but then the security feature steps in that some may find annoying. Instead of creating a constant password, you’ll need to use ad hoc codes generated each time you want to enter, which makes your account harder to hack.

This ease of registration allows you to send links to your rooms to anyone; no matter if they have an account or not. Creating one is a matter of seconds, not even minutes. Unfortunately, guest participants are not supported; invitees can use their Apple or Google accounts…

As for features, the free version enables you to conduct conferences for up to 100 persons, up to 40 hours long. They have video and audio modes, screen sharing, and a text chat, and that’s it. Also, you can record both audio and video and save the recordings locally or to a connected cloud drive.

Paid options don’t add anything in terms of sheer numbers, but they add more. For example, the Pro version lets you create an unlimited group or personal rooms (while the free version offers up to 10), generate URLs for them, and customize the appearance. The Business tier adds unlimited cloud storage for recordings and WebDAV integration. The higher you go in terms of level, the better personal support you get, of course. The pricing is quite moderate, and if you think that other services offer more features for comparable prices, iMind is the case of less is more.

This less-is-more philosophy leads to an unusual decision when it comes to mobile devices. There are no dedicated apps; instead, you’re supposed to use the browser version that functions the same as on a PC or Mac. If you intend to use the service on your phone or tablet, you better create an account with an email. On iDevices, an Apple account also does the trick best.

What Else to Know about iMind.com

While some gimmicks are present, the company obviously doesn’t focus on extra features like emojis, virtual backgrounds, or built-in editing tools. It’s forgivable, given that in the philosophy of the platform, everything unnecessary is just not worth it. With one exception.

This exception is the desktop app which is present nonetheless. It seems completely unnecessary, as on PC or Mac it performs quite well in a browser. In any browser, which is not the case with mobile devices where native ones (Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android) perform significantly better. Hardly will you ever need it, as the app offers nothing you won’t find in the web-based version.

Pros and Cons

There is all you need for simple video conferences:

  • Easy control;
  • An even easier registration process;
  • Doesn’t require a dedicated app;
  • Security features like code-based authentication;
  • Background noise canceling;
  • Affordable pricing.

Any software has some issues or inconveniences, and iMind is no exception:

  • Some reviews mention its single-use code system as a “con” because it slows down the authentication process a bit;
  • Some users would still prefer dedicated mobile apps to a browser-only experience.

If you need a video communication solution tool that’s easy to understand and to use; with a functional free plan and minimum ads, here you have it. iMind may be lacking lots of extra features the rivals offer, but if you want it the lightest and the easiest, it’s quite a tool to consider. You can give it a try for free and use it as long as it takes to decide whether it’s your dream conference service.